In The Parks returns to deliver the latest news and information from the Disneyland resort. This week, we take time to stop and smell the roses, literally.  We’ll also share the progress on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the near completion of Rainbow Ridge. It’s a fragrant update today.


As the Summer months grind toward their conclusion in just about 4 weeks, we pause, not to find more things wrong at Splash Mountain and Indy, but rather to enjoy something we REALLY love at the Disneyland Resort.  What In the Parks doesn’t catch, Andy Castro covers in Dateline Disneyland.  However, when there is little new in regard to breaking news,we can take the time to ruminate on some of the other things we see every week. Today, the Captain and I would like to share one of the things that make a visit to the park interesting and fun for us.


The plants and landscaping in Disneyland Park are, without question, some of the very best in any theme park on the planet.  There are few other parks, here or abroad, that have at their disposal such a rich and creative horticulture department along with the money to bring such colorful designs to life.

Fresh plantings of salvia and multi-colored celosia were planted in Town Square to offer some Summer color this week .


New flower baskets dripping with yellow and pink petunias (we believe this is the “Million Bells” variety) along with blue lobelia hang in Town Square.


Yellow marigolds surround purple blossoms at the castle-facing tip of Town Square. Doesn’t it seem like something should be in the center of that garden? Sundial? Fountain? Christmas tree?  😉

Despite the train-wreck that was Tomorrowland ’98, the agrifuture approach to landscaping was a brilliant and inventive idea that is still used to this day.  Every bit of foliage inside Tomorrowland is either edible, or produces edible fruit.

Grapefruit trees are now bearing fruit near the awkward rocks at the entrance of Tomorrowland.
Below the grapefruit trees, herbs like rosemary, and lavender are planted with artichoke and chard.


The landscaping even enhances Innoventions a bit.

Back on Big Thunder Trail, the foliage transitions from Fantasyland’s Alpine look to a more Southwestern feel.  You may not notice it directly, but it happens and you begin to feel you have moved into a different space and time.


In New Orleans Square, large trees create a canopy over much of the land.


While spanish moss doesn’t thrive here in arid California, this hanging basket evokes that same wispy, draping feel.



Another thing that is among the best in the theme park industry is the live entertainment at Disneyland and DCA.  Whether it’s running into characters walking around, the stage shows, or the parades, the parks offer stuff that is generally delightful for all ages.

The characters are nearly always out in Town Square.



Few other parks have a live piano player interacting with a crowd like this.
The Dapper Dans are another long-standing tradition.

Then there is Soundsational.  This has to be one of our favorite parades in a long time.  It is bright, fun, the music is catchy and upbeat, and it doesn’t have any show stops.  It’s a real parade. We understand that a new nighttime parade is also in the works for Disneyland in time for the 60th anniversary and we are encouraged that it is rumored to be designed by the same guy who brought us Soundsational, Steve Davison.







Mickey and the Magical Map, while not perfect, is still far above the usual theme park show, as is the Aladdin show over at DCA.




There is plenty to love about the park.  While we scoff at some of the maintenance issues (which we will check back on again soon), we feel equally compelled to point out the things we love.


We see here that things are pretty tightly wrapped up.  And there appears to be a new wider door in the works. Perhaps they are expecting folks to enter Noah-style, two at a time.  😉






The crazy Johnny Depp Tonto hats are gone.  You know the ones, they had the dead crow perched atop strands of hair and fabric.  According to a cast member, after the first batch “sold out” they were not planning on getting any more in stock. Too bad, we love seeing people in hats they’d otherwise NEVER wear in public.


At least the $49.95 Tonto outfit is still available. Keep that in mind for Halloween. “Who are you kid?” “I’m the reason Johnny Depp says he’s ready to retire.”


On to Disney California Adventure where there is very little to report on other than a second successful summer for this radically transformed park.

It appears that they finally got the billboards on Stage 17 replaced.



The silly seasonal Dancin’ with Disney attraction has enjoyed the addition of new signage and ground graphics this summer (a big improvement over last year’s attempt). Has it brought any more people in to dance with the obscure characters? We don’t know. Would love to hear from those of you who have dropped in (or perhaps work there).

When we were there late morning on Wednesday, the doors were shut.



Again, the horticulture department shines here in enforcing the theme of the various lands.  Some of our favorite examples are here.

Notice the coloring of the flowers and how similar they are to the light-up flowers that adorn the landscape of Cars Land.




Orange trumpet vine mimics the cone shapes of the Cozy Cone Motel rooms.


Cones with reasonable waits.
Unless you stop to smell the flowers folks, you miss out on details like these.


Every year from spring to summer, the intoxicating smell of Orange blossoms fills the air near It’s Tough to be a Bug. It’s really quite delightful. Hard not to stop, close your eyes and enjoy a moment of zen.
Speaking of Bug’s Land, the wild growth and flowers are a nice change from the otherwise manicured areas.


It’s an unusual but lovely wild garden in front of the Bugs Land mural.
Across from Bugs Land, near the Golden Vine Winery and Trattoria, the grape vines are now bearing fruit.
Looks like these guys are just past their prime. But it’s neat to see grapes in a theme park!

Then, of course, there are the beautiful plantings that are rotated in Paradise Pier.

Here we see some colorful coleus.
Yellow coneflowers with contrasting pink vinca.


Tony Baxter Interview

The MicePod’s Season Pass Podcast has an AMAZING two part interview with beloved retired Imagineer, Tony Baxter. Have you listened to both parts yet? If not, you are missing something remarkable. There’s a reason why Tony is beloved and deeply missed by fans of the parks. . .

Part One:

Part Two:


We’ll have a new podcast for you next week (it was recorded yesterday and is just about ready for posting). So, here’s a last chance to listen to our July broadcast. Find out why Bob Gurr is so excited to meet Ursula at the D23 Expo on this show! It’s really quite stunning and charming.

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Sometimes the news is good, sometimes it’s not so good. But it always comes from a place of love and respect for the little park that a father built for his daughters. This week, we were intoxicated by some things we think make Disneyland special.  What are the little details that have you hooked on Disneyland?