Fantastic news to start your week. The Season Pass Podcast, the leading show on all things theme park, has joined the MicePod on From now on, you’ll find their show right here. Please help us welcome Doug Barnes and the Season Pass crew to the team!   – Dusty

This week, the Season Pass goes behind the scenes in Radiator Springs, as we bring you the scoop on the amazing Cars Land at Disney California Adventure!  Discussion on the operations and merchandise with Gary Maggetti (General Manager of Food & Beverage and Store Operations at Disney California Adventure), Food and Flo’s V8 Cafe with Sean Layne (Head Area Chef of Cars Land), as well as conversations with Walt Disney Imagineers Kathy Mangum (Executive Vice President, Producer of WDI) and Tom Morris (Creative, Art Director of WDI).  Also, TSPP talks with animatronic guru Garner Holt (President of Garner Holt Productions).  HUGE Show on a HUGE inspiring attraction.  Recorded in Disney California Adventure and during the 2013 Thea Awards Gala & TEA Summit (April 2013).  Enjoy!

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The Season Pass Podcast is an immersive audio commentary into the world of Themed Entertainment and the Amusement Industry. Started in 2007 by Owner/Producer/Host Doug Barnes and Co-Hosted by Super 78’s President/Creative Director Brent Young, the Season Pass has become a reliable source for the industry and amusement park fans by analyzing the creative groups, people, processes, and stories behind the parks and attractions we all love today. The Season Pass is not the average theme park podcast. The presenters are a combination of industry professionals, specialists, creative developers, research publishers, media, and fans who bring a collection of observations and opinions, which creates an intellectual and educational conversation that helps the audience understand both the business and magic behind parks and attractions while still being humorous.

The Season Pass has had the honor to share the stories of many well respected creative professionals within the themed entertainment world including Matt Ouimet, Tony Baxter, John Wardley, Gary Goddard, Joel Manby, Rick Rothschild, Joe Rohde, Garner Holt, Tim Delaney, Lee Cockerell, Tom Fitzgerald, John Wood, Barry Braverman, Steve Alcorn, Jerry Rees, Marty Krofft, Michael Mack, etc. In addition we have special presentations on three Disney Legends– Bob Gurr, Rolly Crump, and Alan Menken. The Season Pass has also become a respected source of information for the amusement industry media, with recommendations from The TEA (Themed Entertainment Association), InPark Magazine,, LA Times Funland Blog, Park World Magazine, Theme Park Review, AyeFour Publishing,, and many more. The Season Pass has won awards and recognition for its quality audio presentation, which includes the “2011 Best Travel Podcast Blog” award, nominations from “Peoples Choice: Best Travel Podcast” for 2009, 2010, 2011& 2012, listed as a 2011 “20 Cool Travel Podcasts” from RatesToGo.Com, and has received over 120 Reviews on iTunes averaging a 5-Star Rating and has been featured on the Front Page of the iTunes Podcast Store. The Season Pass has also been the official podcast selected to cover many Themed Entertainment & Amusement Industry Events including the 2012 & 2013 TEA Summit, as well as The 17th, 18th & 19th Thea Awards Gala (selected by the Themed Entertainment Association), The Knott’s Preserved release event in Knottʼs Berry Farm (selected by Author Chris Merritt and Knottʼs Berry Farm), and the “TPR Bash Events” (selected by Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review). The Season Pass is also the ONLY podcast available that covers the entire Themed Entertainment & Amusement Industry, i.e., Worldʼs Fair, Roller Coasters, Disney Parks, Las Vegas, Museums, Universal Studios and much more. The podcast is also considered to be the “International Authority” for the themed entertainment industry because of the expansive coverage in Asia, the U.K., Europe, Australia, Middle East, and North America.


  • Lee Mallaby

    Its great to have another very extinguished podcast join us, mere mortals, on the Micepod.
    Another great episode as well.
    Welcome aboard.

  • Zeathos51

    It’s like the Avengers. You had to listen to very end of each podcast to get hints that these great theme park sites were coming together.

  • Eric Davis

    I could not be happier! Welcome to MiceChat and the MicePod!

  • Hey Thanks Guys! All of us at the Season Pass Podcast love and I’ve been having a blast producing the MiceChat Podcast and working with Dusty on the MicePod. It only seemed natural to join the MicePod Family and I’m really excited about the future of the network. Thanks again to the MiceChat crew for the friendship and support. This is going to be awesome. 😉


  • I think the MiceChat readers are going to be blown away by how professionally your show is produced Doug. REALLY amazing stuff and we are just so thrilled to have you join the team! Welcome aboard the starship MiceChat!

  • bigfry

    It looks like the RSS feed only goes back to “tspp #147- The London Bridge Experience w/ James Kislingbury 11/21/10”

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to start at #1 and work my way forward, so is there an alternate/archive RSS feed somewhere?

    • Hi Bigfry, You’re right…I just checked out the RSS feed and it only allows the last 100 episodes, which is a bummer. Sorry about that. You can pick up every episode of the Season Pass on our archive page or you can subscribe through multiple RSS distributors on the subscribe page on our website (but the website archive page is the only place you can download the first 10 episodes…I’ve been trying to erase those from my memory, lol).

      Let me know if this helps and I’ll check with our serveer on the possiblity of expanding the RSS feed.



      • bigfry

        Score one for common sense. I did a built in search in my podcast aggregator (Zune) and it came up with three separate entries all of which went back to episode 11.

        Thank you.

  • Calichaddy

    Welcome to the MicePod Doug Barnes and Brent Young! The production quality you bring to your podcast, along with your outstanding guests and immeasurable theme park knowledge is an absolute joy to have on MiceChat. It’s also worth noting that until you debuted the cast on MiceChat I had never listened it! I’m sure that is true for many readers and theme park fans and I’m so excited to have it here for all the MiceChatters to enjoy! Thank you Season Pass Podcast, Dusty Sage and all of MiceChat!

    • Thank you so much! MiceChat Rocks. 😉


  • horizonsfan

    I’m a huge fan of The Season Pass and think this is a great addition for Mice Chat. Great news!