It’s 2010 at Yester California Adventure. Sunshine Plaza and Hollywood Pictures Backlot have been transformed into Glow Fest. During the day, colorful banners and columns leave no doubt that something is going on. The area really comes to life at dusk. And, at night, it becomes an outdoor nightclub.

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  • Monorail Man

    Nothing has been as fun as Glow Fest. Something about it felt authentic and fun, and just a night to party the night away. With each iteration of the ‘night party’ – they’ve gotten farther and farther away from the concept. ElecTRONica was a nice fit, because the grid was filled with a club, and has a fun host.

    However, they’ve gone overboard on Mad T Party. The band feels repetitive (same sets night after night), and the theme feels more forced than natural. It’s not nearly as ‘fun’, and a ‘local spot’ like Glow Fest was. In Disney’s entertainment’s goal to be a ‘spectacular’ – they’ve sucked most of the fun out of it. The vendor brought an innovative and fun thing to DCA, and nothing’s come quite as close.

  • eicarr

    Darn, it looked funky cool, sad I missed it. I loved ElecTRONICA though and wish it could be brought to tomorrowland(above Captain EO and the Starcade). While I got bored and quickly left the Mad T Party I fear it will be there the longest.

  • AvidTurtleTalker

    Glow Fest was my favorite. It felt like a celebration that wasn’t supposed to be accepted as a dance club. ElecTRONica and Mad T Party basically shove the club feel down your throat which makes you uncomfortable thus leaving.

  • JulieMouse

    Well, I thought I was going to be alone in saying that I like Glow Fest the best of the three versions of the nightly dance party in Hollywood, but I see that those above me agree! I really liked that there was some adult fun, but they also included kids, and had great interaction with everyone!

  • Werner Weiss

    I never saw ElecTRONica. Comparing Glow Fest with Mad T Party, I liked Glow Fest better. Glow Fest came across to be as a whimsical celebration, with fun for the whole family. Mad T Party comes across to me as an attempt to be a hip nightclub.

  • stu29573

    Disney has never done “hip” well. It’s just not their strength….

  • julesofhearts

    I never had the opportunity to see Glow Fest or ElecTRONica, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love Mad T Party! Now, I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan and I don’t have any kids, so I don’t mind that it isn’t as family friendly. Actually, it was kinda nice to get to experience the park in an adult environment. I’m not a club goer at all (I’ve been to one maybe 3 times, and those were all during college) but I loved the Alice-themed Disney club!

    Love the idea of putting ElecTRONica in the unused Starcade space eicarr!

  • buzzyfan

    This looks WAY better than the movie themed festivals now.