Jessica is joined today by her mini-Disney aficionado, Stitchy-poo. Jessica asked him to come up with his top five most awesome things at Walt Disney World. It’s quite the list. See if you agree and share your own list with us in the comments below.

Sometimes as grown-ups, we get caught up in all of the planning that goes into a vacation to Walt Disney World.  We want everything to be “just right” so the kids will have the most magical trip EVER!!  While it’s true that planning can go a long way in ensuring a good time is had, it’s all too easy to forget that just being in the Most Magical Place on Earth is magic enough.  The little ones find wonder and joy in almost everything, but you don’t have to take my word for it… [cue Reading Rainbow music]

We get to go to Disney World a lot, and I’m glad.  There are awesome things to do there, but I can only pick five.

1. Tomorrowland Speedway

The cars are awesome because kids get to drive their own mini-car!

Yep.  That’s it.  As grown-ups, we may drive every day, and, really, how many of us would classify that as fun?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  To a kid, though, hopping behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially a “race car,” ranks right up there with getting to eat Mickey bars for lunch.  Yes, the line is usually long, there’s no FastPass and not a lot of shade, but suck it up and take one for the team.  Your little Lightning McQueen fan will thank you for it.  ***Update: Tomorrowland Speedway has added a FastPass+ queue since the original publication of this Park Wise.***


Get Park Wise: Try to knock this one out in the morning or at night.  This line can get brutally hot when the wait times and the sun begin to rise.

2. Mad Tea Party

It’s really fun ‘cause you get dizzy.  Dizzy is cool.


Who doesn’t remember the call of the merry-go-round on the school playground?  Faster!  Faster!  We need another master!  The giant teacups provide that same fun, loopy feeling, and most kids LOVE it!  Just don’t ride it after downing a double scoop ice cream cone or lunch at nearby Cosmic Ray’s.  That’s not fun for anyone.

3. Spaceship Earth

This one surprised me a little bit.  I mean, it’s a nice place to cool down and is usually a pretty decent wait time, but an eight year old loving a ride about the history of communication and technology?

Yeah, you go into…space!!  You know.  SPACEship Earth!

Oh, gotcha.


4. The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation

It has all the fun stuff like a splash pad and a real pool and jellyfish with water squirting out of them!  And, ya know, swimming is really fun and you can go under the water and hear music.


This may be one of the biggest complaints I hear from parents.  They’ve bought the park hoppers, the custom clothes, the new video camera and the $500 Italian stroller with attached fan.  They get halfway through day one, and junior wants to go back and swim.  Yes, you can swim at home, but does your pool have a volcano?  Is there a giant shipwreck with a slide?  Can you build sandcastles in your pool?  No?  Then plan at least one afternoon to let the kids go crazy at the hotel pool.  It’s a great way to cool down, and most pools have a bar within sight so you can grab a soda or something a little more relaxing while the kids splash in the sprayground or hit the water slide.

Get Pool Wise: Most pools offer a cast member-led pool party between 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. (or around that time).  Use this information to plan your pool time whether it’s to avoid the noise or join in the fun.

5. The Polynesian Resort

It feels like you’re on a tropical island.  And if you’re on the bottom floor, you get to run out and play on the beach.  And it’s really comfy.  And it has the best gift shop!


Ok, I have to agree with him on this one.  I’m a Poly girl through and through, both literally and when it comes to Disney resorts. He gets his good taste from me.

What are the top 5 things your kids love at Disney World?

  • tofubeast

    I have an almost 3yo daughter who has been twice since last December.
    She most mentions:
    –fireworks (Wishes) and flying Tinker Bell
    –Beast at Be Our Guest
    –the teacups ( the pink one specifically!!)
    –Dumbo (duh!)
    –monorail!! She chants the word. Wonder where she got that from?!
    –the CASTLE!!
    –Mickey ear ice cream

    • Great list! A few of my favorites, too!

      Stitchy adds that he’s a big monorail fan, too!

  • Big D

    1. Savannah view room at Kidani Villas — wake up and order room service and watch giraffes while you eat breakfast on your balcony!

    2 . Expedition Everest — yes, the Yeti hasn’t worked in years, get over it, it’s still one of the most fun rides ever at any theme park

    3. Test Track — I haven’t seen 2.0 yet, but the old version was a lot of fun and I’d still take Test Track 1.0 over Radiator Springs Racers just because it’s much longer.

    4. Watching the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom from the California Grill — see the best view of the fireworks imaginable AND have some really good dinner and exceptionally good desserts!

    5. World Showcase — visit 10 other countries, try authentic cuisine, interact with people who are citizens of those countries, all in the same day!

    • Your kiddo has some great choices!

    • DobbysCloset

      Is this your kid or you?

  • DobbysCloset

    Is your Stitch related to Dobby? I often tell people that Dobby has almost exactly the personality of Stitch, except he doesn’t like Elvis. That Dobby, being Chihuahua, can’t help having been made bad any more than Stitch, the alien experiment. In fact, I often tell people I believe Dobby has alien genes.

