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Published on August 18, 2013 at 2:00 am with 27 Comments

We were recently contacted by Matt Givot, who has created a gorgeous Disneyland time lapse video with his friend Dan Douglas. We are thrilled to share this with you today. If you folks enjoy it and ask for more in the comments, we might just be able to convince this talented duo to share more videos with us in the future. We think this one is going to knock your socks off.

There’s a special energy to Disneyland. A life force which ebbs and flows throughout the day. To take it all in you’d have to sit on a park bench for an entire day. We’ve found a way to bring it to you in just a few minutes. Timelapse photography allows us to capture just a small piece of that magic. ┬áIt’s the things we can not see for example, what to the naked eye looks like crowded chaos, is actually an organized flow of movement. My goal was to show people that even as they visit the park they too are part of what make it so special. And at night, the whole place lights up with extra color and excitement. This subject is a photographers dream, striking Southern California night skies and a perfectly lite subject that is glowing with pixie dust.

This movie is comprised of about 18,000 still images from a canon 5dIII, all shot on one sunny day this summer. They were shot in high resolution to capture the amazing detail of the park. But all those pictures take up a lot of hard drive space. In the case of this piece, about 400GB of storage was needed. But the combination of Disneyland’s beautiful settings and our ability to capture it with so much detail, is what makes this video so compelling. We hope you enjoy it:

Welcome to The Magic – A Disneyland Timelapse from Givot on Vimeo.

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  • MrTour


  • rstar

    That is amazing!

  • disneydempster

    Absolutely incredible – loved it, really good show!

  • trixielou

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

  • 2DZNY

    Simply incredible! Music in the background fits, too! Thank you for sharing this!

  • DannyeF

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • DobbysCloset

    Truly wonderful. Awesome editing. Kept thinking, “That’s my FAVORITE moment” and then another would come along and THAT would be my new favorite. Thank you, thank you, and my feet say thank you as well.

  • Disneygayguy

    Now this made my day!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • IndianaJanes

    Well, that was gorgeous! Wonderful job!!!

  • Eagleman

    “FUN”…I enjoy it!……..

  • grizzlybear55

    Loved it! They especially captured the lighting that I think is what makes Disneyland so magical. Would love to see more of their work.

    • DobbysCloset

      I flipped when I saw the Mickey Wheel reflected in the water!

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    Great soundtrack. Any info on the artist/title/etc?


    • Chris Disney

      It’s by one of my favorite artists, he goes by the name of Pogo and has made many remixes for Disney movies check him out :)

      Here’s a link to the song from the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs1bG6BIYlo

  • victoriaskitten

    Oh my goodness, this is so amazingly beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I so loved it and will watch it again and again. The clarity is so wonderful and the night light …what can I say, you guys are true artists. Thank you so much. I would love to see more in the future.

  • Asylim

    Wow…. I miss the resort.

    Next visit May 2015. In the mean time I’ll just put this on a loop and play it forever. :)

  • unkadug

    How did they do the smooth dolly shots using time lapse without professional equipment?

    • lnml

      I’m not the artist in question, but I can chime in and say Mark III is definitely professional equipment, and I suppose a tripod or monopod plus a very careful hand could have gotten those pans in… I’d love to hear Matt weigh in though!