Hello, and welcome back to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re looking at the news and construction around the Magic Kingdom park. Almost 50 photos for you, so let’s get started!

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!


While riding the monorail into the park, you can see the progress on the expanded bus loops at the entrance to the park.




RFID installation is still happening on the left side of the turnstiles.





Work continues outside the front of the main entrance of the Emporium.




Lots to see in Adventureland this week.



Scrims still up next to the Dole Whip stand.


Pavement blocked off on the ramp down to the Jungle Cruise.


The Tiki Gods are under refurbishment.




People just aren’t visiting the Pirate Adventure game. It looks like this almost every single time I walk by.



The statue of the Br’er creatures outside of Splash Mountain is still missing.





The Disney Visa Card spot that was at Haunted Mansion is now in between Mansion and the Riverboat entrance.



All the beams at the Haunted Mansion entrance are being worked on.




The Carrousel is under refurbishment.


We’ve finally seen some movement outside the Princess Hug Zone. I’ve heard from some folks to expect this to open sometime in September.



Time for some Mine Train construction photos.






Prince Eric’s village looks like it should open relatively soon. It also looks a bit darker on the top.




Back to the Mine Train.


This wall was pushed out a little bit into the walkway.


That is because some new rock work has been installed right near the walls.





In Tomorrowland, the Stitch stage is under some sort of refurbishment, but they still have a tent set up so that a DJ can spin the family friendly tunes of Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Psy in a Magic Kingdom style park.




Time to head out!


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That wraps things up for this week’s column. Any thought from you all? Ready for refurbishments to freshen attractions and sights up? Let us know in the comments!!

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  • DisneyDesi

    Maybe they should add Fastpass+ to the Pirates game. Seems like a perfect candidate.

    Please take down the Stich Stage! If they really need that (which they don’t), at least play Disney music or find a place for it indoors and out of the way like at DCA.

    • CaptainAction

      Hey, how about new Fastpass for Tiki Room, Shooting Arcade, and the restrooms. Maybe they could theme the lines to the restrooms with interactive ques? These things could be added by Disney and it would fit in their current “Attraction Updates for Guests Budget’ which must stay below $250 per attraction.

  • martinjbell1986

    Great update Cory!

  • Thank you Cory. beautiful photos. Lots of refurbishment going on.

  • Bronco21

    Stitch Stage needs to be demolished. A huge scar on the Magic Kingdom. I feel like the Pirates game was an attempt at a super cheap way to increase capacity and it failed. I think maybe now they might actually spend money to fix/ add capacity in ways that make more sense to normal people.

  • Orlando71

    Great update. The mine train is moving along nicely. I hope Disney starts pumping out the attractions like Universal soon, because its kind of enbarrasing for Disney fans when you go to Orlando and Sea world gets Antartica and Universal gets Transformers and Disney…. Disney gets an interactive game and a new bathroom. Now i know the game might be fun but its not goin to make me wanna go to Magic Kingdom any more than i already want to. But we do have the mine train, so i am excited to go back when its finished.

  • BuckyRister

    I think Voyager took less time reaching Saturn than it has taken to build this Snow White kids coaster…

  • Twist_of_Fate

    When we went in May, there was never much of a line for the Pirates game, but there was a LOT of people walking around Adventureland playing. Has this stopped?

  • sixalex

    I always enjoy ANY news about Disney. I do not get to WDW, so you are my fix! Many thanks for the updates.

    The pix of the construction and “improvements” are fun. What I REALLY enjoyed are the the pictures of just the regular stuff. The entrance into Adventureland or Jungle Cruise, the random Main Street shots, these are things we do not always see online. We are inundated with pix of the castle or the fireworks, but the real beauty of the Disney parks is the experience of just walking through the themed lands.

    Your pictures catch that “normal” atmosphere nicely. You have a good eye for capturing the essence of a spot. Perhaps, in the future, could you take us on mini-photo tours of some of the lands? Actually walk us into and through Fantasyland, Frontierland or Adventureland? Show us the route and sequence of buildings and attractions?

    A big request perhaps, but I think you would do an excellent job.

    In fact, if the MiceChat gods are listening, this might make a nice separate feature involving ALL the parks. I would love to see sequential picture tours of Paris or Tokyo.

    Once again, a huge Thank You for what you already do.

  • Brack Daddy

    My wife and I had a quick getaway to WDW in June and really enjoyed The Pirates Adventure games. There was never a line to get a map, but there still seemed to be plenty of groups moving around Adventureland with them.
    I know that my kids would have enjoyed it too – they really liked Kim Possible at Epcot.

    What I liked best about Pirates Adventure however is that it’s not a major attraction the requires a huge line to be successfully entertaining. Instead it’s something fun with creative details and “Disney” touches that can be enjoyed casually and at your own time and pace – almost like hunting for hidden Mickeys. Disney could use more attractions like this in my opinion.

  • DG2

    That is an amazing amount of construction ! Kudos to the brass for green lighting this massive project. IMHO WDW Magic Kingdom needed this typ of major overhaul.

  • Medd63

    That seems to be a LOT of construction. I don’t know how to get around the problem, but I think the construction wal SERIOUSLY detract from the park. The whole illusion of going to “Walt’s Place” is destroyed by the sights of bulldozers and cranes.

    BTW – I think your photos are of very high quality.

  • Disneygayguy

    Good report!! One day I wish to visit WDW