Today, we bring you two of your favorite things: Disney news and Disney rumors. Disneyland is now 58 years young and celebrated with a small event and flash mob of characters in Town Square. Our resident columnists Kevin Yee and Tim Grassey bring their unique focus on Walt Disney World, where princes have gone up over 90% in the last 10 years and where wrist bands and Fastpass changes are costing more than new lands and attractions.Join us for news, photos, videos, podcasts and hours worth of fun news and rumors in today’s Round Up!

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Ten Years of Price Increases at Walt Disney World
Kevin moved to the East Coast (North Carolina) in 2002 and to Orlando in 2004. Recently, he came across an old AAA TourBook for Florida dated 2003 and decided to use the opportunity to look back at how things were ten years ago here in O-town? You just won’t believe how much prices have gone up (then again, perhaps you will).

Throwing in the Towel
It’s not that I’m mad, I’m just disappointed. Disney used to be the leader. They used to pride themselves on besting their competition when in reality, there was no competition. But in the face of the wildly successful Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal and the impending expansion of that success, what is Disney doing to win the battle? Or have they already thrown in the towel?

A Visit To Beautiful Efteling Park
Lovely Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands, and one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Some even contend that Walt Disney himself studied Efteling before opening Disneyland.

Tip of the Week

PUSH, the fun trash receptacle of the Magic Kingdom!

Did you know that Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is home to PUSH, the Talking Trash Can? He greets guests in a smart aleck fashion and answers questions from those brave enough to interact with him. Until he starts talking, PUSH looks just like any other trash receptacle. Keep an eye out for this little gem that is a fun interaction for kids.

Disney Parks News and Reports

Disneyland turned 58 last week, and boy have the times changed! And are STILL changing. From old nostalgia to new trends. . . ~ DLandFansAZ

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Happy Birthday, Disneyland!
July 17th, 2013, marked Disneylands 58th birthday and to kick it off ww12345 shares some early memorabilia from the park.

Do You Wave?
Back in the day everyone waved. From the train, automobiles, boats or where ever, it just made Disneyland friendly. oodelally has noticed that the etiquette is gone, so do you wave?

Is this good news or bad news for DL?
Big D shares an article, ‘Disney Phases Out Executive Car Perks in Iger Profit Push’ and is wondering what these cost cutting measures to maintain profits will do to Disneyland.

Does having an Annual Pass ruin the experience?
MTaylo050 is thinking it would be nice to move closer to Disneyland and get APs for the family. But does going so often ruin the magic?

Trader Sam’s Drink Mixes?
We’ve pondered where to get Dole Whips outside the park and to make our own Monte Cristos, so what about some of the drinks from Trader Sam’s?

Why does Toad’s ride end in hell?
Mondo Mouse asks just one simple question about Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. So why?

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad dark ride
And while we are pondering Mr. Toad, what happened to Ichabod, the other short story?


Will we see an Oz Land in California? What will be Toy Story’s presence be in Shanghai? Check out the lively discussions below. ~ Trekkie Dad

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Keep and Improve ‘a bug’s land’
SoCalFan loves the Bug’s Land concept but thinks the land at Disney California Adventure could be improved.

Oz Land and Attraction Planned for Disneyland
This is merger of two threads that discusses rumors of an Oz Land and attractions being planned for Disneyland. Opinions vary widely.

‘Round Up attraction’ For Toy Story Land’s Geen Army Man Parachute Drop
Ride Warrior found this rumor about Toy Story attraction being planned for Shanghai Disneyland.

Discovery Bay
Discover Bay was a project planned for Disneyland that never happened. Disney Vault thinks the time has come for reconsideration.

What if the 3rd gate was Disney’s America but with a Marvel Twist!
Ideas for a third gate in California are varied, but here’s a new one from DCAfanatic.

Seven Voyages of Sindbad area for Disney’s Animal Kingdom
imaginashton proposes this addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and even includes some concept art.


This week brings us back to 1989, the final Spectromagic performance, and the rumors of a nighttime parade resurfacing for Animal Kingdom. Check it all out in the Walt Disney World forum this week. ~ yoyoflamingo

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Vintage 1989 video of Magic Kingdom
King Eric shares with us a video filmed in 1989 at the Magic Kingdom. Take a ride on the Skyway, check out Tomorrowland before the toons landed, and what the Carousel of Progress was like before the introduction of laser discs and car phones. An interesting video to check out!

Rivers of Light nighttime show at AK?
While the rumor of a nighttime show/parade/spectacular/etc. have been floating around for years now, it seems The Disney Hipster Blog has heard some of it resurfacing? Could the nighttime show be back on track? Discuss here.

Final SpectroMagic
almandot shares the final performance of SpectroMagic, now that we know it’s not coming back, this is really the last video performance. Take a look at something that was truly magical, and you’ll see why some people have a hard time choosing between nighttime parades.


Check out the photos from Tokyo Disneyland in the thread below. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Newsletter

Thank you note
What starts as a thank you note from Asa to the unknown Tokyo Disneyland Resort guest who found and returned a handbag, becomes a photographic trip report from Tokyo Disney Sea.

AV Room

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Ward Kimball, Gardening With Mickey, Ken Anderson, and Ray Spencer! What do you know about the Nine Old Men? Learn a bit about one of them, Ward Kimball, in this week’s History Segment! And finally, Buena Vista Street is where you can find this weeks Five Legged Goat!

SeaWorld Orlando Releases Manatees into the Wild
MiceChat’s Eric Davis heads into the water as SeaWorld Orlando releases four rehabilitated manatees back into the wild. It was a touching event!


