We go back to the home of Walt Disney Imagineering genius (and soon to be Disney Legend), Tony Baxter, for an E-TICKET Podcast.  Discussion on the quirky side of Disneyland, the one price ticket system, Eisner & Wells, Tarzan Treehouse, Star Tours, EPCOT, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Bud Hurlbut & Walt Disney, and much more!  Almost two hours of of not-to-be-missed material for you Disney parks nerds.

If you haven’t already heard Part 1 of the Tony Baxter Interview, here you go:


  • DisWedWay

    Looking forward to Tony’s Part 3 Interview and his book he mentioned in his future. If Disney was to do a log ride with actual animated logging equipment as Bud did at Knott’s, then the town of Thunder Mesa at Paris Disneyland’s Fronteirland would be the place for it and at one time was on the boards for it it’s expansion by Show and Land Producer Jeff Burke. Tony’s story on designing and the building of Euro Disneyland might even be his greatest accomplishment not yet discussed.

  • eicarr

    Tony needs to start publishing multiple books ASAP. Aside from Imagineering books, a Disneyland history book is a must. The park’s 60th bDay would be a perfect occasion

    • And not published directly through Disney as Marty Sklar did. Disney exacts too much control and revisionist history. Tony needs to do this one on his own.

  • montanamouse

    Insane! That was a wonderful interview…an E-Ticket for sure.

    • Thank you so much! I think we barely touched the surface of Tony’s journey, so, there’s plenty more to come. Thanks again for the kind words, I’m excited that you liked the interviews.


  • Bcl1973

    Gotta say that the last 2 shows are the best podcasts I’ve heard in my life! Podcast GOLD