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Published on June 24, 2013 at 3:00 am with 2 Comments

Disney Interactive had a large presence at the E3 Conference last week. They’ve shared some screen shots and images to get us even more excited about their upcoming and highly anticipated game, Disney Infinity.

At first glance, Disney Infinity looks to be a challenger to Activision’s Skylander series, which also contains collectible figurines that you place on an interactive portal, allowing them to be part of the game. The figures and the portal communicate via NFC (near field communication), which allows game stats and progress to be saved. As you use the character during gameplay, it becomes stronger. You can also take your figures over to a friends house and play on their console. My nine year-old is a huge fan of the Skylander series, but it was more for collecting the figures. He’ll get a new figure, play with it for an hour or two and then move onto a different game. I’d love to see him more engaged with the game and the gameplay than just collecting the Skylander figurines.

What makes Disney Infinity seem so different are the vast amounts of characters, worlds and movie tie-ins. When you can play as the Lone Ranger in the Monster’s U Toy Box, the game play really does seem infinite. (See what I did there?) I can’t wait to see how the different characters play in the different environments.

Some updated information from Disney’s E3 release about the Lone Ranger playset:

  • Ricochet Combat: The outlaws in the play set are clever and will seek to hide behind cover or ambush the player whenever they can.  Fortunately, a unique ricochet mechanic allows both Lone Ranger and Tonto to hit the bad guys indirectly and around corners by lining up shots that bounce off of pots, pans, bells, posts, or other metal objects.
  • Mounts: Players will find traversing the Wild West and the areas surrounding the town of Colby to be much quicker on the Lone Ranger and Tonto’s iconic steeds of Silver and Scout or any one of the other many horses that can be found throughout the play set.
  • Train Defense and Customization: He who controls the railroad, controls the West.  In the Lone Ranger play set, players can build and customize their own train, complete from the trim on the wheels, to the painting on the cars.  A key part of the gameplay revolves around building up the train and getting the right resources to the right locations.
  • Toy Box: In addition to these game mechanics, the Lone Ranger play set also allows players to bring in all the buildings, mounts, weapons and other surprises into the Toy Box so that players can include their own wild west gameplay into their imaginative scenarios.

It looks like one of the biggest differences to Disney Infinity is that you can add the circular power discs during gameplay for extra power ups, gadgets, vehicles and themes. Imagine finding out who would win between Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible. Or Captain Jack Sparrow versus Tonto!

I’m fairly excited about this game as a Disney geek and as a video game-playing father. I try to spend time gaming with my boys but finding games that engage all of us is pretty difficult. From the press releases and the gameplay footage, this game might be a good cross between the Lego series, Minecraft and the Mario Kart racing games. The good news is that my nine year-old is very excited about it! Or is that bad since I’ll have to shell out more money for more figures and power discs?

What do you think about Disney’s latest foray into video games? Are you going to be getting this one?

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  1. I’ve already pre-ordered it and I hope the gameplay is a bit more advanced than Skylanders. The only issue I have so far is the variety of playsets, power discs, and starter packs is a little overwhelming and confusing.

    It looks like you get to select an extra figurine for the starter pack. I went with Mike Wazowski because I want the character, but I’m wondering if I should choose Mater instead to get additional gameplay.

  2. This seems like a very clever game. Part video game part collectible. This could be very successful for Disney.