Who says every attraction has to tell a story? Sometimes it’s just about the experience—and flying like a bird above the Yester Magic Kingdom is a delighful experience.

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  • dizneydomenic

    I miss both Disneylands and WDWs skyway. “Keep a park fresh”? yea whatever…they were enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Westsider

    Diane Ledder, the Disney spokeswoman who puked up the ridiculous “talking points” and lies quoted in this Yesterland article on why the Skyway was closing back in 1999 no longer works for Disney World. Her illustrious career in Walt Disney World’s Public Affairs fun team, spouting out pre-fab commentary about the latest minor scandal or closed ride or theme park Cast Member accused of sexual crimes, came to an end in 2007. Ms. Ledder now works on the Board of Directors as the “Chair of the Mission and Branding Committee” at a science museum in beautiful downtown Houston, Texas.

    Remember that the next time some Disney spokesman says something fake and cheesy about the latest closure or unflattering fact regarding a Disney theme park. Never trust anything an official spokesman from Public Affairs says to you, even if he/she sounds so genuine and caring. They aren’t. It’s just the exact type of faux work they are good at.

  • Tielo

    I really loved this ride at WDW. Imagine now to be able to have a birds eye view of new fantasy land when it’s finished! Well unfortunately it left and nothing came back for it. thankfully Bush Gardens Tampa has a similar experience taking you over the beautiful animal exhibits.

  • Lord Alfred

    While I do miss the experience of riding the Skyway, I can only imagine the trouble that today’s youngsters would get into on this attraction. In my mind I can see unsupervised youths from tour groups throwing items, spitting, and mooning other guests from their buckets. Today’s lawyers probably wouldn’t be too happy with the attraction either. Add up the cost per rider and I really can’t blame Disney for getting rid of them.

  • katmcw

    My husband and I rode this on our honeymoon in 1992. It was fun! Ah, the good ol’ days!

  • horizonsfan

    I feel like there’s something missing at the Magic Kingdom without the Skyway. I know that it’s been gone for 14 years, but it still would be welcomed by guests today. Those aerial views of the park are something to see, and it’s a relaxing change of pace from the other attractions. Plus, it rarely had a long wait. I recognize that it was expensive to run, but it’s definitely a negative to not have it around.

    • WorldLover71

      Unfortunately, part of those aerial views were very unattractive rooftops and backstage areas. Those were not magical at all.

  • 13MinuteWait

    What was the reason for the drop in the middle of the ride? To preserve a sight line? I had never heard of this!

  • stu29573

    Actually, people are pretty much the same now as then…and they would find out today, just like back then that its very easy to catch someone if they are throwing things from a ride where all of the cars are different colors, and numbers, and in easy view of….well, everyone!

    As far as the dip goes, as I remember correctly from the few times I rode it, it was so the ride could make a right angle turn. It pretty much was two skyways linked together. One running from Fantasyland to just north of Tomorrowland, and the other running from that point inti Tomorrowland.