There are two new articles about Aulani today: ‘AMA‘AMA and the Craziest Job at Aulani

‘AMA‘AMA, the signature dining restaurant at Aulani, is named after the ‘ama‘ama, the local striped mullet fish which can be seen jumping out of the water in the lagoons of the Ko Olina Resort. ‘AMA‘AMA makes a much better restaurant name than Striped Mullet (which sounds like a hairstyle).

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Why was a man in a red shirt dangling from a rope 16 floors above the resort’s Waikolohe Valley? Could it be an extra-cost guest activity, along the lines of the resort’s Rainbow Reef snorkeling pool or its outrigger canoe rides?

Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Craziest Job at Aulani.

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  • KENfromOC

    Reminds me of the Dirty Jobs episode where Mike Rowe was in Hawaii cleaning windows with a similar crew.

  • StevenW

    While the food looks good, the food is extremely expensive for a lunch ($44 for snapper, $36 for pork chop, $21.95 for daily lunch plate). I can’t imagine how much dinner is. I would have expected a better table setting and posh chairs instead of what looks like a typical patio dining set. Nonetheless, vacation means money is no object. So they take your money from willing customers (or perhaps captive guests).

    The roof cleaning article is interesting in that it comes right after the food article. Eating and Pooping. Life’s cycle.

    • Werner Weiss

      The $44 snapper and $36 pork chop were dinner items, not lunch items. Yes, the dinner cost a lot more than I usually spend on a restaurant dinner, but (a) the restaurant is in Hawaii where prices are generally higher than on the mainland, (b) the restaurant is a one-of-kind restaurant in a resort, (c) the view is great, and (d) the service was at the high level one would expect from a signature restaurant. Lunch items are in the teens, which is not that bad under these circumstances. The daily plate lunch is 21.95, but it’s essentially a “complete dinner” at lunch.

  • Big D

    I had dinner at Ama Ama, and I’m not a big seafood person, so I wasn’t thrilled with it. The service was exceptional however. I was in Oahu on business, and I was dining by myself, and the waiters took very good care of me one of them even came by when they were on their break and sat down with me for a few minutes. If you like seafood then it’s probably awesome, but I would not go back there again myself.

  • stu29573

    I think I would rather have a real “plate lunch” (complete with small price tag). That being said, the food does look wonderful….