Wakefield Report, on this week’s episode of the Wakefield Report we talk about the recent Six Flags death, more rides across America breaking down, Disney latest Limited Time Magic, and more of the latest theme park news! SHow notes can be found at

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Coffee with Kurtti features Keith and Jeff reflecting on their in-person recording failure, how fun the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet was, the Saving Mr. Banks trailer, and a little-known Disney employee periodical Jeff worked on called WD Eye.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast brings you a new segment, Dead Man’s Die-Gest, in which Darren will share all the Halloween Horror Nights news, the Transformers Grand Opening and more!

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MiceChat Podcast – Under the Sea With Ursula and Bob. Dive under the sea with the voice of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, the amazing Pat Carroll. And as a surprise for Pat, Disney Imagineering legend, Bob Gurr pops on the show to discuss the creation of a HUGE Ursula animatronic for Tokyo DisneySea. Plus, some quick updates from the parks. This show is a real treat. Please be sure to share with your friends.

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, Join Eric and guest hosts James and Joseph Taylor as they explore news, rumors, and Summer Nights at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio

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Released years ago but barely heard these days, its the story of The Haunted Mansion’s Bride In The Attic on V24 Radio!

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V24 Radio will present this treasured story from the past on Friday, July 26 at 1pm Eastern.

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Other Theme Parks

The big news is week is the tragedy at Six Flags Over Texas. But there are new attractions on the way and a great Legoland and Fun Spot America trip report to enjoy. ~ DLandFansAZ

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Woman falls out of New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas
Horrible news at Six Flags Over Texas as a woman falls from the new Texas Giant roller coaster.

Six Flags Corp. to announce 2014 attractions on August 29
Six Flags Great Adventure will be announcing their 2014 new attractions on August 29th.

Jurasic Park New Midway Games Area Under Construction
Universal Studios Orlando will be adding new midway games to the Jurassic Park themed area of Islands of Adventure.

MiceChat Newsletter

Joe’s very first visit to Legoland California
Joe aka mre200200 and family from Delaware take a trip to Legoland and bring us a great trip report and photos.

Fun Spot America in Orlando, FL
Coasterjunkie brings us a great review and report about Fun Spot in Orlando, FL.


Other Theme Parks

D23 Expo

August 9th through 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center . We’ll have a magical booth in the Collector’s Forum area. Meet MiceChat staff, special guests and Disney legends whom we have scheduled throughout the three day Expo. We will also be giving away lots of great prizes, including hotel stays and an iPad Mini.

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We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.

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Universal Orlando Aye Aye Aye Resort Update

After a rainy and quiet start to July, the mobs have arrived and the Universal Orlando resort has been filled to brim with tourists from all over the world!

Disneyland celebrates its 58th anniversary with characters and fireworks
Disneyland celebrated its 58th anniversary last week with a small rededication ceremony in Town Square featuring Disney characters and daytime fireworks.

Universal Studios Hollywood Surviving the Summer
Universal Studios has dubbed this the Summer of Survival.  No truer statement could be made of the park at the moment, as they are in the throws of major construction while at the same time.

Golf Resort at Walt Disney World
It’s obvious that I’m a sucker for Disney ephemera. Not just typical ephemera either (like maps, brochures, napkins, etc), but ephemera for the Disney that’s no longer around.

SeaWorld Returns 4 Rescued Manatees to the Wild
On Thursday July, 18th, SeaWorld Orlando returned 4 rescued manatees simultaneously back into the wild. Three of the manatees were rescued due to cold stress, and the 4th manatee was suffering from buoyancy issues when.

Disneyland Paris After The Guests Go Home
One can only imagine how much maintenance work takes place in a Disney park after the guests go home.

Disneyland: Inside Story by Randy Bright
Sometimes you run across a book that’s so important and so impossibly good that you don’t realize it until you place it against other books.

MiceChat Newsletter

Disneyland is 58 years old, Starbucks loses variety in Disney California Adventure
Disneyland is 58 years old this week and we were there to help the gracefully aging park celebrate with an event held in Town Square on Wednesday.

Dateline Disney World: Magic Kingdom On A Rainy Day
Let’s take a soggy trip through a rain soaked Magic Kingdom to find the latest news and construction in the park.

Yester Aulani & Future Aulani
Today’s article takes a look at the current construction at Aulani and what it replaced. Who would have thought that there would already be a Yester Aulani?

Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios Exceptional, Acceptable, Regrettable
Over the last couple of months, I have been making observations of things that have struck my fancy in the Disney Parks.

Disney Extracurriculars
After a few trips to visit the Mouse, you might want to throw something new into the mix to shake up your trips a bit.

Dueling Disney: Counter Service Eateries
Sometimes when you get hungry in a Disney park, you don’t feel like a full-on sit-down meal. A snack, on the other hand, just won’t suffice.

Walt Disney: Theme Park Character
WALT DISNEY: THEME PARK CHARACTER With the “new” Disney California Adventure now a year old, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on my original thoughts on the California theme.

The MiceEars Crew and MiceChat Disney News Club put a lot of time and effort into making these Round-Ups happen. Here are the members:Your Editor: CakvalaSC and the MiceEars Crew: Demigod, Aladdin, elly, Yoyoflamingo, Trekkie Dad, DLandFansAZ, RegionsBeyond, Disney Wrassler, Fishbulb & Dustysage.

We hope to see you online again soon, Dusty and the amazing MiceChat crew!

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