Disneyana takes over the Disney Gallery as Disneyland kicks off Independence Week festivities

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on July 01, 2013 at 5:05 am with 35 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • MrTour

    So sad to hear about the decommissioning process of the Disney Gallery. I think the gallery is as cherished an attraction as any other. I was sad when it was booted from New Orleans. Before then, I remember the Preview Center on Main St next to the Magic Shop. This was back when Disneyland was newer and focus was more on the future of the park; artwork for Discovery Bay and its attractions held my interest and wonder as I looked forward to Disney’s “next” big attraction.

    This is just another reminder that Disneyland is no longer the little park with the train where families could enjoy the day together, as Walt dreamed it would be.

    • patton45

      I must agree that Disneyland is not the little park for families. The last time I can remember going there and feeling like it was something really special was in the 80’s. Now each time I go, the last time 4 years ago, I get the feeling like the park exists only to sell plush and t-shirts. There is no vision from what I can see. And after spending a day at the Walt Disney Museum a few weeks ago, it makes me feel bad to see what Disneyland has become.

  • Bob Gurr

    Glorious photos! The whole month of Independence Day plus Enchanted Tikis decorates Disneyland as beautiful as I’ve ever seen it, thanks to Andy’s Eye.

  • eicarr

    I NEVER see ANYONE at the cash register at that creepy Disneyania store. I think the people who bought those 1/200,000 collector plate type chotskies are slowley dying off . Hopefully future sales will dictate the expansion of the Disney Gallery(watered down by the DCA preview center). The streets of New Orleans could use a nice little museum again though.

  • Ju-osh

    Disney is not even trying to hide the real purpose behind the Disneyana gallery. Just look at the font they chose for the Tiki Room poster — it’s straight off the US dollar bill!

  • Tinkd

    Great update…does anyone know, are the Billy Hill and Hillbillies in the Jamboree area all summer, or was this for the 4th/july show stuff? We are visiting next week and hope they will be back in their home at the Golden Horseshoe.

    • Wendygirl

      They are there all Summer, just like last year. Last year they also kept them back there for a Halloween theme show and then again for a Christmas Show. They didn’t go back to the Golden Horseshoe until after January sometime (because of the tribute show that ran in there). So far nothing has been said or revealed as to what is going to happen past Summer this year. I strongly suspect it will be the same but one never knows with Disney management.

  • braggfamily

    Thanks for the great update! Loved seeing the pics of the Enchanted Tiki Room exhibit, and I do hope it will still be there when we visit during Labor Day weekend. Also, thanks so much for including the links to Amazon for the new Disney music releases. Some of this music I’ve been looking for years.

  • DisWedWay

    Hope they can bring some magenta strata layering back to Big Thunder Mountain. I believe the sign on the roof of the load building originally had a hunter green background which popped the graphics beautifully. Hope the town of Rainbow Ridge is called out as it’s official name.

  • davidrusk

    For those of us who can’t drop by the parks anytime we want, these photo updates are like water to a thirsty man! Thanks for posting about the sound tracks, they’re great!

  • WRDup

    Someone could probably write long, eloquently and metaphorically about the Disney Gallery being pushing away from the heart of the park toward the exit. I don’t have it in me but I think it’s easy to see.

  • Chernabog

    The Disney Gallery (pre-Dream Suite) was one of my favorite places to hang out. And they had really cool, knowledgeable CMs up there. The whole “let’s plop some random artwork up in a boxy back room” thing is so unappealing.

    In other news, I wonder if AP sales are dying off due to the new prices? Are attendance patterns going to go back to pre-AP “normal”? Still, it is really odd to see an empty Cars Land on a Saturday.

    • Westsider

      The AP numbers aren’t declining. This past Wednesday the attendance was almost TRIPLE what Saturday was, because the SoCal levels of AP’s became blocked out for the summer by Friday. The heatwave knocked a few extra thousand off for Saturday though.

