The Disney Review: Once Upon A Time Season 2 Blu Ray and Grey’s Anatomy DVD

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I will admit it: when Once Upon A Time first starting airing last year, I became a massive fan. It was one of the shows I was excited to watch every week, and couldn’t wait to learn more of the complicated fairy tale back stories. As a whole, the first season knocked it out of the park, and kept me tuning in every week to find out more.

And then Once Upon A Time: The Complete Second Season began to air.

I have to say, as a whole, season 2 of the hit ABC show kind of lost its way, at least in my opinion. Compared to its stellar first outing, season 2 just didn’t pack the same punch.

For starters, some of the characters did things completely OUT of their nature. Regina, especially, seemed to have made strides in her arcs, only to take 3 steps back again to become a necessary villain that the story needed. Regina, as a character, was one of the reasons I kept coming back to watch the show to begin with. Her story was interesting, and she was wonderfully written and terrifically acted. But in season 2, she seemed to be in limbo. One moment, she was a good guy, and the next, her mother easily swayed her to do her evil bidding. It just seemed against type for her, especially after coming so far.

The story telling got awfully convoluted throughout the year as well, with story lines going nowhere, and some non-important ones taking center stage when they should have been kept as “b” stories.

That isn’t to say that there weren’t some fantastic breakout episodes during this year. Anyone that focused around Rumpelstiltskin was always a delight. But, as a whole, most of them left me feeling kind of “meh” toward the whole thing.

In all honesty, I stopped watching the show mid-way through the season because I had lost interest. It wasn’t until I received the blu-ray that I soldiered through the rest of the episodes. While it did pick up steam toward the end, it still didn’t have the same charm that the original season had. The finale (which I won’t spoil here) was a pretty lackluster ending, compared to the show changing “Magic is coming” finale from last year.

That said, the blu-ray itself is pretty fantastic. I was impressed with the amount of extras on the discs, and quite honestly, they may be the best part!

There are the standard (hilarious) blooper reel and numerous deleted scenes. There is also quite a funny and informative “Fractured Family Tree” featurette, which deconstructs Henry’s rather complicated family. This helped me immensely, because after a while, it all got confusing!

Additional features include one on Hook’s origin, the “girl power” of the show itself, and some advertisements for the various business found in Storybrooke. The stand out, though, is “Welcome to Storybrooke,” the parody morning chat show shown at last year’s Comic-Con. Definitely worth a watch!

Overall, if you’re a fan of the show, you will probably wind up buying this disc. However, if you’re not, you may want to skip it. Honestly, if I hadn’t been sent a review copy, I wouldn’t have picked it up, but I’m glad I got to finish out the season and check out the extras. Here’s hoping that season 3 will regain some of that charm that the original series had.

–Jeff Heimbuch

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 9 Everything Changes


George: OK, I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Even though I pretend to like the story and the drama, it’s really because of the female cast, but don’t tell my wife. Speaking of my wife, she is a major Grey’s fan and has been since the beginning. I asked her to review the season 9 DVD set.

Grateful is all I can be for the fact that my significant other allowed me to watch all the episodes that he sat through when they were broadcast last season. I cannot explain my complete adoration of this show, the characters and all of their intricate relationships. I just know that I do.

I cried again at all those moments where love was proclaimed, death was before them and relationships were enduring trauma.

I laughed all over again at Bailey’s nickname (BCB), the short calves girl and her wonderful jokes, etc.

The special/bonus features this time around are not only enlightening, but create an even more personal relationship to the characters by allowing you a relationship with the actors/actresses that portray them.

Jim Pickens is a cowboy!

The digital effects used for the scenes after Arizona lost her leg and how Jessica invested herself in research to try to portray the entire emotional roller coaster as realistically as possible!

Deleted Scene Footage – I always love these because there is always some small notion that I didn’t think of or realize.

Bloopers – another way that you can see the chemistry the cast has with one another

This is just another DVD set that lets you understand even more of how the show captures you and makes you part of its family.

By Jeff Heimbuch and George Taylor

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  1. Once Upon a Time seems really interesting, but I haven’t gotten into it. Should I?

    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I agree with everything you wrote about season 2 of Once. I just bought the few episodes I wanted to re-watch on Amazon Instant Play – I can wait for Netflix of Amazon to show me the rest for free….and I am sure any good extras will end up on the internet anyway.

  3. I really enjoyed season 2 of Once Upon a Time. I can see your point about the character arc of the Evil Queen, but she was lured back to the dark side by magic and her evil mother. I really enjoyed watching her struggle with her identity. And how much fun would the show be without a villain or two?

    What I’m even more excited about is the spinoff, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, which has the potential to be a very interesting show.


    My whole family loves Once; the addition of Hook and the story arc taking us to that land second star to the right, straight on till morning; and the increasing depth of the story lines. You really have to pay attention, and it’s fun consciously pondering where you are, with whom and when as you go along. My only real complaint was Snow’s story line and how she was so conflicted in vanquising evil because “she’s so pure and good.” Being pure and good should never stand in the way of protecting the people you love from those who are out there working to destroy them. Let those evil forces have their way when there was something you could have done, and you cease being pure and good, right Snow?

  5. I’m in the same place as you – I was really into Once for the first season, watched the first half of season 2, and then just never got around to watching after Regina and her mom hooked back up. The episodes are still sitting there on the DVR…so maybe I’ll catch up before the new season starts – or get the DVD from the library. :)