Let’s take a soggy trip through a rain soaked Magic Kingdom to find the latest news and construction in the park. Along the way, we’ll see what’s going on with FastPass+, what’s new with our long lost character friends, where the Seven Dwarfs have set down tracks and much more.  Let’s put on our galoshes and go stomping through the park!

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!



Right outside the park, the left side of the turnstiles is being torn down to make way for RFID entry.



Speaking of RFID, there are Fastpass+ booths at City Hall now.


The Long Lost Friends were back for Limited Time Magic (again), but it was pouring so they were not out.



Gaston is now featured on the park maps.



Inside the Starbucks location, the signs now advertise the Starbucks Refreshers.


The sign for the Hall of Champions is now out, but is under a very small construction wall.




These walls are still up, it’s been close to 5 months now, I believe.


Fastpass+ and Standby signs are now out at Pirates. Also, I’d never wait 50 minutes for Pirates.




These walls are still up in Liberty Square.


You know it’s busy when these signs are out.



The side door for Yankee Trader is now open again.



No movement on this side of Columbia Harbor House.


Time for Mine Train photos! There has been some movement, but it still feels like this project is crawling along.





Brief interlude for Prince Eric’s village photos.



And back to Mine Train.





This was an extended queue for the Tomorrowland Speedway. Yep, it was busy.


The Speedway also has Fastpass+ installed now.


The tape came off of Monsters Inc.’s FP+ signage.


Tomorrowland Terrace was open all day to help handle busy crowds.


Outside the park, you can get nice views from the monorail of the new bus loops being built at Magic Kingdom, as well as the DVC construction at the Grand Floridian.





Well, that does it for this week’s very wet Dateline. What do you guys think of the new Fastpass+ signage in the parks? How about the pace of construction at the Mine Train? Let us know in the comments!!

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  • renderman7

    great update again. hopefully the new bus loop is done sooner rather than later.

    as for the mine cart ride, i am sure there is more happening inside than out, we just cant see it.. but it does make me laugh how quick universal can get a facade up compared to disney

  • jmuboy

    The new Dvc at the grand is a towering building compared to the rest. Rumored that Polnesian will soon be blighted with an out of proportion and poorly designed DVC add-on.

    • Johnny

      Apparently Disney will not stop until the Seven Seas Lagoon looks like the Las Vegas Strip.

      • Freddie Freelance

        In that case I’m kind of excited to see the Disney version of the Stratosphere.

  • LoveStallion

    I’m simply baffled by how long it takes Disney to build a ride nowadays. Walt build all of Disneyland in ONE year, as incomplete as it was.

    • LoveStallion


  • TCadillac

    Wow 50 min wait for Pirates in the rain! That’s just cray, but I guess if you paid thousands for a vacation out to Orlando a little rain will not deter your park-going pleasure.

  • rusty

    Anyone heard any rumors of timing for soft/hard opening for the Mine Train? Heading down in mid-January and I’m wondering if it’ll be open.

    • pbrsaau

      It appears at this pace it should previews in late 2016/early 2017.

  • Herc

    Watching the updates on the Universal builds and comparing them to WDW’s pace, it feels that Disney is lagging behind. But there is a different level of detail going into Disney. Look at the Transformers building. Not much detail. But New Fantasyland is beautifully detailed. The Dwarfs Mine Train mountain is not just a square box. I too want it all done now and quickly. But will be worth the wait. Now we just need more attractions to get excited about. Need one more attraction in Storybook Circus and one more attraction in New Fantasyland.

  • Love the rainy day shots Cory! Amazing that the park remained so busy after the storm.

  • red014

    I can’t stop giggling at the little construction wall around the Hall of Champions sign. Couldn’t they just finish it and THEN put it out?! I think they should have gone the whole 9 yards and added a peek-a-boo window to see progress on the pole or one of those “Dream Builders” signs or one with a famous Walt quote on it. 🙂

  • RandySavage

    The massing of that GF DVC wing is atrocious. A block. Two stories shorter (or tapering down as the roofline moved northward) and it would have worked with the rest of the complex, but that sheer 7-story side looks like an airport Days Inn with some parapets thrown on top. Before DVC those lakes were perfectly developed. Greed trumps all.

  • KCmike

    Those lines are ridiculous. I agree with a 50 min wait for Pirates as well…especially WDW’s version. That thing is a shell of Disneyland’s.

  • Orlando71

    Fastpass + for Tomorrowland Speedway? I think its time Disney tears it down in favor of a new e ticket attraction. IMO TS is probably one of the worst attractions in WDW and it takes up a huge chunk of prime real estate in MK.

  • QPerth

    Thanks Cory, especially for getting a bit wet to bring us these wonderful pictures and updates. Much appreciated.

    uuuerrgh, that Tangled Toilet Tower view from Liberty Square. Can’t someone go put some extra fertiliser on those trees to make them grow taller a lot quicker please?

    And the picture of the Starbucks Grab and Go, Go, Go sign reminded me of a tweet I saw this week, and it’s true. Disney are sure not about stopping to smell the roses and any more are they?
    -Grab and Go, Go, Go.
    -RapidFill, any others?
    What ever happened to a relaxing vacation, a leisurely pace, and time to admire the detail.

  • Haven

    Well I feel better now knowing that all of the US seems to be having exorbitant weather this summer. Every picture I see of WDW since June shows wet, wet, weather. Seems like whatever weather your part of the country gets is getting A LOT more of it this summer. We have been sweltering in excess of 110 degrees here in Vegas for almost a month now. As I write this there is a storm blowing in, and yes, I just cleaned the pool from LAST nights storm. Too bad the crowds have not eased up at WDW even with the storms. As for the mine train, I said it three months ago and I’ll say it again…slowest construction project ever! Looks nice however, maybe one day it will open.

  • danyoung

    Cory, thanks for the excellent update, as well as for all of the great work you do at keeping us informed. That said, I have an incredibly small quibble for you. The text that you post sometimes is for the picture above it and sometimes for the picture below it. This orientation constantly changes, and one can spend time reading the text and looking at a pic for awhile before realizing that they’re looking at the wrong pic. If you could either make it consistently above or below, or maybe work with the spacing so that text always goes with the correct pic, that’d be very helpful.

    Again, just a tiny little complaint – keep up the good work!

  • poohmeg

    @Haven – LOL, it rains (hard!) pretty much every afternoon in the summer in central Florida – I don’t think this year had really been that unusual. It sometimes thins out the crowd a little, but most people get used to it a couple days into their trip. I know you guys have gotten scorched out west this year – I hope it ends soon!