In this week’s Disney News Round Up, we bring you some great information about upcoming D23 Expo, trip photo reports and more! We have a juicy MiceAge update about changes to the Guest Assistance Card program and how it affects you, the possibility of Monstropolis in Hollywoodland and laughs in Tomorrowland. Plus, we had some very special guests in this weeks MiceChat Podcast. Ursula the Sea Witch stops by to impart life lessons and Bob Gurr goes wild. We’ve also got some great news for you. The theme park industry’s leading Podcast, the Season Pass, has joined our MicePod network and take you you behind the scenes at Radiator Springs on their first MicePod episode! That means more behind the scenes info for all of you! Enjoy.

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MiceChat Newsletter

MiceAge Disney Rumor Update: Cars, Conventions and Cashholders
Summer is in full swing at the Disneyland Resort! The attendance numbers are still very healthy and continue to reflect the new reality that DCA now pulls in over 40% of the attendance between the two parks, instead of the traditional 25/75 split that had been in place until Cars Land opened last summer. In this update, we’ll fill you in on why that attendance split has Disney’s Board of Directors making a rare park visit, why very few of the attraction plans the Board approved will be announced at D23 Expo next month, and how Disney executives finally grew a backbone in order to combat embarrassing operational problems that had been festering for a decade.

Disneyland celebrates Independence Week as Big Thunder Mountain continues refurbishment
Disneyland celebrated America’s Independence all last week with special fireworks shows, desserts and character meet-and-greets. The Independence Week offerings were part of Disney’s continuing Limited Time Magic promotion, which expanded the traditional four-day run of Disneyland’s Fourth of July fireworks show to a full week.

MiceChat Newsletter

Fixing Fastpass at Walt Disney World
Tim Grassey laments Fastpass+, which is coming whether we like it or not. There are those among us that have embraced our new Type A overlords. Tim is not one of them. He looks at the current Fastpass system as flawed, but not fundamentally flawed. Yes, it certainly can be improved but an overhaul is unnecessary. It never needed this type of fix. read his well thought out arguments and weigh in on what you would like to see happen.

Tip of the Week

40 inches tall is the magic number!

Did you know that most of the rides at the Disneyland Resort have an average height requirement of 40” or lower? That means just in Disneyland alone there are 52 attractions, and in Disney’s California Adventure there are 32 attractions, for those who measure up to at least three and a third feet tall! And while it may seem like forever for a young one to finally be tall enough to ride, there are a whopping 65 attractions in the resort with no height limit at all. And how many attractions have a height limit over 40″? Just 5: California Screamin’ (48″), Goofy’s Sky School (42″), Grizzly River Run (42″), Indiana Jones Adventure (46″), and the Matterhorn (42″).

Disney Parks News and Reports

Expect some live music around the Matterhorn this week!  Then take a look back at a color video from Disneyland’s early years. Stayed tuned in for a video featuring the making of Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade.  We also have some helpful advice if you are considering attending Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland later this fall! ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Newsletter

Disneyloon’s 35mm Prime 13 Hour Adventure
DisneyLoon has some fantastic photos from around the Disneyland Resort, ready for you in this report!

Gumball Rally 2013
Indiana Janes bring you a video report from this years Gumball Rally. This year they came as The Ghost Hosts, which may explain it being ‘late’

Disneyland 1955 – A Compilation of Home Movies
Bongo found this video of Disneyland during its early years! See what you can find a few things that are no longer around!

Disneyland Electrical Parade Backstage Disney
Koutesu found this video about Disneyland’s Classic Main Street Electrical Parade, and how it was inspired!

Alpine Musicians Join Matterhorn Climbers For Limited Time Magic
The Disney Ninja is first to let us know that Alpine Horn musicians will be appearing near the Matterhorn. And don’t forget, Matterhorn Mountain Climbers have also been entertaining guests. Find out more here!

Halloween Party Questions
PozEmerald asks for details about Disneyland’s Halloween party, and what is special about it. Several Mice Chatters offer insight to help you determine if The Halloween Party at Disneyland might be worth your time and money!


Some rumors just keep resurfacing, and this week we have a couple that have revived. Also our armchair imagineers have thought up some interesting (if not always popular) suggestions. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Newsletter

Say goodbye to Autopia
Professortango heard from an ‘inside source’ that walls will soon be going up to remove Innoventions and Autopia. This is met with lots of discussion and skepticism.

The 3rd Gate will open in 2023 in the Disneyland Resort!
DCAfanatic is looking pretty far ahead, thinking the date is significant.

