We hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July!  Here in the United States, we celebrate our independence with fireworks, red, white, and blue decorations, and festive food.  Disneyland is known for its remarkable fireworks displays. We’ve got lots of photos to share. If you missed the celebration, you still have plenty of time to get caught up, as the festivities will be lasting through the weekend as part of Limited Time Magic.



Disneyland Resort theme parks will offer a variety of Fourth of July-themed extras throughout the week, including the popular Fourth of July fireworks and World of Color pre-shows. This year, the Fourth of July fireworks at Disneyland and the World of Color pre-show at Disney California Adventure will interact with Disney’s Glow with the Show light-up ear hats. Mickey Mouse will also meet with guests on Main Street throughout the day, dressed in his finest patriotic attire. Special merchandise will be available in both parks as well.



The Mickey meet and greet is very popular.




Yankee Doodle Mickey. He’s a handsome gent.


Yes, the minute you walk into Disneyland it is apparent that the patriotic holiday is still in full swing.




Specialty desserts are available on Main Street, including: Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Desserts at Carnation Cafe and Patriotic Cotton Candy, Apple Pie Pockets and Fourth of July cupcakes at other locations.





Delicious red and blue icing makes for awesome purple tongue!


As Andy Castro so eloquently covered on Monday, there is also a bit of fun happening back at the Festival Arena. Say what you will about the decorations, but you simply can’t argue with the fact that it’s a great place to visit with your favorite characters. When we were there, there were no lines at all to interact with Woody, Jessie, or Goofy.  It was a relaxed atmosphere of fun.








Woody got a little peckish.
Patriotic cotton candy!


Jessie admitted to practicing this pose in the mirror in Barbie’s Dream House.
Goofy’s coloring table.


We even got to pet Clarabelle



It seems that, while not scaling the Matterhorn, the climbers are now working the Matterhorn queue and entertaining guests.  This is a great little touch and the guests seemed to enjoy it.


Knot my problem.


Disneyland Park – A Salute to 58 Years of Magic
July 9 and 16, 2013

Disneyland will continue to celebrate its 58th anniversary with special presentations by Disney artist Stacia Martin. The events, held inside the Main Street Opera House, are for Annual Passholders only and will be offered twice each day on the 9th and 16th. July 9, 2013, 5:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.: Fantasyland & Tomorrowland. July 16, 2013, 5:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. : Main Street, U.S.A. & Disneyland in 1955 Details are below:

Passholders may begin registration at 12:00 noon at the Main Street, U.S.A. Opera House in Disneyland. Registration must be completed in person at the Main Street, U.S.A. Opera House on the day of the event only.


This week, we see more exterior painting climbing from the lower-level terrain and making its way up the course texture of the mountain.  As Rainbow Ridge nears completion, we can see more progress all over the mountain, including along the track behind the structure.

We spotted this worker while touring Big Thunder Trail, behind the attraction.


Interactive details are now being added to the mountain and Thunder Ridge.

Along the front of the ride, more scaffolds appear.
Workers along the track using umbrellas to shade themselves from the 100+º weather here in Southern California.
Peering through the station platform, you can notice the extensive repainting happening at the dino splash-down pool at the end of the ride.
A rusty color is being applied near the dino bones.


More scaffolding creeping up the mountain.



Rainbow Ridge now has Big Thunder Saloon and El Dorado Hotel signage.  We can’t wait to see what is revealed next.








Big Thunder is scheduled to return in the Fall, but we are hearing that the project may be significantly delayed and may not return until the Holidays or even later.


We just released the brand new MiceChat podcast and it is probably our best yet. Dusty and Doug sit down to chat with the voice of Ursula the Sea Witch, Pat Carol herself. Wait till you hear what she has to say about, well, everything. And, if that wasn’t enough, Disney Legend Bob Gurr joins the fun and then things get really crazy.

Direct Link | iTunes Link

is.phpWhile there isn’t too much happening in Disney California Adventure, compared to last summer’s insanity, we still see that it is holding its own and remains quite crowded.  Today, we stroll through the park and take in the sights.

Buena Vista Street is celebrating this holiday weekend.
This mannequin, at the Five and Dime, is not excited to be at the Disneyland Resort.


$12.95 can buy you a brand new Lone Ranger mug.


Paradise Bay is looking beautiful with magenta zenia standing 2 feet tall in some spots.


