Welcome to another installment of the MiceAge Disney News Round-up! This week we have many reports from D23 Expo, as well as news from around the globe. The fabled Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost has returned.  Well, only for the expo.  Could Star Wars be coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World?  Is Universal building a third Park in Florida? Have you seen what’s new at Tokyo Disneyland?  Read on.  All of this plus full recaps of the D23 convention this weekend, new MiceTube videos
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D23 Expo 2013 takes fans inside Disney Imagineering, animation and movies
Disney’s big 2013 D23 Expo took the Anaheim Convention Center by storm over the weekend, bringing three days of everything Disney underneath one roof.

D23 Weekend Coverage
It’s D23 Expo weekend folks!  Time to delve into the epicenter of all things Disney.  There has been much more to see and do at the Anaheim Convention center, just across the street from Disneyland.

Blank: A Vinylmation love Story
was recently invited to Disney Interactive, which is housed in a small and unassuming business park  nestled between neighborhoods, schools and a freeway, Inside, it is a hive of frenetic creativity.

Tip of the Week

Just keep riding, just keep riding!

Did you know most rides don’t close when the parks closes?  You can still get in a 60 minute line at 10:50 when the parks close at 11 p.m.  Most people clear out when the park makes the closure announcement, which gives you the opportunity to get that big ride in at the very end of the day.

Also, the shops on Main Street remain open for an additional hour after the park closes. Which can be a perfect time to do your shopping before heading out of the park, but after many of the guests have already gone home!

Disney Parks News and Reports

D23 brought us a look at The Hatbox Ghost, Then we take a look at what the future may hold for Tomorrowland, and several great trip reports, including one that goes back to 1967!!!~ Aladdin

MiceChat Newsletter

Years back, my first visit to Disneyland
teacherlady19 takes us back to 1967 with photos from her first trip to Disneyland!

Joe’s 2nd Trip Report this week, a DCA visit with T’s family
mre200200 and Theresa, along with her sister and niece visit the Happiest Place on Earth, and the proof is in their smiles in all their photos!

July Trip Report: Club 33 & lots of pics!
bookwyrm and friends explore DCA and Disneyland, and top it off with a meal at Club 33!

MiceChat Newsletter

8/4/13 Photo Trip
DisneyLoon posts a few photos from their Sunday excursion to Disneyland!

MiceAge Report: Star Wars in Tomorrowland, D23 and why no announcements, GAC Attack 2.0
The latest MiceAge report lets us know what plans Disney is considering for Tomorrowland. Could we be seeing a larger presence of the Star Wars Universe?

Hatbox Ghost Animatronic featured at D23!
A new version of the Hatbox Ghost made an appearance at D23! Take a look at a video of this previously elusive apparition!


While the crowds swarm the West Coast for D23 let’s talk about crowds over on the East Coast for Walt Disney World. ~ DLandFansAZ

New Third Gate at Universal Orlando effect on WDW
With Universal buying the land at Wet and Wild, NJDevil is curious how this may affect WDW and their parks?

Finding the pleasant side of the most crowded days in the parks?
The busiest days at WDW bring crazy crowds, so what do you do to avoid traffic jams and grumpy people and keep the magic going?


The rumors are coming in with the conclusion of D23 last week, so what may be in store?. ~ DLandFansAZ

Announcements for attractions at DL coming ‘over the next couple of months’
Could Disney of hinted of a ‘Star Wars’ attraction at last weeks D23 convention.

Hatbox Ghost Animatronic featured at D23!
Does the Hatbox Ghost Animatronic at D23 add more fuel to the Hatbox Ghost rumors?

Marvel Ride coming?
Fans at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion at D23 were told to ask for ‘something weird,’ and this is what they got.

Omg yes!!’
At D23, Disney showed a recreation of Journey Into Imagination, so DreamfinderFigment wonders if this could be a hint of something new for Imagination!?


MiceChat Newsletter

Tokyo Travels
MactheMan takes us on a four day adventure to Tokyo Disney Resort, here is their journey!

AV Room

MiceChat Podcast – Star Wars rules the galaxy, the box-office, and now Disney Park Discussion. Is the famous sci-fi franchise taking over Disney Hollywood Studios and Tomorrowland in Disneyland? What about the catch 22 happening in Club 33?? All this plus an exclusive interview with Halloween Horror Nights mastermind John Murdy. Sceraming from Monstropolis to Evil Dead, this is MiceChat Podcast 10. Please be sure to share with your friends.

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Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Buena Vista Street, More Cute Stories, The Muppets, and The Land! DISNEY HISTORY! — Have you been to California Adventure since their grand reopening? If so, you know how gorgeous Buena Vista Street is. Learn all about it in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George takes a break from reading and listens to More Cute Stories Vol 1 for his Book of the Week! 60 SECOND REVIEW! — The Muppet Movie Nearly 35th Anniversary Blu Ray has come out, so Jeff and George take a look for the 60 Second Review. FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, The Land hides this weeks Five Legged Goat!

