Sarah returns with more fun Disneyland video, news and rumors. It’s 3 minutes of awesome! – Dusty

From the icy peak of the Matterhorn Mountain to Monstropolis, our video this week brings you the best of Disneyland news and rumors! What do you guys think of these two possible Monster’s Inc. themed rides that could be coming to the Disneyland Resort? Leave a comment below and I will see you all next week.

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  • MaryPopEms

    I love the Micechatter series! Just don’t know if that Monstropolis idea will follow through. It might be another made up rumor from that schemin’ Al Lutz! 😉

    • Not a made up rumor, I can assure you. In fact, we may now see Monsters mini lands in several other Disney parks.

  • DCAfanatic

    Yeah Micechatter I also think Monstropolis is gonna happen!

  • Lakerfan3224

    Would Monstropolis take up all of Hollywood land or just a part of it?

    • Just the back corner where Muppets and the current Monsters Inc ride are located. Essentially where the Mad T Party is located will become Monstropolis.

  • growndhawgg

    I have always dreamed of a doors ride.
    I think anything in Tomorrowland is probably maybe temporary, if the Star Wars rumors are true. I’ve never seen the laugh floor but I would like to see “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.”
    I wonder if any part of MU would make it into Monstropolis?

  • Freddie Freelance

    The Monsters, Inc Door Coaster, with attraction/dark ride storytelling portion, has been most often mentioned as replacing Stage 17 & MuppetVision 3D, which means either going under or over the Monorail line, and if it goes under Cast Members will lose the maintenance pass-through that’s currently in that corner (of course if they go over the Monorail that could give them the opportunity to have a hill of the coaster come out of the roof of one building and go back into the roof of the other, [i]AND HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE![/i]).

    I think I’d rather see MuppetVision 3D replaced with Laugh Floor, and have Stage 17 and Monsters, Inc. replaced with a new Monsters, Inc. ride with the Door Coaster taking up the space used by Stage 17 [u]and the space above the new Monsters Inc.[/u] When the Monsters, Inc., ride [SPOILER]goes into the area with the doors above you with Randall taunting you over Boo’s door[/SPOILER], the Door Coaster could be visible as the cars/doors travel through the space above, and the front of the building looking like the front of Mike & Sully’s apartment building, with only the attraction sign being made of doors.

  • LoonAZ

    I too enjoyed MILF at Magic Kingdom. I had heard so many bad things about it I was concerned that it would be horrible. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • aaronpaulcustoms

    Whats good is that monstropolis doesn’t look much different from a real city, except for some subtle details. Should be a seamless integration with the hollywood area…at least thats how it looks in my head.

  • tigga please

    I’m hopeful for some sort of launch system for the door coaster! and not so hopeful for the Laugh Floor in tomorrow land. It would be so out of place, IMO. I know they’ve said they wont remove the Muppet’s 3-D as long as they’re making Muppet movies, but it the Laugh Floor would be more appropriately placed there.