Don’t forget that World of Color offers a patriotic alternative to Disneyland’s firework, complete with fireworks and a special opening segment before the regular show.
Hidden Mickey near Grizzly?


Never forget that this attraction has a single rider option. You can easily skip the 90 minute wait time if you don’t mind riding with strangers.


Join MiceChat at the Firecracker Follies!

You still have time to join us for a special private performance of the Firecracker Follies in historic Silverlake.


Join MiceChat for a Private Performance of Firecracker Follies in Silverlake!
SPECIAL EVENT ALERT: Celebrate American independence with MiceChat this weekend!  Join your MicePals for a special private performance of the hilarious Firecracker Follies, staring MiceChat’s official drag diva, MOMMA! This is an intimate variety show with live singing, dancing, and occasional choreography!  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wet your pants with patriotic pride! It’s the most fun you can have in the basement of a Mexican restaurant in Silverlake! There are only a few seats left, so grab your ticket and join us. Arrive early and have lunch with us before the show at Casita Del Campo! Get your tickets HERE NOW!


That will about do it for the Disneyland Resort In the Parks this week.  Have a safe holiday weekend and we will see you In The Parks.

  • Mattatit

    A real bummer about Big Thunder, is it true the last track section did not fit in its place ?

    • I don’t believe that they had any issues with the track. The delay is all about having the time necessary to prepare all the enhancements to the ride. It’s still possible the ride could open on time, but looking less likely that it will.

  • Mortgageman

    The Matterhorn climber with the rope and the “Knot my problem” caption looks remarkably like 49er/Chief QB Alex Smith. With a 3 year $24 million contract, I’m surprised he needed a summer job at DL.

    • martinjbell1986

      Lol, I didn’t notice that at first, but yes he does look like him!

      • mondo

        I was about to post the same thing.

  • bayouguy

    The Thunder Mountain delay ain’t gonna be easy to break to my daughter. She’s been counting the time and has been getting excited about its reopening. Life’s tough for a young girl and her waiting for her most favorite attraction.

  • Susan Hughes

    DCA was quite empty as the time grew near for Disneyland’s fireworks. Kinda reminded me of the bad days in the past when no one would visit that park.

    • LOL. It’s a rare occurrence these days. DCA is always packed.

      Watched 4th of July fireworks last night from the Walt and Mickey statue at Disneyland. (fishy’s video will be up shortly). Was amazed how packed Main Street was. Getting up and down the street by 9PM was extremely difficult. They had to set up one way traffic lanes up and down the street and around the hub.

      • martinjbell1986

        You go Disneyland so much, do you still enjoy having to do the crazy type events that even some hardcore Disneyland goers opt out of because of the crowds and or traffic?

      • Martinjbell1986, I absolutely never tire of the parks (for the most part). Sure, the crowds annoy me and the increasing cost is a huge burden, but I love the rides, shows and attractions. Especially at the holidays! 🙂

  • scarymouse

    Now if they only had an alternate route out of the park, like a back alley…….behind Main St. I guess that’s still on the wish list…lol Nice pic’s guys !

  • 4Apples4Disney

    Excellent update, something I look forward to every week!

  • Disneymike

    That BVS mannequin looks straight out of a Twilight Zone episode….

  • It was not bad at all (crowds) everyone was in good spirits. We were in front of the statue. Even had a marriage proposal just behind us. The finale was a little anti-climatic though.

  • Petchaurus

    Those mannequins are very time period for the 1920s. Unfortunately, they look terrible due to styling and lack of time period clothing that have been applied. I don’t remember anyone even noticing his face last summer. I’m not enitrely sure they were using him (the child mannequin) at the time.

    I want Big Thunder to open when it is fully refurbished and ready. I get more and more excited for all of the work that is going into this ride. It is a gem.

    Thanks for all your updates and braving the crowds for us guys. I know I appreciate all of your efforts.

  • Marko50

    I was one of the ones migrating from DCA to DL on the Fourth. Too bad no one has a picture of the Esplanade. They set up giant sections for people to watch there; except for walkways it was packed! Wish I’d gone over to DL earlier, but I wanted to catch one more set of the Mad Hatter’s band. ‘-)

    • Marko50

      I was also disappointed with the World of Color pre-offering. I went to see the 10:15 showing after the fireworks. The music was the last section of the Celebrate America show (arrangement and all) and, being that it was almost all fireworks, seemed a little redundant to me.