On June 21st, Six Flags Magic Mountain held its Media Day for Full Throttle. After a few hiccups in the morning, (as media days can often have) the ride launched with a great opening ceremony and we were able to climb aboard this long awaited coaster.

The skyline of the park now has a new icon.

I think we are in the right place!
Once we got into the Full Throttle area, there were some delays getting the ride open, due to the State of CA overseeing some last minute checks.

The ride entry area and stage set up for the opening ceremonies.


As we were waiting, the park sent out some of the entertainment that guests will be seeing in the new Full Throttle area. Below, you’ll find some of the stilt characters created specifically for this area of the park.


And the Full Throttle dancers!


As the 11am Press Event approached, the excited grew. The stage was set for the President of Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor, Bonnie Rabjohn, to take the stage.


Finally, just after 11am, Bonnie took the stage to tell the assembled crowd all about the new ride and the new area


After a few short words, some confetti and fireworks were launched, along with the first train of Full Throttle.




The aftermath of confetti.

After getting the final OK from the state officials, we were allowed into the queue to get ready to ride.


One of the first things you’ll see as you approach the station is that it doesn’t appear complete. In fact, the tower things look temporary. Hopefully, a more permanent structure will be coming soon.


A train launching out of the station
.And returning from heading over the 160 foot Top Hat element
A shot from the exit of the ride, between the launch track and the break run.

The ride is billed as the tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world. Full Throttle is a triple launch coaster which sends you up and over a “Top Hat” that traces the outside of a world-record 160-foot loop. The ride has a zero to 70 miles-per-hour acceleration on two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground effects tunnel.

Overall, Full Throttle is a LOT of fun. We didn’t find it to be too intense, and the “hang-time” on the loop is amazing. I think my personal favorite moment is the twist heading into the special effects tunnel. We didn’t see any of the effects going, most likely due to mist interfering with the on-ride video, but we will be heading back to the park soon for more ride-throughs and to get some more off-ride pictures from different areas of the park.

As we were leaving, they were starting to film for the park’s commercials. One cool thing we caught was the mini-copter heading up to get video of riders through the elements of the ride.

Full Throttle isn’t the only new addition to this area of the park, though. There are new retail, dining, and entertainment options in this new five acre Full Throttle area.

The Palace Arcade has been converted into a shared-space Food and Retail building:


First up, let’s check out Loaded Dogs.



There are quite a few unique options on the menu.



And FINALLY there is a place to get Corn Dogs in the park!!



We tried the Full Throttle Dog, of course, and it was actually very tasty.


The Hot Dogs are grilled right outside, so you know they are fresh.


In the middle is “Got Ur Back,” as it is called on the park map. There was, however, no indication outside that this is what the store is called. Instead, we were all calling it the Coke Freestyle Shop because the most important thing this store has is Coke Freestyle!!!



Inside the store you will find Full Throttle Merchandise.




On the other side is the High Octane Wings counter. We got to try these wings earlier this year and they are all great!!


A look at the menu for High Octane Wings.



The new area works well with the direction Magic Mountain is heading in. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of shade, but they actually have planted some nice landscaping in the entry areas, as well as lots of seating for you to sit back while enjoying a snack and watching Full Throttle in action.


Right in the middle of the plaza are some cool misters that will certainly be popular during the summer.


The park was in a rush to get the ride open, so I’d expect updates in the area, especially the station, to be continuing over the next few weeks. If you plan on heading to the park this summer to ride, bring your patience, some sun screen, but most of all, enjoy your ride on this great new coaster. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

UPDATE: Sunday June 23rd

Made it back up to the park today to take some additional off-ride pictures of Full Throttle and update you on how the ride is running.

First, a couple of shots in the loop/tophat element
Zooming up to Superman Plaza
Diving into the tunnel
The Superman Logo got some fresh paint prior to Full Throttle opening.
Through the trees
They had queue ropes set up all the way towards Golden Bear Theater. They were being used on Saturday but not Sunday.
At the tent in front they were handing out numbered tickets to those getting in line to prevent line cutting. They were estimating this wait to be about an hour. The ride crew was dispatching trains about every minute or so. They were doing a great job.
Some of the tables were moved over closer to the ride to give people a nice place to sit and eat while watching the ride.
The misters in the plaza are very popular
A look back at the Full Throttle area now that it’s completely open to the public.
A couple of quick non Full Throttle updates since we likely won’t have a Magic Mountain update for awhile, maybe even until September when Fright Fest construction starts happening.

The stage is gone by DC Universe and they are re-doing the planter.
New Advertisements for Mike and Ike’s.
Looks like Orient Express received some new lights.
Hurricane Harbor is open daily now and they too are offering Early Entry for Gold Passholders. We were totally unaware of this until we got to the waterpark today. Pleasant surprise!!
Park Publicity Photos

The park also sent us some nice publicity shots for Full Throttle.

We will also have another video with ride POV (Point of View) in the next day or so.