This week’s Magic Mountain update is a little different than some of our recent articles. We’ll have some Full Throttle photos for you as work continues to be done around the ride. But, the biggest change this week is a reworking of the “Greatest Coasters Ever Built” mural that’s near X2 and Viper. Finally, we’ll update you on what’s going on around the rest of the park now that crews aren’t so busy with Full Throttle.

“Greatest Coasters Ever Built”?

While there is some debate on just how great the coasters at Magic Mountain really are, this mural has been a part of the park for decades and it recently received a long overdue update. However, a couple of rides are now excluded from the mural due to space issues.

We’ll run down the list in order of the year the ride opened.

Colossus – 1978 (Could the inclusion of Colossus mean that no changes are coming to the ride as has been rumored?)
Viper – 1990
Batman: The Ride – 1994
Riddler’s Revenge – 1998
Goliath – 2000
Scream – 2003
Tatsu – 2006
X2 – 2008 (The original X opened in 2002)
Apocalypse – 2009
Superman: Escape From Krypton – 2011 / Lex Luthor Drop of Doom – 2012 (The Original Superman opened in 1997)
Green Lantern: First Flight – 2011
Full Throttle – 2013


The Good – The murals look GREAT. They have a uniform design and were obviously done on computer instead of hand-drawn, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. The colors really pop and for the first time in a LONG time people were taking pictures in front of the mural. It’s the little projects like this that keep things fresh around the park. This isn’t going to bring any additional guests to the park but it’s nice to see the time being taken to do little projects like this. We’d love to see more little details like this around the park!!!

The Questionable –  I have to question the exclusion of Revolution and Ninja. Sure, Revolution is not the same ride it was when it opened in 1976 (although it COULD be). But it’s the first modern looping coaster and it certainly deserves a place in this lineup. Ninja is still great, if not as good as it was when it opened in 1988. There are only 3 of these coasters still in operation in the US and this is the only one on the west coast. As such, I feel it also deserves a place on this list. Personally, I would have left off Viper and Scream and added Revolution and Ninja. At the very least I would have left off Scream and put Revolution in it’s place.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the coasters in this lineup or does it skew too heavily on recent coasters?

Full Throttle

Full Throttle has now been open for almost 2 weeks and work is still being done on the surrounding area and the station. While I don’t think we’ll get a permanent station roof until after the summer, some shade has been added.

Approaching the ride, you can see the queue set up. During our visit the wait was only about 15 minutes. The park was pretty empty, most likely due to the heat.
For future reference, this wait is about 15 minutes when the ride is running on full capacity.
The new covering for the station. Nothing special, doesn’t look all that great but it gives the crew some shade. Cheap.
The crane is still on-site in case the train valleys. As far as I know it hasn’t had to be used yet.
Some signage has been added to the old Log Jammer pump house. YOLO indeed.
A train full of happy riders being launched out of the station
That’s a big loop.
On-Ride pictures seem to be very popular with this ride
On the other side some of the artwork has been added (rather hastily) to the construction wall in High Sierra territory. Hopefully a more permanent fence is coming soon because this just looks tacky.
On the other side, the fencing looks great. The path leading back to the former location of Flashback has now been completely blocked off. Hopefully this could mean a Hurricane Harbor expansion for next year? We can hope!!!

We don’t anticipate any further updates being made to the area until after the summer, when the park is closed during the week. The concept art for the station showed a covering similar to the main entrance so hopefully that is on the horizon. There also still isn’t a sign out front for the ride. If/When these changes happen, we’ll let you know.

Another major issue; The area around Full Throttle is VERY hot, at least a few degrees hotter than the rest of the park. It’s a shame that more trees couldn’t have been saved to give this area more shade. With the amount of foliage and water that was there, you would think some of it could have remained, or they might have re-landscaped the area.  Sad.

Around The Park

A couple of minor updates going on through the rest of the park.

The planter we showed you last week in front of DC Universe has some fresh new plants (Bird of Paradise)

Apparently, the park has worked something out with Greyhound Express to give their riders FlashPass treatment on Jet Stream. No word on if this is a rotating thing but with the heat this is a good ride to have it on.


