It’s early 2005, and it’s easy to pose with Mickey because there are 75 of him. But don’t expect a hug. Each Mickey is made of polyurethane with an internal steel frame, weighs approximately 700 pounds, and stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, including the base.

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  • gboiler1

    Those were so fun and creative. I remember getting to see them outside the Magic Kingdom in WDW. Photographed several favorites and I think I have video somewhere that captured most if not all the statues.
    If I remember correctly they made a bit of a US tour because I saw them in Chicago one summer. Hope they didn’t get defaced on the city streets!

  • I had totally forgotten about this campaign. It was sort of fun. Sort of like today’s Vinylmation craze but on a much larger scale. 😉

  • Timekeeper

    That was cool when the outdoor exhibit came in DCA in 2005; glad that a statue is visble to the public in MI. 🙂


  • Amy VandenBoogert

    That year for the MLB All-Star Game, which was held in Anaheim that year, they had Mickeys made up for each of the 30 MLB teams on display. The Tampa Bay Rays one now proudly resides at Tropicana Field. I usually stop and take a photo of it every time I go to a game. I even have a small version of it that I bought at DTD in Orlando.