Today’s article takes a look at the current construction at Aulani and what it replaced. Who would have thought that there would already be a Yester Aulani?

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Yester Aulani & Future Aulani.

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  • StevenW

    The expansion seems smaller than actual after you put in the pool and the deck chairs. I’m glad the resort is doing well, but I can’t see myself spending such astronomical prices to visit.

  • stu29573

    Yeah, this is marketed for folks who make a bit more than elementary school counselors, lol. I will never see it….

  • DobbysCloset

    Thank you for sharing. After this look I don’t think I have any interest in visiting this. It doesn’t seem very Disney, just stereotypical Hawaiian. The Chihuahua says it sounds like his idea of Hell, what with all the horrific water features. So we will pass.

    • Werner Weiss

      In defense of Disney, the idea of Aulani is “big H, little D.” At Aulani, the emphasis is on Hawaii as a living culture, with “Disney” primarily represented by the imaginative, high quality, very creative way in which Hawaii is represented. Aulani has the largest collection of contemporary Hawaiian art in the state. In comparison, it’s not unusual for other resorts in Hawaii to have Mediterranean or modern architecture, with generic paintings of tropical flowers to provide a Hawaiian theme. Clearly, Aulani is not for everyone. For some people, it’s too “Disney.” For others, it’s not “Disney” enough. Personally, I found the balance to be perfect.

  • MarkTwain

    Just got back from Aulani a few weeks ago and we loved it. Contrary to hell, Aulani may be the closest realization to a perfect resort I’ve ever witnessed. The resort does indeed downplay the Disney in favor of Hawaiian culture, which at first I found odd, but when you see just how many Hawaiian touches are everywhere (from the luau-type show which shares Hawaiian history, to the Hawaiian language translations of just about everything), you realize that if Disney had pushed their own characters and imagery onto the property it would have detracted from the immersive feeling of the resort.

    The construction wasn’t an issue at all during our visit. Any work done was very quiet and the grounds were so vast that we didn’t really miss the extra land.

  • waltons

    Thanks Werner for the great update.
    The Aulani is a great Hawaiian resort. We have stayed in several different places in Hawaii from hotels on the ocean with views, to hotels off ocean and no views, and then to houses in North Shore area right on the beach. So far the Aulani has been our favorite place to stay. We remember Ko Olina when there was nothing there except the Paradise Cove Luau, but now it has become a great vacation area. We love that it is away from Waikiki and Honolulu, but still very accessable to both if you have the desire to go there.

    Our first Aulani trip was in February 2012. It was a family trip, DH, me, our 3 children and their families. We stayed in a 2 bedroom and a 3 bedroom grand villa. Everyone had a great trip. Our 6 year old grandson cried for 2 weeks afterwards because he missed it so much. Now we are going to be returning in June of 2014 for our youngest daughter’s (34) wedding. She had been contemplating for several months as to where to have her destination wedding and finally decided on the Aulani because it is so beautiful and has something for all her guests to enjoy if they decide to stay on property at the resort.

    We are excited to get back there again because we figure it will be a whole new resort after all the construction is done. Werner, that’s why we so enjoyed this update on the construction. We will miss the Halawai Lawn where we had originally wanted to have the wedding but the ceremony will now be on the Ama Ama patio, another beautiful oceanview spot.

    For those of you out there that think you have all the Hawaiian paradise you need at the Poly in WDW, let us tell you, where the Poly is a great WDW resort and we love it, it doesn’t even begin to compare with the Aulani and what the Aulani has to offer.

  • mickdaddy

    We were there July 7th through the 11th and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing, just enough Disney and an amazing Hawaiian experience. Our favorites were the lazy river the fireside storytellers and the Menehune hunt. Our kids really loved everything and especially the fun activities at Auntie’s beach house. We wish the new area had been open but the construction never bothered us. Overall an amazing resort and cannot wait to go back

  • DisneybyMark

    Great photos Werner! I had tons of fun with you two and looking forward to seeing you again!