Our Australian theme park reporter, Rya86n, has been busy with work responsibilities, but found the time to send us this fun update from the Australia Zoo. ~~Rick

Amongst months and months of busy work in the lead up to this week’s premiere of CAMP (make sure you all watch it, 10th July NBC 10/9C), I managed to return to Australia Zoo, amidst their school holiday festivities.

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo
Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

NW2The main reason to visit, being the new baby Rhinos.

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo
Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

Bindi Irwin performs daily these holidays.

AZ_3847_zps6b3bea04It’s always great to be back in the Crocosseum!

AZ_3857_zps34ffc9d5Watching our hosts feed the Crocs.




AZ_3897_zps22114cfcWet weather meant the new additions were keeping dry and almost out of sight.

AZ_3898_zps3deb2669But still worth the visit!

AZ_3886_zps1f09bfabWhat we didn’t see with Rhinos, was all but made up for with BIG cats. A Cheetah was out for a walk, and purring very loudly too!

AZ_3882_zpse97f9378Progress has also been made on Australia Zoo’s Cheetah Run — I can’t wait to see this exhibit open!

AZ_3873_zps3a7f6571It was great to see the Tigers out and about this weekend too.

AZ_38752_zps4528fca9It was even better, getting the opportunity to get this shot!


What seems to be a regular occurrence now, there is always another reason to come back to Australia Zoo! There will be more zoo photos in a couple of weeks, following Bindi’s birthday.

  • Big D

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been dying to go to the Australia Zoo ever since the days of the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet. It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 15 years (Bindi wasn’t born when the show first started). Some day I’m going to make it!!!

  • Eric Davis

    I love this update! Thank you so much for sharing, this was incredible!

  • Bindi is all grown up, and it looks like she’s become a tourist attraction with a huge sign for her in the stadium.

    Wonderful update guys!