What a great week this was for theme park and Disney news! With all of the D23 news and happenings this week, it was actually a bit of a challenge to get content for this weeks show in order. To make things easier, I simply refer you all to the great D23 coverage that was done by our MiceChat crew!

We start off this weeks show by answering a few questions. It is always great to hear from Nuggeteers and answer your questions! Remember, if you have any questions, comments, or stories you want to share, you can always email me. ([email protected]) You, the listeners, can help build the show; if you have any ideas, I am more than open to hearing your suggestions. Also, it would be super awesome if you stopped by iTunes and left the show a 5 star review!

In this week’s 9 News Nuggets You Need to Know we talk about some of the latest and greatest news in theme parks and Disney! We have a story from SeaWorld Orlando about one of the sharks at Discovery Cove having a c section birth performed. Four new baby sharks are now swimming the waters at SeaWorld Orlando. Its funny, because SeaWorld takes such a beating from a lot of people for “imprisoning” and treating them badly. PETA and other organizations go through a lot of trouble to make sure bad news about SeaWorld get out, but when something beautiful and great like this happens, they get far less publicity. Also on this weeks show we cover stories about, Disney Cruise Lines allowing guests to wear shorts to dinner, a very passionate petition from Disneyland Paris fans to Bob Iger, and more!

This week we have a HUGE interview with Lee and Tracey Mallaby from UUOP. They are venturing back to the U.S for the first time in a few years and they have an action packed schedule ahead of them at the Orlando and Tampa area theme parks. Including, a super special meet up with their fans at Universal Orlando on August 24th! This week, we talk to them about all of the preparations they have been going through for this amazing trip. Dont forget, they are raising money for Give Kids the World and you can donate here!

All of this, and more on Episode 43 of the Wakefield Report Podcast!

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