As we’re sure you know, Universal Orlando officially opened their new Transformers The Ride 3D attraction to the public on Thursday the 20th of June.

As part of the event, they had a gala event at the attraction on Wednesday evening. This celebration included a few Transformers “celebrities” and invited media to ride the attraction.

On Friday morning the grand opening took place and included even more celebrities such as Optimus Prime himself, voice actor Peter Cullen, Megatron voice actor Frank Welker and even Steven Spielberg.

You can check out Eric Davis’ article here on MiceChat to see pictures from the event.

Join us on the podcast below as we share Eric’s experience as well as UUOP correspondant, James, opinions on the event as well as interviews with Peter Cullen, Bill Davis and even more audio from the event.

Join us on the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast as we Prepare for Battle.

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Are you planning to visit the Transformers this summer?