A few months ago, we were bringing you news of the record cold snap in Paris and how it was affecting the Disneyland Paris Resort. Now, Alain Littaye and the Disney and more blog team reveal how record HIGH temperatures are wreaking havoc in some areas of the parks! ~~Rick

Disneyland Paris Update : Ratatouille Ride Pictures, New DLP Portals, and much more…
by Alain Littaye
Disney and more blog


We have a big Disneyland Paris update for you today with photos and the latest news about the parks thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DlrpWelcome webmaster! Temperatures are high right now in France – reaching the mid-90’s in the parks – in two words: bloody hot! But this won’t stop us from bringing you an update! Let’s begin with what you’re all waiting for – the latest pictures of work on the Ratatouille ride construction site.

So, let’s walk through Walt Disney Studios…






…to Toon Studio land and the construction site where a crane has been installed to move the metallic structures for the upcoming theming on the Ratatouille building.


The progress on the theming of the show building and restaurant facades since the last update is pretty amazing.




Outside the Studios and near the World of Disney Store, something new is coming. New doorways will mark the entrance to the parks area. In the background of the picture below, you can see the first of the two new structures.



How will it look when it will be finished? These computer renderings will give you an idea of how the front and back of the new portal will look.



As a matter of fact, once finished, the real thing should look very similar to the big arch located at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland, as seen below.


Nearby, the previous arch at the entrance of the Disney Village has been partially removed and is now sitting in a half-demolished condition that doesn’t look very nice for visitors. Let’s hope they will finish this as soon as possible…




Let’s move over to the Disneyland Park where fresh paint awaits guests at the entrance.



On the park map, guests now view an ad for the new Disney Dreams Light Ears. Park management is doing everything it can to promote the new Light Ears in the hope that guests will buy them…



Near the castle, the lawns are suffering from the heat as well as the constant trampling from visitors desperate to find a good spot to watch the parades and the Disney Dreams! show.


Speaking of the castle, apparently new adjustments have been made on the castle hill where steps and railings between the castle and the hill have just appeared. Perhaps this was done for security reasons for Disney Dreams! maintenance cast members and gardeners.



In Adventureland, the non-skid surface that I mentioned in a previous update is still being installed.




And good news, the Cool Post located in front of the Hakuna Matata restaurant is now open again with its brand new thatched roof.



A little way through Fantasyland…



And here we are at the entrance of Discoveryland.


Unfortunately, the heat is also responsible of the appearance of moss in the water. The state of the fake rocks at the land entrance is also getting worse.


A structural issue apparently developed a few weeks ago on Space Mountain. On July 6th, a part of the exterior structure was removed. It hasn’t been that easy and they had to literally cut out the problem area. (Photos from DisneylandParisFans and InsideDLParis).



The removed section has now been restored and is back in place.



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Pictures: Max Fan – Dlrp Welcome

  • Orlando71

    Wow the Ratatouille facade is looking great. I wish Hollywood Studios or Epcot would get it too, but than again the Parisians might think it nice to finally have a unique ride. Either way, looking forward to next update.

  • Tielo

    I don’t get it that Disney is building a fake Paris area when the real thing, in all it’s glory is just a short train ride away. Also astounding how empty the parks look during high season.

    • Freddie Freelance

      I think the park looks empty because the pictures were taken on a weekday, and in France everyone goes to the park on Sunday.

    • DannyLand

      kinda like how Disney made Disney Cali Adventures when the real Cali is just right there.

  • Haven

    I sympathize with the trouble with algae this summer. With temperatures very well above normal this summer here in Las Vegas, I too have had minor algae outbreaks in my pool, even with regular religious maintenance. Beyond that, I still feel the Paris park is one of the most beautifully landscaped parks in the chain. They also have the best scaled castle and whimsical garden as part of it’s design of all the parks IMO. Stay cool everyone!

    • Monoautorail

      You need regular chemical maintenance–not just regular religious maintenance–to keep a pool clear.

  • Discoveryland at DLP is the ONLY Tomorrowland that works for me. I love the look and fantasy of it. The last Disneyland Tomorrowland redo was clearly inspired by Paris, with the rocks and color scheme. But it didn’t work here because they didn’t take it far enough or build the supporting attractions. Just painting everything copper color wasn’t enough. Disneyland Paris is a thing of beauty and a real work of art!

    I really hope that the Ratatouille ride boosts attendance for the parks. If it doesn’t, the future viability of the resort becomes much less certain. Disney is a publically traded company with a history of shutting down big projects, and there will be no more corporate bailouts for this resort. So, even though The Studios park needs a DCA-sized fix, it won’t be getting it. Attendance needs to come through other less expensive means (and financed through park profits). The bigger the attendance boost from Ratatouille, the sooner DLP can get the new Star Wars mini land, etc.. It’s actually a sort of grim long term prognosis given the current situation.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I also am surprised how empty the park looks. Maybe it is just the season, but it seems that with this is summer, you need to make the real money that will support the resort during the lean times in Winter. I am hoping that the Ratatouille right really brings in new guest, otherwise, this resort is going to really collapse under its weight of debt. After all this time, I don’t think it has made any money any year. I know that even this last year it lost money. How do you continue to operate if you loose money each year for decades?

  • Freddie Freelance

    I’d suggest using Lithium Hypochlorite to clear out the algae; shock the algae first by pouring powdered version right onto it and scrubbing it loose, then add just a little at a time directly to areas where it likes to grow. High powered ultraviolet lamps will also kill the algae if the water is shallow enough.

  • Susan Hughes

    Algae…yuck! Paris has such weird weather. Of all the Disney parks around the world, the best weather is here in Southern California with it’s mild Mediterranean climate.

  • DisWedWay

    Is the Algae attacking the Nautilus which was recently restored? I have found it grows in stagnant water under sunlight. I have introduced oxygen bubblers at the bottom and have gotten no algae in the same conditions as those without it. Is the water pumped through a filtering system continuously as at Big Thunder’s entrance and mining camp in front of the load building? I don’t remember getting algae there.