The Disneyland Resort is in the middle of an average summer season. The crowds are swelling, schools are shuttering for the season, and the parks are becoming packed with locals and visitors alike. There is still plenty to do and enjoy, but it takes a little planning and patience. Still, Disneyland and California Adventure really look wonderful and as smoothly as can be expected with the increased level of crowding. Let’s stroll through both parks and see what happened this week.


It happens every summer: the schools let out, the pass holders swarm, and the tourists converge.  Yet, somehow, Disneyland absorbs huge crowds and still maintains its sense of charm and intimacy.



Main Street U.S.A. is bustling with traffic, both human and otherwise.  Being the first impression anyone gets of the park, it sets the right tone for things to come.

Notice here, at noon on a Tuesday, the park is still maintaining a nice overall average of wait times.
In the center of the park, at the Partners Statue, new plantings bring bright yellow, pink, and purple tones to the fore.



The premium prices to get into the park is almost always a shock to visitors.  But, once they see such beautiful care given to the horticulture and sets on display, it certainly softens the blow.


The wildest ride in the wilderness continues on its scheduled refurbishment as details return to the attraction.  Along the track, more of the ornamental railroad ties are being carefully installed to give it the authentic, mine train look.  Along the load and unload area, Rainbow Ridge is nearing completion and work is well underway at the station.


Scaffolds still surround the station structure.


Rainbow Ridge façades are receiving paint now.



Just before the final break stop, you can see the railroad ties installed.


Just after the third lift hill, we see that the ties are staged and ready to be placed under the track.

No official date for the return of the attraction has been set, but Disney has said that it will come back sometime in the fall.  We will keep you posted.


The newly refurbished New Orleans Square is just now enjoying a stunning blossom display from its newly planted flowers.  New Guinea Impatiens, known for their deep hued, vibrant leaves and blossoms, now blanket the hillside with a blaze of magentas and reds.





The relaunched Disney California Adventure has now officially been operating  for a full year. As indicated by the Theme Park attendance numbers recently released, the park has exceeded every expectation.  This proves that if you build a quality theme park, guests will appear.


Even all the way to the far ends of Paradise Pier, the property is teaming with visitors.  The Walt Disney Company should be very proud of what they have accomplished at DCA. But there is still much to be done in the park to bring all areas up to the Cars Land/Buena Vista Street standard.







All compliments aside, the Imagineers really need to shift their focus onto the Blue Sky Cellar.  The last change came in January, when it began featuring the Princess Fantasy Faire and Mickey and the Magical Map.  But now, with both of those attractions finished and opened, the exhibit serves little purpose.







Will we see a closure soon to feature a Monsters Inc Door coaster ride? Heck, even an exhibit featuring the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship would be an improvement (though, we’d like to see this space remain theme park centric).


Check back tomorrow as we report on the new summer offerings at Knott’s Berry Farm and learn how you could win one of 30 tickets to Knott’s for use on Friday June 21st. You will also get to be part of a taping for Fox 11 news that morning. Pretty cool eh? See you tomorrow!


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Have a great weekend everyone! We’ll see you again soon . . . In The Parks!

  • Grizzly

    The missing cone roof and 2 gold toppers on the castle’s little tower has been gone for six months now. Such a small detail, but I can’t help it, it bugs me a bit when I see it. It is the park icon after all. Hope it’s back soon.

    The parks do look really beautiful this time of year. I love all the 4th of July decorations!

  • Eric Davis

    Thank you Jeff and Norm for the update. Keeping me in the loop on the West Coast!

  • Big D

    One thing about Disneyland, they really have one of the best gardening staff in the world. They completely replace all of the plants and flowers for each season, and it always looks amazing. I am definitely not someone who normally notices flowers at all, but Disney’s is just so good you can’t help but notice it. It’s really weird if you’re ever there the day before they replace everything and the day after. It feels like a different place. When I worked there, the first time it happened I didn’t know exactly what was different, but I knew that the park felt completely different from the day before. I noticed the next time because I was working on the pretzel wagon in Fantasyland a couple of days in a row, and one day there was a big bush behind me about three feet tall or so, and the next day there was a flowerbed. Eventually I got to see everything growing backstage and getting ready for the next season. I’m not sure which is my favorite season for foliage at Disneyland. I’m tempted to say Christmas, but it’s hard to differentiate just the foliage from all the awesome Christmas decorations. I guess I’ll just have to say that all the seasons are my favorite.

    • Larry Parker

      For me, Disneyland’s gardens have always been a favorite part of the park. I understand Walt himself did some of the plantings that still exist today!(I also heard that Walt knew where every nail was in Disneyland!)

  • Fantastic update. Thanks Jeff and Norm!

    I agree that the Blue Sky Cellar needs an urgent update. No real reason to go in there right now. Seems to me that they could pitch upcoming projects at any Disney park in there if not enough is going on at Disneyland. I’d be excited to see what’s coming to Shanghai, Tokyo, Animal Kingdom, Etc.

    • DobbysCloset

      Golly, I hope neglecting to plan for an update in a timely fashion doesn’t mean this park feature is…going…away…

  • curtogawa

    I can’t wait to see the refresh on Thunder Mountain while also wondering if they’ve plussed it in any way. As far as the track is concerned, I’ve always wondered why they can’t paint the track a more realistic color (like dark gray) instead of the dark red “roller coaster track” color it has always been. For me, that red track has always lessened the illusion of a mine train on the loose.

  • micenv

    I know it’s only June, but does anyone know if they’ve issued the dates for the Halloween Party in Disneyland?

    • disneylandanddcafa

      I haven’t seen a list of remaining dates yet, but they start on Monday, September 30th…

  • ralzap

    Great pics and updates. Thanks

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    I’m still surprised that the Blue Sky Cellar hasn’t been updated with new stuff yet. Hopefully it will soon be filled with whatever big announcements, if any, come out of D23!

  • animatronic

    Nice work! Really surprised about Blue Sky Cellar as well. They might as well close once the area they previewing is open. They have a few announcements out there that they could feature.

  • DobbysCloset

    Thank you, kinda like being there for a moment. POTC is such an awesome thing…15 minute wait time and then Magic.

  • QPerth

    Wonderful update with great pictures, thanks again, have a great week!
    Till next time- Q

  • Jayce

    Wonderful update as usual!

    re: podcast (yes I listen to them every week)

    Ghostrider is a painful coaster! 😛 I’m not roller coaster person so much anymore so Knott’s is a half day park for me if that any how.