Eric & Mike are back with Epsidoe 9 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, where they visit all 3 SeaWorld Resorts in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio to bring you the latest SeaWorld news, rumors and information.

In this episode, Eric & Mike take on the Anti-SeaWorld documentary BlackFish, as they explore what life was like for Killer Whales before SeaWorld came into existence, and how they were treated like a nuisance animal.

pre seaworld killer whale perceptions
Pre-SeaWorld Killer Whale article from Oxnard California 1958
orcas were once hunted for sport
Orcas were once hunted as nuisance animals that interfered with fishing
1927 news article about Orca hunting
A short excerpt from a 1927 article about hunting Orcas

Then they will introduce you to SeaWorld Super Fan Glen, and how he uses positive reinforcement in his daily life in law enforcement.

Travel behind the scenes with Eric as he gets up close and personal with the  residents of Antarctica and get a preview of the new Penguin Up Close tour now available at SeaWorld Orlando.

behind the scenes at antarctica
Go behind the scenes at Antarctica with MiceChat

We then travel to the National Sea Shore where James is live on location where 4 manatees are being returned to the wild after they were injured and rescued by SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Super Fan, Victoria, brings us our first animal Spotlight, where we learn about Sea Otters and how they need our protection.

We then conclude the show with the Explore A Park section where you will hear the audio from Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld Orlando!

So let’s dive right into Episode 9 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast!

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