Welcome back for another fun edition of the Wakefield Report Podcast! This weeks show is a little different from what you have heard so far. I am on vacation this week in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana. Im here celebrating a birthday and spending time with friends and family, but I still have time to record some theme park news with an attitude!

I am recording this weeks show from the banks of the White River inside White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana!


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This weeks Nine News Nuggets You Need to Know features stories about:

Theme Park attractions malfunctioning across the United States resulting in injuries and in one case death! How do feel when you get on a major roller coaster? Do you feel safe? Do you entrust the staff with your life? Seriously. That is what you are doing when you board a major coaster. You are assuming that park staff, and company has taken every step possible to make sure you are safe; you are trusting them with your life! Sadly, we hear about a death on a coaster at a U.S theme park.

We also have a story about the new Limited Time Magic campaign at Walt Disney World. Maybe its just me, but these LTM events are just turning into Limited Time Merchandise and Limited Time Cupcake events. With this format, Disney can make any holiday into a Limited Time Magic event. This week for Limited Time Magic we are celebrating Arbor Day! At the Magic Kingdom you can purchase a special Arbor Day cupcake and head to the Emporium and purchase special limited Arbor Day merchandise! The sad part is, Pixie Dusted WDW fans would line up and the merchandise and cupcakes would sell out before 11am!

Also this week we have some new details about some amazing new haunt events in Central Florida this fall! Busch Gardens Tampa is slowing releasing details about their increasingly popular Howl O Scream haunt event, and we also learn this week that Universal Orlando and their annual fan favorite Halloween Horror Nights event will be home to a new, Evil Dead haunted house this year!

While in Indianapolis this week, I went on a pretty interesting adventure looking for the resting place of Song of the South star James Baskett. The video is also available on the Wakefield Report YouTube page.

All of this and more on Episode 40 of the Wakefield Report Podcast!

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Chris Wakefield lives in South Florida and spends most of his free time traveling across the country looking for the best thrills that theme parks have to offer. Growing up in the Midwest,Chris is used to the high and fast coasters offered up at parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island, and moving to Florida four years ago was a bit of theme park culture shock. With twice a month visits to Orlando, Chris works hard to keep his finger on the pulse of the ever expanding theme park community in Central Florida. Outside of the Orlando parks, Chris also visits California twice a year and isnt above going to a good haunt or two! Chris created the Wakefield Report website in the fall of 2011 to bring theme park and themed entertainment fans closer to the latest news, and opinions in the community. Each week, the Wakefield Report Podcast goes on the air to provide an unbiased, open, and honest look at the latest in Disney and theme park news. You can reach Chris at: [email protected]