    Well, when I am at DL (I have never been to Florida) I am 8, the same age, so here’s my comments on the list:

    1. Driving little cars…I couldn’t ride the DL autopia until I was 12. I am still only 60″ tall at my full adult height.

    2. Tea Party — dizzy is cool unless you throw up, which isn’t cool. I stopped being able to ride stuff like Tea Party around 1989, when I was about 35. My Tea Party was at DL, of course. So parents should let their kids ride all the rides they want while they still can because some day, like me, they won’t be able to ride them any more. Oh, and also California Screamin? I was kinda okay until I went upside down and then I was just glad I didn’t throw up. I really hate throwing up.

    3. Spaceship Earth is something I don’t know anything about but it sounds like planets and astronomy and space, which is like Star Wars and Star Trek and Mission to Mars and other space stuff. I totally love space stuff. In Florida you actually have Cape Canaveral where they do real space stuff! My dad was a rocket engineer in the 1960’s and we lived in Orange County where they had a lot of aerospace industry and also Disneyland. So yeah, from Buzz Lightyear to Spaceship Earth to Infinity and Beyond!

    4. The Pool at Animation Arts Hotel — Pools are so important to me you cannot imagine! When I am in the pool I am not a kid or a grownup, I am a sea lion or a dolphin or even a manatee. I have to train Dobby, the Service Dog, to wait quietly while I swim if I am to use a pool on my vacations. Dobby hates water! So when I visit a Disney Resort I will have to have special help to figure out the very best swimming for me.

    5. Polynesia — I love the thought of Polynesia so much that I have tattoos of a Polynesian island, and I love good gift shops, so I like your recommendation. Do they really have sand on the beach? But Dobby knows I used to have neighbors from Micronesia, which is not far from Polynesia, and he knows they taught me the recipe for baked dog. He wants to be sure that if he stayed in Polynesia no one would mistake him for Disney Dining.

    And for the other little one — I used to be able to see the Disneyland fireworks from my mom’s bedroom window…and every time I use our city’s public transportation light rail trains I pretend they’re the Monorail from my childhood. So she rates high in coolness, too.

  • Haven

    Some of my favorite Disney(land) moments (I’m 41):

    1. Having the lights in Disneyland go out and hearing the fanfare announcing the Main Street Electrical Parade’s arrival. The anticipation is palpable. Best nighttime show ever.

    2. The first waterfall drop on Pirates of the Caribbean (CA) transporting you into another world.

    3. Riding It’s a Small World right after dark falls. Going around the the topiary garden and then entering the show building where suddenly all enchantment and music breaks loose. Especially remembering doing this with my Grandmother 35 years ago.

    4. The portrait chamber stretching in The Haunted Mansion. Always a technical and mesmerizing theatrical production since I was old enough to remember. That deep haunted ghost host voice is priceless.

    5. The Disneyland Railroad arriving at Main Street Station first thing when you enter the park. Hearing the bell, the chugga chugga of the steam, the whistle, the warm inviting colors of the train and passenger coaches, always a must do attraction for me.

  • nursemelis374

    I just took 2 kids (11 and 15 years) for their first time and we actually did this at the end of the trip. Their favorites were:

    1. DisneyQuest. I hate that place but they loved it! The 11 year old said it was her favorite part of the trip. I only even took them there because it ws included with the Premiere passes. I was sad to hear her say this!

    2. Expedition Everest

    3. Rockin Rollercoaster – You can tell they are at that thrill-ride age.

    4. PeopleMover – I think this was mostly because we got stuck at the perfect spot to watch most of the fireworks. We rode multiple times though.

    5. Tower of Terror – We are regular DL visitors and they were shocked when the elevator car moved forward into the 5th dimension. It was such a great moment.

    • We did a day at Disney Quest, and the kids really enjoyed it. I don’t know that I’m rushing back, but it did provide a nice spot to spend our last morning/afternoon before having to catch the Sad-gical Express back to MCO.

  • musiken

    My five favorites….

    1. Spaceship Earth

    2. Off Kilter – I just LOVE this band that plays at the Canadian Pavilion!

    3. The Carousel of Progress – Takes me back to ’67 Disneyland. Priceless.

    4. Rockin’ Roller Coaster

    5. The Beach Club Resort – Walking distance to Epcot’s World Showcase. Great service and rooms!

  • TheBig2na

    With all of the complaining about WDW, this article is perfect because it isn’t designed for adults, its a place for kids of all ages. It’s a place for parents and grandparents to relive their childhood through the eyes of the kids and grandkids. Seeing your kids light up when they meet Mickey or go on a ride for the first time is what it’s all about.

    For our family we would list:

    1. Wishes
    2. Ohana Dinner during Wishes
    3. World Showcase
    4. Test Track
    5. The monorail

    And all of the rest really. Not much to dislike if you are in the right frame of mind and not looking for peeling paint.

    • AaroniusPolonius

      At that amount of money, The. Paint. Should. Not. Peel.

  • Susan Hughes

    Walt Disney World is so large, I don’t see how you can only pick five. You may have to double that list, at least.

    • The kiddo has a short attention span. Haha! Five’s a good number when he’s sitting down to write. 😉

  • grifta67

    One quick note about the Speedway, it does have Fastpass. We were there a few weeks ago and it was our last FP of the day (that got squshed by nearby lightning).