It’s D23 Expo weekend folks!  Time to delve into the epicenter of all things Disney.  There has been much more to see and do at the Anaheim Convention center, just across the street from Disney California Adventure, than you could possibly do in just one day.  So much so that it took a full team of MiceChat reporters to cover it all.  But we have just barely scratched the surface here.

Below is a collection of the amazing threads (essentially live blogs) started by our reporters in the MiceChat D23 section.  Enjoy reading through the collection of panels, info and more.  We’ll have more for you later this week, but we wanted to get the news out to you as quickly as possible in its raw conversational format.

COSPLAY in the Kingdom of D23

The onslaught of costumed convention attendees is truly impressive.  look at this thread to see some examples.

The Art of The Good Dinosaur

Here we stopped in to see the panel on the Good Dinosaur.  Light on imagery due to a request from Pixar, this is an interesting bit of info.

2013 D23 Undiscovered Disney Session with Tony Baxter (video)

A full video of the sold out Undiscovered Disney with Disney Legend Tony Baxter.

Toy Story of Terror: and the motivation behind Pixar’s short form content

An interesting, but ultimately disappointing panel that yielded more information about short form content than the title subject.

The Optimist: Disney’s WDI/WED ARG – Summary and Recap – What we know!

MonorailMan, the expert on the Optimist game, shares what he knows on this groundbreaking, interactive game.

D23 Expo – 2013 Disney Legends Awards Ceremony

MasterGracey covers the Disney Legends Ceremony that was at times celebratory and poignant.

Let the adventures begin. Live action at the Walt Disney studios

Here is what was offered from the Disney studios Live Action productions.

Review of “ABC’s Once Upon a Time: Behind the Fairytale”

Our own MiceChatter, Sarah Snitch covers Once Upon a Time:  Behind the Fairytale.  Was it worth waiting for?

Review of “Inside the Ice: The Art of Disney’s ‘Frozen'”

Our darling Sarah Snitch takes in the cold art of Disney’s Frozen.  Here we have her thoughts.

Stage 28 – Broadcasts from Buena Vista Street

MasterGracey covers the Broadcasts from Buena Vista Street.

Were you at the D23 Expo? Are you planning to return today (Sunday the 11th)?  We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please click on the D23 Forum link below and leave a comment on one of the discussions or start one of your own!