4th of July festivities at the Magic Kingdom went off with a big bang. We’ll show you what’s going on in the park, as well as many of the refurbishments wrapping up.

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!



Upon arriving to the park, this tree has been placed in front of the railing, I suppose to alert those who are texting while driving strollers that there is a guard rail there 🙂


Late hours at the park this week.

I am happy to report that the Roy and Minnie statue is now back in its proper place! It’s nice to have it back where it belongs.




The Mayor was out doing his act, which is always fun.

Also on Main Street, the Hall of Champions refurbishment is finished and the building is out from behind scrims with a grey color scheme.






Starbucks is still packing in guests. Although, I am a little alarmed at how long the process is taking. It only took about 2 1/2 minutes of waiting in line to order, but about 7 minutes for them to make an iced coffee. Hopefully those kinks get ironed out soon.



Over in Adventureland, the old Verandah building finished its refurbishment and is looking nice and clean.




This building to the left of the Dole Whip stand still has scrims though.


Fastpass+ now at the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What rides really need Fastpass+?


Reports suggest the Tiki Room having a short refurbishment in late July, finishing in early August.



At the Pirates Adventure game, CM’s were practically stopping people and asking them to play.



With the heavy crowds expected this week, CM’s were stationed at exits to counter service restaurants to control the flow.

The safety railing project in Frontierland seems to be done, and isn’t really all that distracting.



WIth the busy week, Diamond Horseshoe was open, which is always fun to poke in and take a look at. I really wish they would keep this open all year.




Scrims are down in Liberty Square, and things are looking sharp.



With the exception of this very bad show, missing shingles and copper showing.




Scrims are also down at Columbia Harbor House, along with a new picture outside that looks like a nice nod towards a boat out at Disneyland.





Even with heavy crowds, some rides had manageable waits.


Tarps still up on the Fantasyland side of Harbor House.

it’s a small world has Fastpass+ signage and an extended queue setup for the holiday crowds.



Here are your Mine Train construction photos for this week.









As well as Prince Eric’s village construction.






I love Storybook Circus and all its great fonts.




PUSH the Trash Can was out entertaining, and so was his handler 😉




What might they be trying to hide here? Couldn’t be Fastpass+.



Beautiful day at the park.



Some grass needs feeding!


After visiting the Magic Kingdom this week and seeing the other three parks last week, it is pretty clear that MK is in far better shape than the other three. MK is clean, things look fresh, and there are by far the most offerings. Hopefully some of the money allocated towards keeping the parks beautiful will slide over, especially towards Disney Hollywood Studio and Animal Kingdom, soon.

Upon leaving the park, here are some shots of the Grand Floridian DVC wing construction.






And to wrap up this week, here are some shots from the 4th of July fireworks show as seen from the Polynesian beach.

I think you’ll agree that it’s quite a beautiful show!








Well, that does it for this week’s column. Think MK is looking good? Excited for the Mine Train? Wondering about the proliferation of Fastpass+? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Fantastic update Cory. Your fireworks shots are simply amazing.

    I still can’t figure out why they are adding rides like the Flying Carpets and Small World to Fastpass+. It seems almost like a trick. Trap some unsuspecting folks who don’t know much about the parks into choosing rides which don’t really need a Fastpass at all. Or, are they trying to artificially inflate the ridership at certain attractions by adding the Fastpass+?

    • Simon Wernham

      I have heard this theory put forth elsewhere and I think it seems pretty accurate:

      Effectively I think what Disney is trying to do is have a response to the complaints that are likely to come from guests who are unable to get Fastpasses for more popular attractions (e.g. Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Test Track, etc).

      This way when someone goes to guest services and complains about how there aren’t any fastpasses available, the person can respond with the claim that they have tons of Fastpasses available for Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Captain EO or some other attraction that has never and probably will never need one.

      So effectively it’s a way to ease the flow of complaints. If you remember they did the same thing years ago with the original Fastpass, adding it to attractions that really never needed it.

    • MrsMonroe

      IMO they might be testing in on all attractions to see how it works then slowly remove it from attractions that don’t need it

  • Haven

    I came across this interesting youtube video of the construction progress of the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train that I thought I would share for those wanting a peek at the progress and design process, models, etc. It is found at this address: http://youtu.be/5dsED11M4Yk If you haven’t seen it already, I thought it offered some great overall views of the area and the twisted track.

  • DisWedWay

    Looks like Starbucks still has unused dead counter space where a great No.9 Enterprise Coffee mill could look in character for such a large store. I wonder if they will ever bring back the raspberry chocolate brownies they used to buy from an outside bakery. haven’t had them in 5 years maybe. Will they make a Disneyland Official Starbucks mug with old logo? I would buy one.

  • frollofan

    I have a photo request to make for one of your future updates. It’s of the green canopy the Haunted Mansion at MK got recently. I know you have taken some already, but the Haunted Mansion fans on the The Long-Forgotten Haunted Mansion Effect Thread are curious to see what the entire thing looks like rather than a small portion.

    • frollofan

      oh and I forgot to add. Nice update.

  • QPerth

    Terrific update Cory, and wonderful pictures! Those Liberty Square (not the bad show ones) with Cinderella’s Castle in the background is stunning.

    And you never did say how the Roy O. and Minnie statue got back to it’s spot……nor did you say if you were at Magic Kingdom alone or with a group of mates with good backs….. and whoever DID move it back to it’s rightful spot, thankyou!

  • Big D

    Wow, I don’t know if your camera enhanced the photos or what, but those pictures of Liberty Square look amazing!!! As for the magic+, I can offer my guess as to what is going on.

    I work in the travel industry, and people who are traveling somewhere they have never been before are usually freaked out about making sure they get to see and do everything on their list, and often times they want to pre-purchase things that they don’t need to just to make sure that they get what they want. For example, we sell a lot of European train tickets even though you pay more to get them ahead of time and I don’t think any European train has ever sold out other then an overnight one. So for someone who buys a package (especially if it ends up where you pay extra for more Magic+ reservations) who has never been to WDW before and doesn’t know which rides have short lines, they may demand the ability to pre-reserve ANY ride regardless of the average wait time. So Disney may end up putting it on virtually every single attraction, and I could even see them expanding it to where you ca pre-reserve seats at shows like Finding Nemo.

  • Awe_inspired

    Wow! Incredible photos! Thanks!