We have a very special MiceChat podcast for you today. Dive under the sea with the voice of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, the amazing Pat Carroll. And as a surprise for Pat, Disney Imagineering legend, Bob Gurr pops on the show to discuss the creation of a HUGE Ursula animatronic for Tokyo DisneySea. Plus, some quick updates from the parks. This show is a real treat. Please be sure to share with your friends. If you enjoyed the show, please drop us a note in the comments section below.

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Special guests:

  • Pat Carroll – Voice of Ursula in the Little Mermaid. You can meet Pat in person at the D23 Expo this August (2013) in the Gifts by Small Fry booth in the Collectors Forum area. 
  • Bob Gurr – Disney Imagineering Legend (designer of the Monorail, Autopia, Submarine Voyage craft, Matterhorn, Main Street Vehicles and much more). Bob Gurr will also be at the upcoming D23 Expo in the MiceChat booth. We hope you’ll stop by and say hello. 

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  • mratigan

    Wow, that was amazing! Pat Carroll and Bob Gurr, can’t get any better than that! I’m so excited to meet them at D23!!!

    • We could easily have recorded two or three hours with these two. They are real treasures and both such positive and fun people.

  • Fairy Godmother Travel

    Pat Carroll has always been one of my very favorites! What a treat!

  • lighttragic

    What a treat to hear pat speak !this podcast was really insightful and fun .I cannot wait to meet her in person at D23.

    • Eric Davis

      I am now so sad that I am not going to D23… because I would LOVE to meet her so much!

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    What a great conversation this one was! Hearing Pat and Bob interact was just amazing!

    • Eric Davis

      Dusty and Doug did such a great job interviewing these 2 great Disney Legends. It was incredible to hear them chat!

  • Norman Gidney

    I gotta say this is probably the best MiceChat podcast done so far. Pat Carol is an absolute delight here in this loose format. I loved that she got to talk about the things that SHE was passionate about instead of being trotted out to merely talk about Disney. Her insight on the importance of Shakespeare in the classroom was so heartfelt and genuine.

  • Eric Davis

    This episode was INCREDIBLE! I am so blown away by Pat Carol! Talk about being cast opposite of your personality! lol It is hard to believe that someone so nice and sweet could play such an incredible villain!

    And Bob Gurr is always amazing! Having those two Disney Legends on the show was a real treat! Thank you again!

  • Lee Mallaby

    An amazing episode guys. Pat Carol is unbelievable , such charisma and energy, a pleasure to listen to and then Bob came on and the interaction between then was awesome. Another great podcast.
    Thanks so much.

  • scarymouse

    Great show guys! Love Pat and Bob, Great news about the Mine ride at Knott’s, love the show.

  • daveyjones

    again, wish i could read this instead of listen!

    • Your comment would be like calling in to a radio show and asking them to write it down for you! 😉

  • MickeyMaxx

    I’ve loved Pat Carroll for as long as I can remember, and this podcast just kicked that affection up a couple of dozen notches. She is gracious beyond belief, fascinating to listen to, and still has an unmatched ability to entertain through her words. I may stop smiling sometime later next week. Or not!

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes Bob Gurr, with the story of engineering the animatronic Ursula in Japan. A tale I’ve never heard before. Pat and Bob center stage. pushed this podcast over the top. Best ever is an understatement!

  • George Taylor

    Hearing Pat talk about Disney, theater, television and everything else she was passionate about was fantastic!

    Can we have her on for more?

  • bookwyrm

    A family friend says that her favorite Disney princess is Ursula. Hearing Pat speak like this, I tend to agree! She’s true Disney royalty. Thanks for the podcast!

  • Bigmitchdog

    Hi my name is Mitchell Perry and I just listened to my very first podcast which was the one with you guys interviewing Pat Carroll and Bob Gurr and I must say what a pleasure it was listening to the entire hr and 18 minutes!!! I loved listening to Pat Carroll and I love that she has the laugh that she gives to her character. Truly amazing! I have always loved Disney History but not any other history and I just love hearing of stories from the past and how certain things came to be. I wished I could go to D23 this year! I actually worked at the Disney Store in 2011 and only was able to watch The Walt Disney Studios Presentation but my goodness it was the most amazing experience ever! I have been planning a trip to take my 2 and a half year old niece to the happiest place on earth for the first time in September and cannot afford two trips down there two months in a row. I am sad I will be missing out on seeing Pat Carroll and the two live concerts by Alan Menken and the Broadway concert. I would love to come out and meet you amazing people sometime in the future though because I love reading all of the updates of all of the parks even though I have only been to Disneyland. It makes me more and more excited when I will get to venture out to those other Magic Kingdoms. Hope Expo 2013 is more magical than ever!!!!!!! Thank you for a wonderful podcast!!!!!!

    P.S. for Hayao Miyazaki fans out there please pronounce his name correctly. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bigmitchdog for listening! I’m honored that your podcast christening began with us, lol! It was an honor to have Pat and Bob on the show and after producing this episode…man, I think they can do a podcast of their own! 😀

      Anyway, I hope you will continue to listen and go back into the archive; all 9 episodes are great and filled with great Disney info. Sorry to hear you’ll be missing the D23 Expo, but I hope to have the chance to meet you at the parks sometime in the near future.

      Thanks again and take care my friend!


  • DebG

    Someone PLEASE tell the good people at Fairy Godmother Travel that Pat Carroll wants to go on the cruise to Disneyland Paris. Wouldn’t that make the trip even better!