Welcome to this week’s SeaWorld San Diego update! We’ve got quite a lengthy update this week, covering the new entrance, Cirque ’13, and much more! Let’s dive right into it!

New Entrance / Explorer’s Reef

We actually have some new developments to show you this week, which is good because we won’t just be looking at dirt for a change!
At the new entrance “wave” gate, construction is finally going vertical, under ground and over it!


This is the area where the lawn used to be.
I’m actually amazed at how fast this is moving from two weeks ago (when this was just a dirt lot) to today. The opening date is March 21st, and it seems like they’re right on target!
Additionally, construction walls have moved up, now blocking the flagpole.


Remember that shortcut that was being constructed a while ago to connect guests from the old exit to Shamu Stadium? Well, construction has been completed!


The buildings have been repainted and they look fantastic. They are a definitely improvement over the old color scheme.

There it is! Isn’t is lovely?


“Anchorman: The Legend Continues” Filming


The cast and crew of the upcoming Anchorman sequel were at the park on Friday, May 24th and were filming at the Blue Horizons Stadium. A casting call for local talents occured a couple weeks ago, and those lucky enough to be cast were the only ones allowed in the arena.

Sadly, I didn’t see any of the cast, but I was told that the main cast was at the park.


I was also told that they began filming at the Blue Horizons stadium on May 23rd and continued up untill the 27th. Blue Horizons is now reopened to guests.



Madagascar LIVE! Operation: Vacation


We have some developments on the Madagascar front this week. Signs showing the time schedule are now in place. By the time this update runs, the show will have opened. We’ll take a look in our next update.



Busch Gardens in Florida recently opened the same show. From what we can tell, this version will be much the same: aimed toward a younger demographic, but something all ages can enjoy.  The SeaWorld version may have some differences, but we’ll see soon enough!

Cirque De La Mer Returns…with a breath of fresh air!


Cirque De La Mer has returned for another summer, but it’s not the same show as last year!

The show starts off much like years past.



However, we’re then blown into a new segment that is too big to contain in one photo…so I’ve posted three. They have one cast member performing floor acrobatics on the trampoline wall (using hoola-hoops and other things)…

…and there are two acts on the side.



Now, you might say that we’ve seen this last year, but like I said, the scene has been redone and the acrobatics are different.

Then, we go into an entirely new scene.


They perform unbelievable stunts that have to be seen to be believed.
Then we return to the beloved trampoline wall – which hasn’t been touched.



Weeeeeeeee…I gotta say, that water must be COLD!

And the finale hasn’t been touched either…but the exit music has!


Overall, I am VERY happy with the way Cirque returned this year. The production is better than ever and I will look forward to seeing it every time I visit this summer. If you visit the park, be sure to put Cirque at the TOP of your list. Well done, SeaWorld!

Dining in the park.


We often don’t have time to discuss the different dining options in the park, so this week we’re starting a new segment called “Dining In The Park” (great title, isn’t it?) where I’ll be talking about some of the different options.

Let’s take a taste at Calypso Bay, located in between the Blue Horizons Stadium, Pets Rule Stadium, and the Natallius Pavillion.

This place is perfect if you’re feeling like BBQ.


And it’s served the exact same way as most of the other dining options in the park.
Here’s a look at desserts…I highly recommend the carrot cake. DELISH!


You can also try the Shamu Cupcake.
After the desserts, we reach the salads…


..and then the main course.


There are many different options to choose from, from ribs to smoked chicken.


Drinks anyone? Many different options to choose from: water, beer, soft drinks, etc.


I ordered the Brisket, which came with some delicious sides – fries, corn on the cob, dinner roll! The Coke is $2.90 extra.


Calypso Bay is for the BBQ lovers (myself included) and there are some delicious entrees to discover. The prices for main courses start at about $11.99 and up (Kids Meal not included).

In a future update, we’ll be taking a look at Shipwreck Reef Café.


A Little of This and Some of That.


A couple updates ago, I predicted that the landscaping by the entrance of Manta would improve before Summer Nights begins (which was May 25th). Has it improved? It’s getting there.


The rockwork near the lagoon has definitely improved.


Also, here’s an interesting development. The World of the Sea Aquarium has now be renamed Aquaria: World of Fishes. We will be visiting this aquarium in a future update. What do you think of the name change?


Some “fences” have been placed around a small area in the front of Cirque Stadium. Landscaping, perhaps? Most likely.

SeaWorld Parks Celebrate 50th Anniversary: Sea of Surprises!


The announcement we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Beginning March 21st – which happens to be when the new entrance will open – SeaWorld will kick off a year of surprises! The Orlando Parkhopper covered the announcement earlier this week here.  But additionally we know that:

• As part of SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration, there will be more surprise encounters with animal ambassadors throughout the day. A pair of Magellanic penguins, a lemur, or even a parade of flamingos could surprise guests at any moment at all three SeaWorld locations.

• What’s a celebration without surprises? The SeaWorld “Surprise Squad” will roam the SeaWorld parks giving away prizes and special gifts. Guests could receive exclusive access to rides or behind-the-scenes experiences, celebration t-shirts or Shamu-themed merchandise, reserved show seating and more. It worked for Disneyland on their 50th anniversary year of dreams, we’re sure it will be fun for SeaWorld’s 50th as well.

• SeaWorld is known for amazing animal shows and each park will have something new for the 50th celebration. Even park pathways will come to life with spontaneous entertainment at unexpected moments, including performers with sea-inspired costumes and props, a bubble brigade and splash mob.

• To underscore SeaWorld’s commitment to the environment and passion for protecting the ocean, a series of giant sea life sculptures will be displayed throughout the parks. SeaWorld commissioned environmental art group, Washed Ashore, for the large-scale art created from ocean debris. The works serve as a reminder that our animal friends need healthy environments.

• As part of its continuing commitment to new technology that enhances the guest experience, SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration will include new ways for fans to connect to the parks and each other though digital devices. The parks will be launching a variety of enhancements, from interactive apps that provide fun new ways to experience the park to new games and video content.

So here is my wish list for SeaWorld San Diego as they head into the next 50 years of entertaining guests:

1. New Shamu Show, both day and night. Shamu is the mascot for all SeaWorld parks. It would be a nostalgic move to have Shamu celebrate the 50 years of the park. Use the screens to hit the highlights of the park’s history. Shamu is an ambassador and his arena is the perfect spot to highlight the significance of a golden anniversary.

2. Focus on San Diego. Orlando has gotten a lot of attention from SeaWorld Corporate, and while it is understandable (with Orlando being more tourist-attractive and they have no limits from the Coastal Commission), may I remind everyone that San Diego is the FIRST SeaWorld park. It’s the park that started it all…and it’s unfortunately gotten a bit too far behind the other parks on the attraction front.

3. At least ONE new E-Ticket attraction. At the least! While there isn’t time to get this done for the 50th, this would be a great year to at least announce something big being given to the park in honor of its 50th.

So that’s my wish list for the 50th or shortly thereafter. What’s on your list of birthday wishes for SeaWorld San Diego?


Join us as we explore SeaWorld parks and the newest SeaWorld endeavor, Aquatica San Diego: