On June 21st, Six Flags Magic Mountain held its Media Day for Full Throttle. After a few hiccups in the morning, (as media days can often have) the ride launched with a great opening ceremony and we were able to climb aboard this long awaited coaster.

The skyline of the park now has a new icon.

I think we are in the right place!
Once we got into the Full Throttle area, there were some delays getting the ride open, due to the State of CA overseeing some last minute checks.

The ride entry area and stage set up for the opening ceremonies.


As we were waiting, the park sent out some of the entertainment that guests will be seeing in the new Full Throttle area. Below, you’ll find some of the stilt characters created specifically for this area of the park.


And the Full Throttle dancers!


As the 11am Press Event approached, the excited grew. The stage was set for the President of Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor, Bonnie Rabjohn, to take the stage.


Finally, just after 11am, Bonnie took the stage to tell the assembled crowd all about the new ride and the new area


After a few short words, some confetti and fireworks were launched, along with the first train of Full Throttle.




The aftermath of confetti.

After getting the final OK from the state officials, we were allowed into the queue to get ready to ride.


One of the first things you’ll see as you approach the station is that it doesn’t appear complete. In fact, the tower things look temporary. Hopefully, a more permanent structure will be coming soon.


A train launching out of the station
.And returning from heading over the 160 foot Top Hat element
A shot from the exit of the ride, between the launch track and the break run.

The ride is billed as the tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world. Full Throttle is a triple launch coaster which sends you up and over a “Top Hat” that traces the outside of a world-record 160-foot loop. The ride has a zero to 70 miles-per-hour acceleration on two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground effects tunnel.

Overall, Full Throttle is a LOT of fun. We didn’t find it to be too intense, and the “hang-time” on the loop is amazing. I think my personal favorite moment is the twist heading into the special effects tunnel. We didn’t see any of the effects going, most likely due to mist interfering with the on-ride video, but we will be heading back to the park soon for more ride-throughs and to get some more off-ride pictures from different areas of the park.

As we were leaving, they were starting to film for the park’s commercials. One cool thing we caught was the mini-copter heading up to get video of riders through the elements of the ride.

Full Throttle isn’t the only new addition to this area of the park, though. There are new retail, dining, and entertainment options in this new five acre Full Throttle area.

The Palace Arcade has been converted into a shared-space Food and Retail building:


First up, let’s check out Loaded Dogs.



There are quite a few unique options on the menu.



And FINALLY there is a place to get Corn Dogs in the park!!



We tried the Full Throttle Dog, of course, and it was actually very tasty.


The Hot Dogs are grilled right outside, so you know they are fresh.


In the middle is “Got Ur Back,” as it is called on the park map. There was, however, no indication outside that this is what the store is called. Instead, we were all calling it the Coke Freestyle Shop because the most important thing this store has is Coke Freestyle!!!



Inside the store you will find Full Throttle Merchandise.




On the other side is the High Octane Wings counter. We got to try these wings earlier this year and they are all great!!


A look at the menu for High Octane Wings.



The new area works well with the direction Magic Mountain is heading in. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of shade, but they actually have planted some nice landscaping in the entry areas, as well as lots of seating for you to sit back while enjoying a snack and watching Full Throttle in action.


Right in the middle of the plaza are some cool misters that will certainly be popular during the summer.


The park was in a rush to get the ride open, so I’d expect updates in the area, especially the station, to be continuing over the next few weeks. If you plan on heading to the park this summer to ride, bring your patience, some sun screen, but most of all, enjoy your ride on this great new coaster. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

UPDATE: Sunday June 23rd

Made it back up to the park today to take some additional off-ride pictures of Full Throttle and update you on how the ride is running.

First, a couple of shots in the loop/tophat element
Zooming up to Superman Plaza
Diving into the tunnel
The Superman Logo got some fresh paint prior to Full Throttle opening.
Through the trees
They had queue ropes set up all the way towards Golden Bear Theater. They were being used on Saturday but not Sunday.
At the tent in front they were handing out numbered tickets to those getting in line to prevent line cutting. They were estimating this wait to be about an hour. The ride crew was dispatching trains about every minute or so. They were doing a great job.
Some of the tables were moved over closer to the ride to give people a nice place to sit and eat while watching the ride.
The misters in the plaza are very popular
A look back at the Full Throttle area now that it’s completely open to the public.
A couple of quick non Full Throttle updates since we likely won’t have a Magic Mountain update for awhile, maybe even until September when Fright Fest construction starts happening.

The stage is gone by DC Universe and they are re-doing the planter.
New Advertisements for Mike and Ike’s.
Looks like Orient Express received some new lights.
Hurricane Harbor is open daily now and they too are offering Early Entry for Gold Passholders. We were totally unaware of this until we got to the waterpark today. Pleasant surprise!!
Park Publicity Photos

The park also sent us some nice publicity shots for Full Throttle.

We will also have another video with ride POV (Point of View) in the next day or so.

  • Westsider

    Let’s be honest here…. It’s another totally unthemed coaster for Magic Mountain. And it’s plopped on a blank hill of bare dirt, with a few pieces of construction equipment left over. And the station isn’t even done yet, it’s just a framework of supports that will someday have a roof. And a new snack bar selling 11 dollar hot dogs and 4 dollar Cokes (plus tax). With the Full Throttle Dancers performing a modified bump and grind routine nearby, just because.

    And if Disneyland did anything halfway close to any of this for the opening weekend of their latest attraction the Internetz would literally explode in horror and disgust. Did I miss anything? 😉

    • Gregg Condon

      ^ Except where we ever said it was themed or anything other than a fun ride that fits the direction Magic Mountain is going in.

      It’s not Disneyland, not sure why people constantly try to compare the two.

    • jcruise86

      Many themes on coasters seem strange to me, especially the Superhero ones that have so little to do with the ride.

      Thanks, Gregg, for your close coverage of Magic Mountain!

      • jcruise86

        . . .I mean, “rideS.”

        If M. Mt. continues to improve it’s Halloween event and include it with a reasonable upcharge, a day & night at this park in the fall (or the fall of 2014 or 2019) might tempt me.

        Gregg, is the Mooseburger lodge open? (Sorry I’m not Googling this now.) What are the best food options there? Is walking out of the park and down the hill to the restaurants outside of the entrance doable for folks who like to walk? If so, what are the best eating options outside of the park?

    • LoveStallion

      Theming qualms aside, I agree that the ride just looks unfinished. A ride doesn’t need a theme or franchise tie-in, but it does need landscaping and completed structures. I’m not sure what MM is thinking with all of this. It looks like a trip through an incomplete housing tract.

  • TheHopper

    I’m not comparing Magic Mountain with Disneyland at all…they lost that battle a loooooong time ago. I just get so annoyed with Magic Mountain because they could be so much better. They really do have the best rides in the world for the extreme market. People would come from around the world to check this place out and they would be open 360 days a year if they would spend the time and money to really theme each land and spend the money to make each ride an experience rather than just a moment of extreme.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter for me, I go once every other year to check out the new coasters and it’s not very crowded when I go. They just send me surveys all the time that I fill out in detail for them on how to make the place better and I never see any of the suggestions actually taking place. For some odd reason I just want them to go the extra mile for their own greater benefit.


      “they lost that battle a loooooong time ago.”

      Sounds like your comparing them to me…

      I would surely like to see some better quality at the mountain though. Doesn’t even have to be themeing necessarily, just less cheap. I think they are stuck in a rut though, and I don’t really see a way out of it unless they got some major outside investment. They don’t charge enough to be able to afford higher quality experiences, and that’s why they don’t build them.

      Your bashing them for not having a better experience and say you only go one a year, but if you (and many others) went more often then maybe they could do something about it.

  • Gregg Condon

    Yes, Mooseburger is still open. And I agree, it’s usually the only place I’ll eat in the park except for the two new area’s.

    To add to my earlier response: For a $60 Season Pass that includes both parks, free parking and free admission at all other Six Flags parks you can’t really expect to get a Disney level of themeing. Six Flags is what it is. They know what they are.

    If Six Flags was charging $700 for a Annual Pass and $90+ for a days admission then it’s fair to compare the two.

  • DisWedWay

    I remember Pacific Ocean Park and was surprised to learn some WED Imagineers had worked on it. It had a lot of inspirational themed icons. I remember after Walt Disney World opened, a few WED management left the company to create Magic Mountain. I guess I have never been inspired by it, but used to love the concerts there.

  • DannyLand

    I really enjoy how magic mt has a lot of big forest trees, plants, flowers, considering its in the desert. I think not a lot of people go to magic mt cus it’s in the middle of no where. Honestly I think they should have kept the log ride cus I never went on it and this new ride is alot shorter than expected by me. I thought the whole thing was going to be backwards and not just 10 seconds of it. I wanna visit ALL the six flags and compare them all Cus they r all different.

  • Monorail Man

    I love CaptPhoebus’ “Wow” at the end of the ride in the video. Looks fun.

    I’m really sad that Log Jammer is gone, but here’s hoping they can get some more trees and shade in the area.

    Nice to see some more dining options as well, with more Coke Freestyle machines (they only had one before, at the back of the park at Studio 6F). Glad to see that cross-cut fries are at least one park in SoCal.

    • TacAlert

      It’s just a big concrete jungle now.

      Sadly around the new dining areas they put in trees that will grow no larger than 8 feet or so and are more shrubs than trees. Too bad they couldn’t have saved some of the old ones they ripped out and destroyed. This area would have looked beautiful once again.

  • gtsouthard

    it looks scary as hell. may try it once

  • TacAlert

    Rode this today. Wait til the hype goes away. I got lucky I was one of the first on when they allowed Gold pass holders in 15 minutes early. Only waited 25 minutes in line.

    Westsider is right. It is totally not complete the area and they rushed to get this open.

    Ride capacity is horrible. They were averaging 1:45 launch times this morning AND they are not using the rear seat. If all the other 16 seats are filled, that is almost only 550 people an hour. Some launch times were well over the 2 minute mark and a couple rides made it in at 1:30. One launch was held to over 5 minutes due to a weight issue on one of the trains. Simply translated, someone was too fat and they must have sensors in the train to know this. THis has to be the reason they are not using the rear seat because the trains as they are are barely making it through the loop.

    There is no shade. The employees were already tired due to being in the sun and no shade. And, this is all hands on deck right now. In a couple of weeks, managers and supervisors will not be assisting with the load and unload of the ride slowing it down even more.

    And can someone explain to me why SFMM supervisors and managers wear ties? They just look uncomfortable being out in the heat dressed like that.

  • SpectroMan

    I’m sure it’s a very fun ride, but that hill looks awful. No vegetation has even been started to be planted? Makes me wonder if they have ANY plans of re-growing the beautiful environment that was there before.

    I think they’ve actually managed to surpass Knotts’ already-sky-high food prices. I wonder, are any of these new locations included in the Dining Pass they’re now selling?

    Thanks for the coverage, Gregg.

    • Gregg Condon

      Thanks Spectroman.

      As of now, none of the new food was listed as being on the dining plan. We are going to the waterpark today and I’m going to head in to get some off-ride shots elsewhere in the park. I’ll check and see if they still aren’t on there.

      As for the hill, I fully agree, it looks TERRIBLE. The fact that they were in such a rush to just get the ride “open” instead of taking the time to actually finish it is bad show all the way around. No station cover, no long test/adjust period. Heck, they hadn’t even shot the commercial stuff until we were leaving on Friday (which is why we had no B Roll at the time of this article). I’d like to say that they will be finishing stuff up in the next few weeks but honestly, it could be until after Labor Day when the park starts closing during the week. if that’s the case, I really feel for the ride-ops.

      I really would have liked to see them hold off on opening for another week, get everything finished, get the crew trained, etc. I’m sure many in the park would have preferred that as well.

      • TacAlert

        The only landscaping they did on the hills is plant some small trees and hydroseed the hills. But, I don’t think they even installed irrigation yet, so the hydroseeding is wasted at this point.

        There are a lot of plants in the planters still sitting in their pots waiting to be planted. Of course the media didn’t show that.

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  • 22branch

    Let me start by saying that I love SFMM. I’m a coaster guy and I go for the rides. With that said I have watched different rides go in throughout the years like X, Tatsu, Terminator…as it should have remained, Green Lantern etc. I was at the park about a week ago and I was in disbelief when I heard that Full Throttle was opening. The area looked like a construction site. The once green, landscaped hill has been transformed into an enormous plot of dirt. To make matters worse the ride sits at the front of the park and the unfinished landscape makes it look like a mistake or a rush job that wasn’t well planned out.

    The other thing that I can’t figure out is why SFMM would tear out tons of trees and natural shade, and create a massive, exposed cement plaza area. Have you been there in July? Misters or no Misters it’s a furnace. So rather than creating some shelter from the sun they expose the entire area. My last gripe (promise) is that the new Full Throttle area doesn’t leverage any of the existing charm or atmosphere that already existed. It actually does the opposite. Rather than utilizing some of the charm form the old loggers building, or the mooseburger lodge, they decided to throw something completely unrelated in the middle of it. Imagine space mountain thrown into the middle of bear country for all of you Disney fans.

    I’m sure that the ride is awesome and I look forward to riding it. But the overall planning of the area is a complete fail. It doesn’t even meet SFMM standards when you compare it to the opening of rides like Tatsu and Green Lantern (actually you could argue that it’s on par with Scream which was built over the parking lot and still looks like crap ten years later). I hope that this area can regain some of it’s charm but for now it looks like SFMM needs some serious help…So frustrating.