We have a very special guest column for you today. Our good friend and filmmaker, Nicholas Kraft (of finding Kraftland fame), is in the middle of a fabulous new project and has just completed a bit of video that he just knew he needed to share with the MiceChatters. The video attached below featuring Richard Sherman is incredibly well produced and contains words to live by. It’s the sort of thing you’ll want to bookmark and come back to and share with your friends. Take it away Nicky . . .

Six months ago we began filming PURSUING HAPPINESS, a documentary quest to find the happiest people in America. Tired of the doom and gloom that dominates the media, we set out to make a film that celebrates the happiest among us in an effort to shift the focus.

We began by making a list of our favorite people who have spent their lives and careers spreading happiness. At the top of that list was none other than Disney Legend Richard Sherman. Together with his brother Robert, the Sherman Brothers have written some of the most iconic and beloved music of the last sixty years, and nearly all of them “spread the good word,” as he put it. It’s no surprise that the genius behind the songs of Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, The Jungle Book, and countless Disney attractions is also one of the kindest and warmest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


Richard knew exactly what we were getting at with regards to the amount of sad vs. happy content in our society. “Writing a happy tune, that’s tough… play a minor chord and you’re off and running but major chords? That’s a wall, you’ve got to dig for that” he said, “but when you get it, there’s nothing better.”

We couldn’t help but think this is true of everything in life. It’s easier to gravitate towards the negative – being positive takes work – but when you put in the effort and time, when you choose to write your life in a major key, the result is so much sweeter.

Nicholas Kraft at the mixing board

Here’s the legendary Richard Sherman in his own words and song:

Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft are currently in production on their feature-length Documentary PURSUING HAPPINESS. Their previous film, FINDING KRAFTLAND, is a Disney-centric piece about Richard and Nicholas Kraft and their obsessive collection of ride vehicles and other pieces from Disneyland itself. For more information about their current project and how you can be an important part of bringing it to completion, please click HERE.


  • jcruise86

    Nice! I loved the short video! Thank you, Nicholas!
    I look forward to your and Adam’s documentary.

  • Fantastic stuff Nicky! What a great project. I can’t think of a better ambassador for happiness than Richard Sherman. 🙂

  • Erik Olson

    Am I supposed to be emotional after one little segment? I don’t know if I can possibly sit through the whole thing without being reduced to a blubbering mess. Looks fantastic, thanks for the sneak preview!!

  • JulieMouse

    Thanks for the preview…I’m really looking forward to this!! 🙂

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  • QPerth

    Wow. What wonderful and true words to live by. Also a lesson taught by the worlds greatest entertainer, our very own Captain EO, Michael Jackson, who Inspires me daily with his message of love and peace, and many others, to improve out world, children, environment. Sadly his message was drowned out by a lying and hateful tabloid media, and greedy individuals who saw an easy target to make money or careers from. Nothing better than renergising the spirit with tunes such as the Sherman Bros, Disney music, or other inspirational and positive music to start the the day with a smile and positive energy!

  • MrTour


  • Cyette


    Richard Sherman, you’re such a class act. Best of luck with your documentary, Nicholas. We all could use a little bit of uplifting these days.

    Oh, bother….