Please welcome back the Season Pass Podcast. This time around, the team speaks with a theme park design firm who has worked closely with SeaWorld and Busch Gardens on a number of high profile attractions.

PGAV Destinations is responsible for creating some of the most detailed and immersive environments in the themed entertainment world.  Working with textures and topography to create amazing atmospheres, rides and attractions like Busch Gardens Tampa’s Cheetah Hunt and SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta can be quite complex.  Al Cross (Vice President), Jim Wible (Senior Attraction Designer) and Josh Rodriguez (Architectural Designer) share their work, love, experience, and journey through the growing field of themed entertainment destinations.  Discussion on the beginnings of PGAV, working on animal habitats and merging that specific world into theme parks.  Working with Anheuser-Busch and now SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.  The Season Pass Podcast’s Doug Barnes and Brent Young discuss creative process and industry growth with the guys of PGAV Destinations.