This screams VIP, right?
Some new “park appropriate” advertising is popping up. Certainly better than the “Trade your car for cash” ads we were seeing last year.
Clever advertising in the smoking areas
And we’ll leave you with this picture of Tatsu and the Sky Tower

That will do it for this week. Unless something major happens with the Full Throttle area or elsewhere in the park, we likely won’t have another update from Six Flags Magic Mountain for awhile. Have a great summer and happy riding!!!

  • phruby

    Tackyness at Magic Mountain? Say it ain’t so.

  • Haven

    I fully agree that “The Great American Revolution” should have its place along the Magic Mountain memorial wall. The first vertical looping coaster to debut in the US by the wonderful Anton Schwarzkopf. Also star of the silver screen, used to maximum effect as the climax of the movie “Rollercoaster” as well as in National Lampoons original classic “Vacation”. The contribution of this coaster to the coaster wars of the 70’s can not be underestimated. While I agree it has been an unbearable headbanger since the abysmal addition of those awkward shoulder restraints, it could be retrofitted easily again to lap bars or new trains altogether. It is interesting how the newest generation of coasters, like Full Throttle, are utilizing lap bar technology once again anyhow. I remember the original red white & blue train color scheme for Revolution. Now wouldn’t that be a nice restoration?
    As for the heat and roof-less Full Throttle boarding area, yikes!!! It has been 118 here in Vegas the last 8 days (and counting) and with temperatures in Valencia climbing into the 100’s I can’t imagine to prospect of waiting in any lines at MM right now.

  • MrsMonroe

    I wish they would add a few canival rides to the park and maybe more “dates” will come, and maybe a add a few transportation rides. the walkways can be hell haha

  • BassBone

    I would leave Superman/Lex Luthor off of the “greatest coasters” mural because they’re not roller coasters. I’d leave Scream off because it’s not a very good coaster. Ninja and Revolution absolutely belong on that mural.

  • KENfromOC

    Gee what an awful looking park! Cheap is indeed the word! Did they use day-workers from the outside of Home Deport for those planters? And I can’t believe they actually use those cheap-looking stack block edging for the plants!
    Lowest common denominator has been reached for sure!

  • SpectroMan

    Yeah, featuring Drop of Doom as a coaster makes me laugh. Not even close.

    I’d rather see Gold Rusher, Revolution OR Ninja in it’s place.

    I don’t suppose it would be very easy to add another set of panels to that wall…

  • Gregg Condon

    I can see why Lex Luthor Drop of Doom was featured, it’s attached to Superman and it was easy to include. The two slots where Superman/Lex Luthor and Full Throttle are featured are more horizontal and are taller than the rest. So this is the likely reason Superman was included.

    SpectroMan, unfortunately adding additional panels is something that probably wouldn’t happen. There are a set number that have been there although I do think some new sections were added about 10 years ago when X and Deja Vu opened. I don’t think the park ever dreamed of having 18 coasters.

    But I really like some of the suggestions about changes to get more deserving (IMO) coasters on the mural.

  • 4th Gen Disney Fan

    I was right there with you until you suggested removing Viper from the mural…..

  • ralfrick

    Don’t know if this is daily, but July 6 they let Gold passholders in 10-15 minutes early (I resisted as I was the only one of us that had one). then they let Discover car holders in about 5 minutes early so we did that and got on FT in a couple of cycles. Before we got off I looked towards the entrance and saw what appeared to be the New York Marathon bearing down on us. So take advantage if you get a chance.

    • Gregg Condon

      Yep, that’s a daily thing. Also works at Hurricane Harbor.

  • planetsix

    I say no new rollercoaster until Magic Mountain adds some sort of tram/funicular down the OTHER side of Samurai Summit, spilling out by Jet Stream like they did way back when before Ninja came along. That hill is absolute death in Valencia summer heat to be walking up and down! LOL

  • The Coaster Guy

    OK…I’ll be the first one to say it out loud. Is it possible that Revolution was left out of the new mural lineup because it might not be there much longer? Despite it’s historical significance, the park really hasn’t shown it much love over the years. Maybe they’re just milking it a bit longer before they remove it and put another custom coaster in its place.