Today we catch up on one of our favorite Southern California parks. Knott’s Berry Farm opened three family attractions and the refurbished Timber Mountain Log Ride at the beginning of the season and has enjoyed an amazingly busy season.  But, the big news is that they park is gearing up for an even busier time of year, Halloween Haunt.


HAUNT 2013

Back in mid-July Knott’s went all out with a sort of Haunt pep rally, to announce the mazes and scare zones planned for the 41st year of Halloween fun.  Much of the construction is already happening backstage.  But, as the event gets closer, we begin to see more and more appear out in the open.


The oldest returning maze, Slaughterhouse, is quickly coming together.





One of the more anticipated mazes for this year is from Haunt veteran Daniel Miller, (Delirium, Fallout Shelter, Lockdown). Black Magic delves into the world of Houdini.  The talk that we have been hearing indicates that this will be a beautiful maze, on par with last year’s hit maze, Trick or Treat.  Let’s hope they get the money they need to produce it properly.








The Haunt Museum in Ghost Town was open this week and featured a few new items on display.


New costumes were installed on the center stand.
And the timeline poster on the far end of the room has been updated to include last year’s haunt.
These weird bracelets were displayed below the counter.


Also, as readers will know from previous articles, Dia De Los Muertos is not returning, nor is the Wheeler Dealer space going to be used for a maze this year.

We invite all of you to join MiceChat at the Haunt on Saturday September 28th.  Last year was an amazing event and this year promises to be even better.

NIGHTS OF HORROR MEETS 2013 – Knott’s Scary Farm

Mark your calendars for a spooky good time at Knott’s Scary Farm on Saturday, September 28th!  Let us know if you will be joining us by signing up for our Halloween Haunt list below. We’ll send you an email when more information and tickets are available.

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This old sign, which has endured many, many variations, has been repainted.  It’s nice to see it looking so good.




Another massive arcade game has been placed out on the stoop of the arcade building.  However, the thing is so huge that it blocks the sign above the entry.


Speaking of signs, the Lazer Zone game got new signage.



Knott’s has taken mercy on the masses and has built shade canopies above the queues for Pacific Scrambler, Surfside Glider and Coast Rider.





The newly refurbished Timber Mountain Log Ride is keeping up the pace alongside the other, newer attractions in the park and commanding a healthy 40 to 60 minute wait on average per day.




One of our favorite water gags is still not working.
The exterior animatronics are still working just as they did on opening day.


It’s wonderful to see this treasured attraction looking so good.  They are seeing a nice return on their investment here and we simply could not be happier.


Some new signage has been installed at the front of the two queues for Sky Cabin and Wipeout.  Unfortunately, the two lines so close together still cause confusion for riders.





In another refurbishment job that would make the crew on Silly Symphony Swings green with envy, the Wave Swinger has returned.  Sparkling and new, the ride looks wonderful again.








Oh poor Windseeker.  What happened?  After stranding riders high above the ground for 3 hours last September the Mondial-built attraction was closed pending modifications that would make it easier to rescue riders.  Then, while the 301ft tall elephant loomed over Knott’s, it’s cousin at Carowinds had a similar  issue recently.







Will this ride ever return?  Signs are increasingly pointing that it may not.  It’s a shame too, as the ride was actually quite enjoyable and offered a wonderful view of the park and beyond.


We will return soon with more news from Knott’s Berry Farm.

  • Zeathos51

    I rode Windseeker during the last Christmas it ran and Camp Snoopy would pass by bellow incredibly lit. The one thing I’ll miss more that that though is the LED’s that ran when the ride went up. I remember watching the LED’s from the Salloon during the tree lighting. At least we still have the Sky Cabin which stands as a great night cap along with the Geode shop on the way out of the park. They Have Dinosour Eggs! I’ll also miss Dia De Los Muertos but at least Knotts keeps rolling out new Mazes to look forward to. I’ll see you all at the next Haunt.

    • Ryan120420

      Knotts sure did dodge a bullet by not removing Sky Cabin for Windseeker like they were originally going to do.

      I think its time for Knotts to cut their losses and remove the ride. If history of these rides is any indication, it will get stuck again, and even if its for a short amount of time, the media will be all over it because of what happened last September.

  • Fun update Fishbulb. And I’m so jealous that you were able to ride the revamped Timber Mountain while I was stuck at work this week.

    Looking forward to Haunt. That Houdini maze sounds great!

  • AvidTurtleTalker

    I’m glad they added shade to the new boardwalk rides. The weather was manageable, but being hit by the sun constantly was dreadful. Good job Knott’s.

  • Eeee-va

    Those weird bracelets/necklaces are Pennybandz. They’re silicone bracelets/pendants with a place to put a pressed penny in for display. Not sure if they’re the height of style or anything, but I bought a couple at Cedar Point this year and it’s kind of fun to wear a pressed penny as jewelry without having to drill a hole in it or anything.

    • That’s sort of neat. Thank you for filling us in!!!

    • dazyhill

      The reason the Penny Bandz are being sold at the Haunt Museum is because of the penny machines that are on the side of the building. Knott’s got so many requests for them that we brought them in .

  • jcruise86

    I always appreciate Knott’s updates! Thank you.

    I hope Windseeker re-opens. I really like that scenic ride in the sky. Guys, just be careful getting on if it re-opens.

    • Marko50

      I’d be more careful getting off. Make sure it’s down all the way.

      • Big D

        And make sure your bladder is EMPTY before you get on the ride. Those people in Sept of last year were stuck there for FOUR HOURS.

  • eicarr

    Looking great. If they put a dark ride back in like they’ve been hinting at… the park will be on my regular visit list along with DL and Universal.

  • Ryan120420

    Did they remove Dick Kinzel from the Wave Swinger portraits?

    • SanDiegoAl

      ^Yes, and Jack as well…

  • zugzug15

    hmm… I wonder with windseeker closed if NOT using the bumper car location for a haunt maze has to do with park capacity. If memory serves me right isnt the capacity of the park determined by the number of open and working rides? (do mazes count as rides for haunt capacity?)

    Interesting to think about.


  • Big D

    It is going to be really weird not to have a maze at the bumper cars this year. Ever since I started going to Haunt in 98 there has been a maze. I don’t remember the first one (Nightmares maybe?), but from Malice in Wonderland, to Lost Vegas, to Dia de los Muertos, they always had fantastic mazes there (maybe not Lost Vegas so much in the later years, but the first year was fun).

  • Rex Dopey24

    i will miss dia de los muertos. looking forward to new mazes

  • ralzap

    Thanks for the Knott’s coverage. I don’t really care about Halloween Haunts, but I do care that the great creativity that is not used for a new dark ride or some where else. Why can’t they use this for a new Calico ride. It’s Ghost Town.
    The Wind seeker seemed to be a ride that fit in Fiesta land. A land that has very little theming.
    Keep on fixing the treasures, and make the sight lines not so fake CF. The Ghost rider fits right in.
    One more million dollar idea. The gold panning area made Knott’s visitors feel like they were in the park. You ate at the steak house (Indian room) and you were part of the park. You were watching guests enjoy themselves inside, and you wanted to be part of it.
    It was totally unique.