Disney California Adventure rolls out the red carpet for “The Lone Ranger” world premiere as the Enchanted Tiki Room turns 50

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Published on June 24, 2013 at 5:05 am with 31 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • eicarr

    It’s crazy that they took advantage of fans to fork over thousands to further bribe Native American groups into silence for Depp playing Tonto. While I have issues with a college fund that excludes youth based on the color of their skin, I guess I voted by not buying a $1000 ticket. Looks like a cool movie though and I hope it does well. Lone Ranger merch in Frontierland is refreshing and much needed. Hoping for a Big Thunder appearance.

    With DCA such a short drive from Disney archives, more movie memorabilia would go a long way in the dead backlot corner of the park(and tired animation exhibit).

    • mondo

      What is your source of Disney bribing Native Americans?

      • Niko Linni

        Of course, don’t you know? If someone does something for charity, there’s obviously an ulterior motive — so I guess this time the excuse that people are spreading is “bribing” Native Americans for the supposedly very offensive role Depp played.

  • MrTour

    I don’t understand the need to paint Big Thunder Mountain. As with the Timber Mountain Log Ride, the faded look actually looked truer to nature and a parched desert!

    • Uncle Bob

      Paint is the first and arguably most important layer of protection against the elements and an absolutely critical aspect of preventative maintenance. Paint is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to see the concrete start to crack and eventually destroy the structure of the whole mountain.

  • Susan Hughes

    Johhny Depp, being the big Disney fan that he is, was hanging out in the Radiator Springs Racers break room. I guess deep down he wants to be a Disney Cast Member.

    • yellowrocket

      That’s so cool of him!

  • zugzug15

    the big question on my mind is…. does the train actually function as a train?

    • gtsouthard

      I would assume after what i saw with the iron man exhibit, that no it does not. at least its full size lol

      Hard for me to get with disney selling those tonto hats. Little racist to me.,

  • Baloo

    the big question on everyones mind is, is the train real or just a non movable prop

  • StevenW

    Those Indian outfits are really tacky. A throwback to the old days.


      I sure hope your talking about those ones for sale in the shops.

  • DisneyMomma74

    I noticed the outdated signage on my trip a few weeks ago. I think it is a shame that they have not updated these. Very un-Disney like!

  • xboxtravis7992

    I still can’t figure out if Lone Ranger will be a great film or a horrible one. I hope it is a good film, or else the $200 dollars I already plopped down on the film’s Lego sets will seem a little silly.

  • Rocknrachel

    I guess I just wonder how you forget to update those billboards? Seems like a fairly easy fix. I guess in reality, I’d rather just see them removed altogether.

    Thanks again for the update!

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Thanks for another great update, Andy.

    I wanted to ask you–some people were commenting on the Mice Chat discussion boards that the souvenir brochures for the Tiki Room anniversary were just color photocopies, and not very good quality.

    In your opinion, would it be worth the drive to Anaheim during the week to obtain one of those brochures? I’m a fan of all things Disneyland, but the Tiki Room doesn’t hold a special place in my heart like some other attractions.

    I AM looking forward to the upcoming exhibit in the Disney Gallery. I was dismayed to see the models of the Paris and Anaheim castles were gone a few weeks ago, but the Cast Member told me I would be impressed by the new Tiki Room exhibit, which should be there for about six months after it opens.

    • I picked up my copy yesterday and thought it looked really good. Photo copy or otherwise, they looked good to me and everyone in my party thought it was a really nice touch.

      • SpacemanSpiff

        Thank you, Dusty!

    • The print quality of the brochures doesn’t look bad. You have to remember that what we’re getting is modern-day high-resolution copies of old 1960s-era art work that looks to have been originally created by screen printing. So with that in mind, the copies look about as nice as one would expect from a high-resolution scan and print rather than a high-quality art print. I do wish the paper the brochure was printed on was a little heavier, though. That said, it’s 100% free for Annual Passholders and it’s a nice little bonus if you can get to the park quickly or were already planning to visit. You can get a closer look at the brochure by clicking the images of it you see in the today’s blog.


      • SpacemanSpiff

        Thank you, Andy!

        Your explanation/description clinched the deal for me. I’m planning to make the trip tomorrow before work. Hopefully the brochures have not run out at that point.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Thanks for the great update. I was thinking of how Tom Sawyer’s island has changed. In Walt Disney’s time, there was a small cabin with a water wheel. It was very picturesque.

    I looked at the new picture after the modifications the state mandated and with all the changes that were done for Fantasmic years ago. The small cabin at the end of the island is now an ugly mess of fencing and boxes. It used to be a great place to take a picture of the island. Now it looks like the 19th century person in that cabin is worried that someone is going to attack him. It looks like a fortress. I don’t care that guests don’t have access to the end of the island, but guests still have to look at it.

    • DisWedWay

      I’m very happy that Tokyo Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer Island, that was a flip and a flop of Disneylands, remains as it originally was done in 1983, 30 years ago, and is so well maintained. I hope they don’t loose it and Rivers of America to a Cars Land, which would be a shame. Happy 30TH Anniversary TDL, as the original WED Team get together soon to celebrate your success and theirs.

  • DisWedWay

    I wonder if the engine 1543 from the Lone Ranger will become a Disneyland movie prop when they expand Fronteirland?

  • QuiGonJ

    No mention of the Passholder Screenings of Lone Ranger yesterday? I went for the Tiki Room thing and decided to go across the way, and DCA held two FREE screenings at noon and 4 PM for Annual Passholders. Before the film, everyone was handed a Lone Ranger mask and a Lone Ranger button.

    I am happy to say the film was much better than I expected based on the trailers. If you don’t like Johnny Depp, then well, he’s Johnny Depp, but since I like the Pirates movies just fine, I thought the Lone Ranger movie was a lot of fun.

    • Carmatts

      I saw it too and was pleastly surprised. On one hand it has a Pirates 2 as a western feel to it, but I felt it was well done.

  • Tinkbelle

    Oh how I wish they would announce an earlier opening date for BTMRR. This refurb seems to last forever. I was hoping to ride it in September.

  • Armadillo4

    The All-American College Band is one of my favorite things about Disneyland in the summer. In past years, they’ve performed 5 days a week, not daily–with dark days Sunday and Monday. I’m no official source, but guest services or another park rep should be able to confirm their off days.

    • Thanks for pointing out that error. You’re right – the All-American College Band performs five days per week – the information has been corrected in the original post.


  • heysi

    I can only imagine a personal injury attorney is archiving all the handrail photos, because if one person gets hurt where there ISN’T a handrail…then its off to the races for the lawsuit. Possibly the worst mistake Disney has ever made is to acknowledge the safety shortfalls of the park. They could have corrected all the issues privately and before there was ever any government oversight. Disney’s grandfathered-in ability to deal with “slip-and-fall” issues will be gone forever. Not that they should ever be immune from having a safe park, but I just bet this opens up the flood gates of dumb lawsuits.

    • StevenW

      So Disney should do nothing? The problem was Disney DID do nothing until the government found Disney to be ignoring the problem. Disney could not escape their grandfathered ability to leave things alone. There is an alternative to the handrails. Supply wire harnesses.

      There are no actual lawsuits. What are you talking about? The government can and will fine Disney for their safety deficiencies. That’s the problem.

  • DG2

    Those safety railings MUST GO AWAY !! Disneyland has done just fine for nearly 60 years without them. Come on Disney sic your legal team on OSHA and get rid of those aweful eyesores. Please.