My DCA Phase 2 Ideas
MTdizzle94 proposes a long list of upgrades for Disney California Adventure.

My Disneyland Top 10
sean317 also has a list of upgrades, mostly for Disneyland.

Stunt show in Hollywoodland
Is there enough space for a stunt show in Hollywoodland? AMUSIX thinks one could be squeezed in.

What to do with the Muppets
The Laffin’ Place expects Muppets Vision 3D in Disney California Adventure to be gone before long and would like to see the Muppets find a new home somewhere in the park.


Wonder if the Bonnet Creek Resort is a viable option for staying in Walt Disney World? Wonder what living in Golden Oak will be like? Does Walt Disney World offer enough attractions? All these questions, and more, can be found in the Walt Disney World forums this week. Take a peek and answer some questions – or ask your own!~ yoyoflamingo

MiceChat Newsletter

Not enough attractions!
KevRus returns from a July 4th trip to Walt Disney World with what seems an eye opening observation: there just aren’t enough attractions at Walt Disney World. Are the parks a day each, at most, or did he miss out on a vital part of the parks experience?

Living in Disney World/ Golden Oak
Anyone have any information on the multimillion dollar Golden Oak properties being built on Walt Disney World Resort? MrsMonroe would like to know!

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort at Walt Disney World
Ever wonder about the mysterious non-Disney resort on Disney property, the Wyndham Bonnet Creek? Erik Olson shares his experiences staying there this past week.

AV Room

58 Years of Magic
Sarah covers the July 4th events, 58 years of magic and more!

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Tiki Room Event, Thinking Fan’s Guide, UK Phone Booth, and Joe! TRIP REPORT! – The Enchanted Tiki Room just celebrated 50 wonderful years. Jeff went to the Tiki event at the Disneyland Hotel, so hear all about it in his Trip Report! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George is a thinking man, so he reviews the Thinking Fans Guide To Walt Disney World for the Book of the Week! IUKPPBDT! – Impromptu United Kingdom Pavilion Phone Booth Disney Trivia returns for its final run! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, Joe is weeks Five Legged Goat!

Fourth of July Fireworks
The 4th of July fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Park, Anaheim California!


MiceChat Podcast – Under the Sea With Ursula and Bob. Is it hot enough out there for you?! We’ll help cool you off by dunking you under the sea with the voice of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, the amazing Pat Carroll. And as a surprise for Pat, Disney Imagineering legend, Bob Gurr pops on the show to discuss the creation of a HUGE Ursula animatronic for Tokyo DisneySea. Plus, some quick updates from the parks. This show is a real treat. Please be sure to share with your friends.

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This week, the Season Pass goes behind the scenes in Radiator Springs, as we bring you the scoop on the amazing Cars Land at Disney California Adventure!  Discussion on the operations and merchandise with Gary Maggetti (General Manager of Food & Beverage and Store Operations at Disney California Adventure), Food and Flo’s V8 Cafe with Sean Layne (Head Area Chef of Cars Land), as well as conversations with Walt Disney Imagineers Kathy Mangum (Executive Vice President, Producer of WDI) and Tom Morris (Creative, Art Director of WDI).  Also, TSPP talks with animatronic guru Garner Holt (President of Garner Holt Productions).  HUGE Show on a HUGE inspiring attraction.  Recorded in Disney California Adventure and during the 2013 Thea Awards Gala & TEA Summit (April 2013).  Enjoy!

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast

Takes a dive into San Diego’s new Aquatica park and discusses the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration of SeaWorld parks.

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Coffee with Kurtti: Armchair Imagineering Tomorrowland

Jeff and Keith explore what’s wrong with Disneyland’s Tomorrowland and what they’d do to change it.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

Looks at the new Springfield expansion around the Simpson’s ride as well as other Orlando and Hollywood news.

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V24 Disney Radio

V24 Radio is bringing you live to Liberty Square in Disney’s Haunted Mansion this Friday!

Catch you ghost host with the most, Matthew Tice on-air at 1pm Eastern as he’ll give you a history lesson on the Haunted Mansion! He’ll be riding it live and giving you facts about the Mansion as he goes through it.

We’ll also be giving away another Earl of Sandwich gift card since they are the proud sponsor of this live on location event! Listen for your name to be read on-air. To win, you have to be a V24 Insider – and you can do that by clicking here!