      Saturday is always the slowest day of the week in summer. It’s been this way for years. And Saturday is always the slowest day of the weekend during the off-season too. Saturday will have much lower in-park attendance numbers in the afternoon and evening than a Sunday afternoon or Friday evening will, due to high AP attendance by those who just “drop in” for a few hours after work on Friday or after church and errands on Sunday afternoon.

      GAC use also skyrockets on Friday evenings and Sundays, due to the high AP visitation. Many attractions in Disneyland increase the number of Fastpasses available on Saturday, because they know there won’t be nearly as many GACs in the park that day. I imagine they do that in DCA too. Without so many GACs in use, we can give out more Fastpasses and keep the lines moving easier and everyone wins.

      Saturdays are always very nice and very mellow, with many tourists and casual day-trippers, but very few APs due to blockouts. It’s been this way for awhile.

      • Chernabog

        Yeah but I would assume that most of the APs coming already had their passes before the crazy price increase. I wonder how NEW AP sales/renewals are coming along.

        And yeah having been an APer for 17 years in a row, I know that the majority of that time was “normal” theme park attendance, i.e. summers and holidays were packed, and there was still a predictable off-season that was not dictated by blockout days. I wonder if things will go back to that, or if AP sales are just as nuts as they were beforehand.

        I mean, I know it’s only a small sample, but of the many “Disneyland AP friends” I have made over the years who always had APs (myself included), I know only a small handful that are renewing. My AP expired in March and I have no desire to pay $50 a month or $92+ to get exhausted on an all-day long trip to the parks.

  • iGirl

    I do wish the weekly updates could be more fact based rather than opinion based. The former reads better in my humble opinion.

    • mondo

      same here.

    • Thanks for the feedback. However, Dateline Disneyland has always and will always include honest critique (positive and negative) of Disney, Disneyland and other theme parks and attractions featured in the blog.

      Thanks for reading.


      • Calichaddy

        I agree Andy, if people want a homogenized glossy PR version of what happened in Disneyland this week, read the Disney Blogs! If you want an honest opinion of what has changed for the better/worse at the park through the eyes of a true Disney fan that is there EVERY week, Andy is your man! I appreciate the photos and commentary every Monday Mr. Castro. Keep up the good work!

  • GeoffG

    Since my first visit in ’04, the Disney Gallery has been a nice break from the ride race. However its time has passed. Disneyland purists would disagree but I don’t think the park was meant to be a museum nor should there be a museum in the park. I enjoy learning about the history of the park and seeing what has come and gone but that needs to be done outside the gates.

    And thanks for the pictures, cool to see what’s happening at some of my homes away from home.

    • bfdf55

      The Gallery wasn’t just a museum. It presented artwork and models for various projects, some past, some present, some future. But if there is to ever be a museum pertaining to Disneyland, then it certainly belongs IN Disneyland.

      There is no way that it would be effective outside of the park.

  • OswaldTheRabbit

    Always great to read your Dateline Disney entries. Very informative and pictures a worth a thousand words.

    The gentlemen who sings Toy Story songs use to be part of a show in Frontierland some years ago. He now comes back for special events Disney throws. If anyone was at the Disney Parks Blog Midnight Snack Event during last years One More Disney Day; he performed there as well.

    I’ll be heading to the park in a few days and had a question of anyone who visited today. I saw the Patriotic Cotton Candy in this Dateline Disney. However does anyone know what the patriotic mason jar deserts are at Carnation Café? Or where the Apple Pie is being sold in the parks? (I’m guessing maybe Flo’s)

    • Thanks for reading and thanks for the additional information on the Woody’s Talent Roundup performer!

      The Mason Jar desserts are available at Carnation Cafe but I haven’t seen them in person. The Plaza Inn is serving an “apple crostata” that they’ve labeled as their Limited Time Magic offering, but I believe that dessert has been available at the Plaza Inn for some time now. I haven’t seen the “apple pie pockets” Disney advertised. Enjoy your visit!


  • javalos1991

    What if they moved the Disney Gallery to Blue Sky Cellar? Since there aren’t any projects, they can use the space for the Gallery.

