Imagination Pavilion Rumors and Future World News

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Published on July 26, 2013 at 2:00 am with 25 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Haven

    I am not so concerned about the shorter lines at EPCOT. After my last WDW visit and the insanity of crowds at their other three parks, EPCOT saved the day for us to be able to get on attractions easily. The park does not seem to suffer from lack of attendance though, always in the top ten most visited parks in the US. I much more enjoyed the Nemo ride here with a five minute wait compared to the hour long and claustrophobic submarine version. The ride had a better “immersive” view in this dry ride through version. It would be nice to see a great new BIG ride at Imagination as well, one that makes sense story-wise. Mom mother was confused by what the existing story was all about, even though I always enjoyed the ride system itself. We also liked the Three Caballeros Rio del Tiempo overlay which was a welcomed sit-down relief and reminded me of an EPCOT small world. I also enjoy how this park is not the stroller capitol of the world!

  • ChrisFL

    I’m pretty sure something will happen with the pavilion, while the east side of Future World already had 3 big pavilions when WOL closed, the west side would have only 2 left.

    I really hope they paint the building back to the original colors…I don’t think Disney wants to keep the color scheme of Kodak since they’ve finished their sponorship.

    Also, I really, really don’t want a short-term TV show from the Disney Channel of all places taking the place of EPCOT’s mascot.

  • Tielo

    Epcot’s future world reflex the current future of the US with it’s recession, monumental debts and lack of innovation (even the space shuttle got kicked out). The run down, old and tired rides where some are patched up in the cheapest way possible. Yes I’m looking at you Nemo ride with tv screens. It’s sad because the theme behind this park was unique but the execution was only short lived. Epcot proves, like tomorrow land at Magic Kingdom, that the future is not a good theme for a park if you’re not ready to invest heavily.
    I hope the future world is getting a re theming. Please don’t butcher the current rides anymore, non of them are worth it. There are some amazing ideas going around the internet from Adventure World to Star Wars and from Villains to Marvel (if Disney can ever get enough money to buy it from Universal). When it was up to me they would level it and build Disney Sea. World Showcase can be a separate ticket park with the addition of rides and countries. I opt for The Netherlands with a cool Amsterdam theme.

  • DavidN

    I visited Epcot this past June for the first time since 1982. I was underwhelmed as a kid (not many rides) and found the park very dated as an adult.

    I was going to write a lengthy rant about each section of the park, but I’ll offer my suggestions instead.

    World Showcase — add 2 E ticket rides. Right now with just a few rides and movies, and a heavy focus on shopping and dining, World Showcase feels like the Las Vegas strip without the slots and strippers. At least the drinks are free in Vegas.

    Future World — Less overt technology and more green. The problem that Future World (and Tomorrowland in MK and DL) has been the imbalance of technology versus nature. The temptation is to just upgrade the technology, but that just creates the same problem 10+ years later. What we’ve seen in the real world is technology disappearing (i.e. buttons being replaced with touchscreens) and integration of nature (like green roofs and solar cells). Places like Gardens By The Bay in Singapore or the California Academy of Science in San Francisco combine beautiful architecture, technology, and nature. I think Disney could use those as starting points and go beyond.

    I want to like Epcot. I really do. But after seeing it in person, I find it hard to understand why it’s so many people’s favorite park.

  • Lord Alfred

    Epcot definitely needs some love and sprucing up. But…Epcot simply isn’t for everyone. It never has been. Today people who don’t get it are complaining about the rides and saying “Throw in some E-tickets”. Those same types of people were around in the 80′s saying how boring the park was and how they’d never go back. I don’t get tired of these attractions. I ride SE every time because I love the trek through history. I ride Energy because I love the big-bang sequence on that huge screen, and you still hear people marvel when the theater moves into the Dino area. I could go on. There are a lot of UNIQUE theme park experiences here you don’t get elsewhere. It also helps that I’m the kind of guy who loves watching Nova and other educational programs.

    The only real stinker (literally) is the Imagination ride and that’s partially because they ruined it. However, while people often cry for the return of the original dark-ride, they forget that it too was eventually a forgotten walk-on that many people often skipped. That’s why they changed it in the first place. The sad fact is that if you want crowd-pleasing attractions these days they can’t be standard dark rides. Those simply don’t cut it anymore with the public at large. They need to gut the whole building and start from scratch. It has to either have some kind of thrilling element to it or innovative ride system. This doesn’t have to be a coaster. Soarin’ is thrilling, as is Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey. Not a lot, just something. Those two small hills are why Maelstrom still has a line and the Grand Fiesta Tour does not.

    • ChrisFL

      No, the reason why Journey into Imagination was changed had entirely to do with the contract they had with Kodak. It stated that by the year 2000, they HAD to create a new attraction for that space. Unfortunately those were the dark days of budget cuts and what we got was a very bad attraction, only made slightly better a couple of years later.