Haunted Mansion Haunted History
Live from Walt Disney World on V24 Radio at
Friday, July 12, 2013
1:00pm Eastern

Other Theme Parks

This week brings us inquiries into Butterbeer and the back-lot tour at Universal Studios. Plus information on how to audition to be a part of Halloween Horror Nights! ~ DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Newsletter

mratigan is wondering if anyone knows of a good recipe for Butterbeer? If you have one or are looking for a recipe you might find your answer here.

Tour changes due to Tonight Show?
With the changes to the Tonight Show, BogLurch is curious if there will be any changes to the USH back-lot tour.

Universal Studios Hollywood Photos I’ve Taken.
RegionsBeyond has shared some great photos from Universal Studios Hollywood that are from a past trip.

HHN Auditions start July 16th
Looking to be a part of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, check this out for more information. Or…..

HHN Auditions Coming Up
Looking to be a part of Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, check this out for more information.

Share your SeaWorld Memories
Do you have some memories you would like to share for the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast?


Other Theme Parks

D23 Expo

August 9th through 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center . We’ll have a magical booth in the Collector’s Forum area. Meet MiceChat staff, special guests and Disney legends whom we have scheduled throughout the three day Expo. We will also be giving away lots of great prizes, including hotel stays and an iPad Mini.

Disney Cruise

We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.And, we’d like to announce our journey to the Mediterranean aboard the Disney Magic with side trip to Disneyland Paris this coming June 2014. Contact [email protected] today for details on both of these amazing trips!

Nights of Horror

Micechat Events

Featured Columns
MiceChat Newsletter

Universal Orlando Gets Soggy, Resort Updates and MiceChat Meet Ups
Welcome to a busy week for Orlando ParkHopper! With Independence Day celebrations, Cabana Bay Beach Resort construction, Diagon Alley rising magically in the former JAWS lagoon, the completion of Springfield USA, and MiceChat meet-ups.

Universal Hollywood Halloween Rumor Update: EVIL DEAD Maze Coming to Halloween Horror Nights
If the rumors are true, Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights will feature a maze based on the film The Evil Dead, based on the 2013 reboot.

Walt Disney World 1984 Vacation Guide
Fastpass+ is coming whether we like it or not. There are those among us that have embraced our new Type A overlords. I am not one of them.

Full Throttle added to Coster Mural at Magic Mountain
This week’s Magic Mountain update is a little different than some of our recent articles. We’ll have some Full Throttle photos for you as work continues to be done around the ride.

Building a Better Mouse by Steve Alcorn
Building A Better Mouse relates the story of two Imagineers, Steve Alcorn and David Green, and their work during the three years of designing and building Epcot.

Rhinos and Big Cats Featured at Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo
Our Australian theme park reporter, Rya86n, has been busy with work responsibilities, but found the time to send us this fun update from the Australia Zoo.

Independence Day Weekend Continues at the Disneyland Resort
We hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July!  Here in the United States, we celebrate our independence with fireworks, red, white, and blue decorations, and festive food.

MiceChat Newsletter

Magic Kingdom Fireworks and Refurbs
4th of July festivities at the Magic Kingdom went off with a big bang. We’ll show you what’s going on in the park, as well as many of the refurbishments wrapping up.

Skyway at Magic Kingdom Park
Who says every attraction has to tell a story? Sometimes it’s just about the experience—and flying like a bird above the Yester Magic Kingdom is a delighful experience.

Disney Military-Style
Do you do Disney military-style? No, I don’t mean morphing into a theme park commando. Disney Parks offer some great perks for our women and men currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

SAMLAND: The Other Places Disneyland Might Have Been Built
Go back to August 1953 with me. The team from the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) were about to present their findings for the ideal location of Disneyland to Walt and Roy Disney.

Under The Sea With Ursula the Sea Witch and Bob Gurr
We have a very special MiceChat podcast for you today. Dive under the sea with the voice of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, the amazing Pat Carroll.

Dueling Disney: Frontierland Feud
Well, howdy there pardners! How are you doing this fine day? Welcome back to Dueling Disney. Now, some of them there duels get a little dicey, yessir.

The MiceEars Crew and MiceChat Disney News Club put a lot of time and effort into making these Round-Ups happen. Here are the members:Your Editor: CakvalaSC and the MiceEars Crew: Demigod, Aladdin, elly, Yoyoflamingo, Trekkie Dad, DLandFansAZ, RegionsBeyond, Disney Wrassler, Fishbulb & Dustysage.

We hope to see you online again soon, Dusty and the amazing MiceChat crew!

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