I’m currently sitting at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, watching families walk by with toddlers babbling in their Mickey-balloon decorated strollers and brothers racing each other to each lamp post. Parents are scolding their teenagers and chasing their three year-olds. But I’m sitting, here with my refillable mug and a laptop, with my feet up. Without my kids. Yes, I left the little mouseketeers at home.

It’s only fair to mention that I’m at Walt Disney World for an Agent Education Program, and it’s officially grown-ups only, so I didn’t even have the option to bring the kiddos. That is, of course, unless I wanted to spring for another resort room and a babysitter. Nah. However, we’ve run into several “girls trips” and other grown-ups only vacations during the week. So, could you do it? Could you get away with doing Disney without your kids?

The Downside

While a vacation without the responsibility of keeping tiny humans alive may sound sublime, there are a few things that can make you feel not-so-magical.


1. Guilt

Not gonna lie, I felt so guilty about heading to my son’s favorite place in the world that I didn’t even tell my little Disney geek where my conference was until the weekend before I left. He took it surprisingly well, as long as I promised a souvenir and some FaceTime during the fireworks, that is. I don’t think the response would have been the same if I’d been leaving on a girls’ week of fun at the parks, though. And this Disney gal would’ve felt major pangs of guilt.

Get Park Wise: Think twice about sending a postcard. My little guy wants one, but it might make your little ones feel worse that they’re missing out on the Disney fun.

2. Making Arrangements for the Kids

If you and your love are headed to the parks for a romantic week, you have to first figure out where your kidlets are going to go while you are in Disney paradise. Is Gramma going to be able to watch them? Would you trust them with friends? Or is anyone even willing to put up with your rugrats for a week?

3. Missing the Little Ones


This one, I am having major issues with this week. Yesterday, our group toured Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and that is our family’s Disney home. Everywhere I looked was a memory or an experience I know the kids would love. Or I’ll see a family with kids around the same age having a blast with their family, and I’ll wish I was having that experience, too.

The Upside

On the other hand, hitting Disney without your little darlings can be great!

1. Time

Guess what? When you travel without kids, you only have to bathe and dress and feed yourself! I know, right?! There’s no wrangling children into the bus to make it to rope drop or dragging them sleepily from your Good Neighbor Hotel to make sure you’re first in line for Splash Mountain. I went from bed to lobby in about 30 minutes this morning. Yeah!

2. Freedom


Or, you can hang out in bed all morning without a five year-old tugging on the covers screaming for Dumbo. You can hit all the thrillers first thing in the morning when wait times are low without feeling guilty about skipping Disney Jr. Live on Stage. One of my favorite things is being able to have a couple of girls’ nights out. We enjoyed a long, drawn-out dinner, and we’re headed to Jellyrolls tonight. As long as your travel buddy (or buddies) are game, you can do whatever you want!

3. Experience

Take some time on your grown-ups only vacation to experience some things you don’t get to with the kids. Book a romantic dinner at Victoria & Albert’s and don’t worry about whether or not they serve chicken nuggets. Take time to stroll slowly through the World Showcase and sample some ethnic flair. The World (or the Land) is your oyster for the week, so enjoy those things you might otherwise rush past with the whole family in tow,

Have you ever left the kids at home and hit your favorite resort? Or is it something you could never do? Why or why not?