Welcome back to the podcast that gives you Theme Park News With an Attitude! I am truly astonished and overwhelmed by the amount of new listeners to the show and the huge amount of support you MiceChatters are showing! It is nothing short of amazing! I really appreciate your reviews and ratings on iTunes!

This week on the show, I start off by answering your listener emails. Always remember that you can send me an email with your questions, suggestions, and more at [email protected]. You can help decide what goes on the show each week by sharing news stories, telling me what guests you would like to hear on the show, and more. So far, this show is a one person operation, so I count on you amazing listeners to help me build the show each week. Some of the questions asked this week touch on other podcasts I may listen to, my favorite food to eat in theme parks, and I even fly off on a bit of a rant.

As with each week, we cover the 9 News Nuggets You Need to Know! This week we have stories about the rumors running rampant about a new Star Wars land and the Epcot Imagination pavilion getting a top to bottom redo. Now, these are only rumors and nothing is confirmed yet from Disney, but not having a new E ticket built at WDW in almost 8 years, WDW fans are so desperate that they grab onto anything out of blind hope. Why is it Disney is dragging their feet with building at WDW? I stand by the thought that we get the parks we deserve. Disney wont refresh and take care of their parks, but we keep spending money at record levels. The only way to push them to build is to either stop going or complain about the things we don’t like.

Also, we talk about windows being shattered at the Contemporary Resort and Disney partnering with AT&T. How would you react if you were at Chef Mickey’s and a window pane came falling down on your head? Do you keep eating and grab Mickey to be your human shield? I would! If you are visiting the parks on either coasts and are an AT&T customer, then you should see a major improvement in your cell service! This means you can tweet me, “LIKE” the Wakefield Report Facebook page, and communicate with me from inside the parks at record speeds!


Finally, on this weeks show we talk to Ryan from Universal NOW! He is heading to Orlando next month for a vacation and he was approached by Disney to test MyMagic+. Ryan comes on the show this week and tells us what it is like booking a Disney World vacation using MyMagic+. We talk about Magic Bands, advance FastPass bookings, and everything else involved with this new technology. 

All of this and more on Episode 41 of the Wakefield Report Podcast!

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Chris Wakefield lives in South Florida and spends most of his free time traveling across the country looking for the best thrills that theme parks have to offer. Growing up in the Midwest,Chris is used to the high and fast coasters offered up at parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island, and moving to Florida four years ago was a bit of theme park culture shock. With twice a month visits to Orlando, Chris works hard to keep his finger on the pulse of the ever expanding theme park community in Central Florida. Outside of the Orlando parks, Chris also visits California twice a year and isnt above going to a good haunt or two! Chris created the Wakefield Report website in the fall of 2011 to bring theme park and themed entertainment fans closer to the latest news, and opinions in the community. Each week, the Wakefield Report Podcast goes on the air to provide an unbiased, open, and honest look at the latest in Disney and theme park news. You can reach Chris at: [email protected]