Sarah the MiceChatter returns from D23 to give us her recap and thoughts on the event.

Universal Studios – Twirl and Hurl POV ride through!
The new Simpsons-themed Twirl ‘n Hurl, Kang and Kodos spinner opened. It is a flat ride with interactive elements!


Coffee with Kurtti features Keith and Jeff reflecting on their in-person recording failure, how fun the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet was, the Saving Mr. Banks trailer, and a little-known Disney employee periodical Jeff worked on called WD Eye.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, brings you up to speed on what is happenign at the first ever UUOP meet this month. We then answer a listener email, bring you the latest new from the parks and the next segment of the Dead Man’s Die-Gest. We finish the show of by letting you know all the characters you can meet at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure and where in the parks you can meet them.

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The Season Pass: Tony Baxter Part II, This week is part TWO of the Interview with retired Imagineer & 2013 Disney Legend Tony Baxter!

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, Join Eric and guest hosts James and Joseph Taylor as they explore news, rumors, and Summer Nights at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio

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Wakefield Report, covers the latest in theme park news! find full notes on this podcast at WakefieldReport.com.

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V24 Disney Radio

V24 Radio has a new listening experience from 9pm to 10pm Eastern!

With new shows like the live talk show/game show ADR: A Disney Roundtable and Downtown & Beyond added to the station, a classic remains: Datenight at Disneyland! The classic Datenight show originated on Friday and Saturday nights at Disneyland, and that’s what we’re giving you, as well!

Here’s a look at what you can expect every night of the week at 9pm Eastern:

Sunday – Downtown & Beyond
Monday – ADR: A Disney Roundtable (hosted live by Team V24!)
Tuesday – Downtown & Beyond
Wednesday – Downtown & Beyond
Thursday – Downtown & beyond
Friday – Datenight At Disneyland
Saturday – Datenight at Disneyland

Listen to music from Disney Parks and Universal Orlando on the official radio station of MiceChat.com, V24 Radio, at V24Radio.com!

Other Theme Parks

The Horror Nights news just keeps pouring in and this week we learn of another new maze to join the group. Then it’s off on a tour of the South Coast Botanic Garden. ~ DLandFansAZ

Insidious Maze Announced for HHN!
John Murdy and Chris Williams announced that Halloween Horror Nights will now have another new maze, ‘Insidious: Into the Further.’

Joe and Aubrey’s South Coast Botanic Garden visit
mre200200 and family take us on a tour of flora and well more flora as they bring us this grear trip report from the South Coast Botanic Garden.

Predict when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will Open at Universal Studios Hollywood!
jcruise86 brings up a little fun as we guess when the Wizarding World will open in Hollywood.

Other Theme Parks

D23 Expo

MiceChat rocked the D23 Expo. Follow our many discussions in the MiceChat D23 Forum HERE. And check out Andy Castro’s full coverage HERE.

Disney Cruise

We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.

Nights of Horror

Micechat Events

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MiceChat Newsletter

Kang and Kodos Opens and Big Universal Orlando Update
Springfield is finally complete with the grand opening of the Kang and Kodos’ Twirl N’ Hurl spinner attraction. We’ll take you for a look along with an update of the Universal Resort.

East Of Kensington: The Darker Side of Peter Pan
There is no question that it has become a popular trend in the film and television industry to adapt and modernize classic fairy tales.

More It’s Kind of a Cute Story
Do you know why most of the food at Disneyland for the first few years was nothing more than hot dogs and hamburgers?

Cruising to Alaska on the Celebrity Century Day Two
We have the second installment of BC_DisneyGeek’s report on his Alaska Cruise on the Celebrity Century, but before we do that, I would like to answer a question that may have been on some of your minds.

The Muppet Movie on Blu-ray
George: I know that we’ve both been waiting a long time for Disney to release a Blu-ray edition of the 1979 Muppet movie that is a classic in every sense of the word.

MiceChat Newsletter

In The Parks: Disneyland Prepares for D23 Weekend
There is a huge buildup of anticipation for the big D23 convention among Disneyland cast and guests.

Hollywood Studios News and Photos
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’ll take a look at what’s been going on over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It’s be a while since we last covered the park.

Four Full Days of Disney: The First D23 Expo
The third biennial D23 Expo begins today in Anaheim, California. Werner Weiss rolls back the calendar to 2009 to take another look at the first D23 Expo.

Top Ten Scenes at Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo DisneySea is the greatest Disney theme park in the world not just because of its impressive attraction lineup, but because of its amazing landscape that transports you from a theme park to numerous distant lands.

The Great Disney Stroller Debate
You see it over and over again on Disney forums across the internet.  The dreaded s-word.  STROLLERS!!!  It strikes fear in the hearts (and ankles) of pedestrians all over the theme parks.

DESIGN: Those Were The Times – No.15 Catastrophe Canyon EFX
Let’s go way back in time with Disney Legend Bob Gurr as he takes us to that time of great music and terrible hair, 1987.

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