Disney theme park rumors have been smoldering in the Lone Star State for a long time. Texans hear from their friends or business associates that Disney is building a theme park in Texas. What’s the real story?

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  • Princess Victoria

    Thanks, Werner. I first read of this rumor years ago. As a Texas native, I was quite excited when I first learned of this possibility. It’s quite funny how it keeps creeping back in to people’s consciousness. Perhaps one day decades from now, Disney will build a third domestic park. And if they do, I think Texas would be a great place for it.

  • davidrusk

    Loved the article! I live in The Woodlands, Texas, and as a known Disney Fan I quite often have to burst people’s bubbles about Disney coming to Texas. Some are so sure that they refuse to believe that it can’t be true.

  • Mousecat

    Actually Disney was very serious about one Texas proposal in the mid-1980s. It was to be called Texposition, a joint project between Disney and the Rouse Company. WDI formed a division to look at building festival marketplaces with a Disney spin throughout the US. This was one of the projects that move the farthest. It would have been located in Dallas.

    • Werner Weiss

      Thank you for bringing up Texposition. Knowing how thoroughly you do your research, it’s safe to call Texposition an unbuilt DIsney project, not merely a rumor. That was three decades ago, and it was a relatively small scale project. I have no doubt that Disney has considered other Texas projects since then. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney eventually comes up with SOMETHING to tap into the huge population of Texas and surrounding states.

  • DisWedWay

    Great picture with the Alamo and wish Billy Bob Thornton could be standing in front as Davy Crockett playing his fiddle. That was a great moment if not the best, in Disney’s film on the Alamo. Disney Studios has done some great Westerns in the last few years, Especially Tombstone, also with Billy Bob Thornton, and their child star Kurt Russell and a cast of great actors,especially Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. I’ve heard that if Disney had submitted Tombstone to the Academy for consideration, it would have picked up some Awards. Then there’s Open Range with Robert Duval of Geronimo fame, and Disney’s former Jungle Cruise Skipper Kevin Costner, who won his share of Academy Awards for his Dances With Wolves epic. Now we have Disney’s new film on Tonto and the Lone Ranger, with the Disney Dream Team of Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp. The 50’s Tonto from TV, Jay Silverheels, actually had a nephew who worked at Disneyland as a Millwright on Big Thunder. I remember he had to leave early to take his grandfather to Hollywood to get his Star on the Walk of Fame sidewalk he said. I love Jerry Bruckheimer’s 1972 Western, Culpepper Cattle Company, which is a cult classic I’ve read, and his first credited film. I know former Disney management that was interested in an old Western film town in California which is operated as an amusement attraction for Western lovers as well as one that was for sale up in Montana a few years ago. They built one of the Best Western Towns in Thunder Mesa at Paris Disneyland in 1992. Why not build a Western Amusement Park in Texas? I’m sure Zorro would show up as well as Tonto.

  • Darth Goofy

    It is likely that DisCorp knows it would affect WDWs bottom line if TexDisney was built. I wonder how much oversees travel was lost to WDW when Euro Disney “Paris” was built. However It would not likely affect the original real deal; Disneyland’s bottom line as much. Just some things to ponder on. I also envisioned a Texas Disney with the largest frontier land of all, with the best elements from all MKs. It is too bad it will probably never happen though. Disney is currently in the business of exporting MKs.

    • Werner Weiss

      One of the reasons the Disneyland Resort in California does so well is because of the huge population of California. Texas also has a huge population, number two in the United States only to California. If Disney ever builds a major Disney theme park in Texas, some of its attendance would cannibalize WDW and the Disneyland Resort, but there would undoubtedly also be plenty of attendance from Texans who would not have traveled to WDW and DLR, tourists visiting Texas anyway, and park fans from all over, eager for an additional Disney destination. A Texas park might even create new Disney fans who would then also travel to WDW and DLR.

      The big question is whether a Texas Disney destination would generate enough net new business for DIsney Parks & Resorts to justify a multi-billion dollar investment and the ongoing operating costs. It’s all about building a business case. This involves making assumptions. Depending on the assumptions that Disney’s business analysts make, the business case for a Texas Disney destination could look good or bad. Presumably, The Walt Disney Company has been unable to close a favorable business case.

    • DisWedWay

      Actually a lot of the former EDL labor force team members from Ireland tell me they can go to Walt Disney World for a week from Ireland, on what it costs them to go to Paris Disneyland for a weekend. That is something to consider.

  • ralzap

    No, It will never happen. Werner Weiss, love all of your stuff……You are awesome.

  • greenkai3000

    Wouldn’t it be nice if us Texans got DisneySea America in our back yard? That’d be sweet! We wouldn’t affect attendance at DL or WDW because Disney Sea would be a totally different park.