The third biennial D23 Expo begins today in Anaheim, California. Werner Weiss rolls back the calendar to 2009 to take another look at the first D23 Expo.

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  • fitztwg

    I remember that Cruise panel well. My co-worker and I were walking by (both with press badges) and workers were begging us to come in. We looked at each other like “why? Is it empty?” Nope, super packed. Still can’t figure that one out.

  • Zeathos51

    Looking back, I really liked the first expo, was divided on the second and then really enjoyed the third one. It’s one thing to get into a show and complain, but to miss a presentation entirely after waiting in a long line justifies some critizism and fortunately, they heard the problems and got it just right on the third attempt. Add to that the lesson learned about getting there early which is exhausting but at least makes the expo more enjoyable. Disney increased capacity of the theaters and the show floor this year and that was a result of people who voiced concern out of love for this great convention. I think it’s going to be great from here on and I’m glad it’s every two years.