  • Happy Phantom

    This was so negative and whiny. No one wants to read someone claim to be a fan, then complain the entire blog. “These items, people actually want to buy, are just marketing”, “this pipe no one sees but me, is distracting”. Just do the report and keep your negative bantering to yourself. It ruins the whole report.

    • Thanks for your feedback. However, as I noted above to some other readers, Dateline Disneyland has always and will always include honest critique and commentary on Disney, Disneyland and other attractions featured on this blog. I don’t expect everybody to agree with my opinions, but I do hope that my commentary can spark thoughtful debate that can help make our community a more interesting and lively place!

      Thank you for reading and I hope to see more comments and feedback from you in the future!

  • SpectroMan

    Thanks for the excellent coverage; however I think it’s a little premature to wish the Gallery an “RIP” at this point. They did make an effort to recreate it in Lincoln’s Lobby, and I see no reason why it won’t continue there. It might even get a bigger audience, since I feel more people go into that lobby than go into the (former) Gallery room. Let’s give it a chance.

  • Skimbob

    Keep up the excellent reporting Andy. You keep me updated on all the parks since I can’t visit often like some people can even though I am a Premier Pass holder.

    For those of you who do not like Andy’s commentary you simply do not need to read it. Not everyone is always going to agree with what is written. You may not agree with my opinions either but you take them for what they are worth.

  • daveyjones

    “While it would be great to get some of this work signed by the artists, I’m not sure it’s worth an extra $85, unless you’re planning on making a profit by selling the signed pieces on eBay.”

    i have to disagree here. both the day event and the cocktail reception, which i also paid to attend, were totally worth it. the highlight of the day event was three separate panel discussions (each offering different anecdotes and humorous tales) by bob gurr, rolly crump and the newer generation of imagineers responsible for the tiki room’s restoration in 2003–2004. some amazing stuff here, including recounts of harriot burn’s infamous taste for sexual innuendo around the studio.

    my personal highlight of the evening, besides have a long discussion with SHAG about the growth of his career, his twisting and turning relationship with disney (warts and all), was drinking rum cocktails with bob gurr and talking about how amazing his original flying saucer concept was and how disappointed he was with luigi’s tires and their version of the technology.

    • On second thought, perhaps the $85 event fee was worth it! Sounds like you had a great time – thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your experience with us!


  • KCmike

    Thanks for the link for the mp3’s of the Disney music.

  • QPerth

    Thanks for the terrific update, as usual Andy! And wonderful pics too. Sadly for us fans NOT in the US, we are unable to purchase the MP3 soundtracks on Amazon.

    “We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently only available to US customers. Please refer to the terms of use of the MP3 store to determine the geographical restrictions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.”

    We can of course still buy the physical CD (which is fine by me, I still love physical media) but for a far greater price of course. I’ve had my eye on some of them for a while, and when I do get around to ordering them, I will certainly shop by supporting Micechat, ne of my favourite Disney Fan Sites. Keep up the great work all!

    • I’m terribly sorry to get your hopes up with the audio downloads when they aren’t available outside of the U.S.!

      Thanks for reading!

  • jmuboy

    So what happened to the rest of the Disneyland Story exhibit? Are the giant Disneyland map and 50th video still there? Are the Lincoln exhibits and videos still there?

    As much as I hate to see a formal gallery go away I think the Disneyland Story could work with the front room featuring rotating WDI and DL gallery exhibits. Central room with DL historical displays and the back room using videos and exhibits to set up the Lincoln show.

    The other thought is add a gallery space- with an obgatory retail room – in DTD. That could honestly work for hosting merchandise events. Plus it would give a really nice “attraction” to DTD.

    • daveyjones

      “Are the giant Disneyland map and 50th video still there? Are the Lincoln exhibits and videos still there?”

      yes to both.

    • Only a portion of the Opera House’s front lobby was removed to make way for the Disney Gallery. The portion that was lost was the area that included the Splash Mountain and Sleeping Beauty Castle scale models and several wall panel displays that featured art work.

      Thanks for reading!