Well here we are, another week removed from D23 Expo and more theme park news is starting to trickle in. I was really hoping more would come out in the days following D23 regarding the Disney Parks, but it looks like we will go wanting for at least, “a few more months” according to Bob Iger.


Story 1: We have more details about the terrible bus crash at Walt Disney World that happened last week. While the accident is still under investigation, we have learned that 63 year old Solange Blain’s car came to a stop on Epcot Center Drive and a Disney Magical Express bus, operated by Mears Transportation, crashed into the back of Blain’s cars. She was reported dead on the scene and 2 guests on the Magical Express bus were treated for minor injuries at Celebration Hospital.

Story 2: We have an unofficial report that the long running Magic Kingdom Celebrate a Dream Come True parade could be coming to an end as soon as December 18th of this year. Reports say that Disney will shut down the parade when they run their Christmas parade for the last two weeks of December, and then there will be no regular day parade at Magic Kingdom until the debut of the new Festival of Fantasy parade in March.

Story 3: What an AMAZING time lapse video that was shared on MiceChat by Matt Givot. He and a friend took 18,000 high definition still photographs and put them all together in a truly spectacular time lapse video. Its something you have to see!

Story 4:  SeaWorld Orlando is having a weekend with Jungle Jack Hanna. If yo are like me, and grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, Jack Hannah is somewhat of an icon to you. Hannah is bringing his unique form of animal education to SeaWorld. He will present at the Nautilus Theater at 1:15 and 3:15 pm, with first come, first served seating on September 14th and 15th. You can also have a breakfast or dinner buffet with Jungle Jack and some of his animal friends!

Story 5: We now have the official lineup for the 2013 Night of Joy events at Magic Kingdom at Disney World. I’m not too into the Christian music scene, but if they are playing at WDW, then I’m guessing acts like Skillet, MercyMe, and Audio Adrenaline must be good. Night of Joy takes place on September 6th and 7th this year. Do any of you have experience with this event or these bands?


Story 6: We now have the list of  premium events at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. As if its not enough to gorge yourself on Hawaiian sliders and lasagna, you can attend one of these premium, and pricey, add on events at Food and Wine. They include things like the Party for the Senses ($180-$285), a Parisian Breakfast ($37), or a Hibachi Experience ($120). Do you plan on attending any of these special events? Id love to hear about your experience. Email me at ([email protected])

Story 7: Thanks to MiceChat’s Fishbulb, we have a cool new update about some of the latest news at Disneyland. Including the new effects at the Indiana Jones Adventure. But what really has my attention is Dusty’s report that Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland may not be up until February of next year! With my upcoming trip to Disneyland next month, this has me a little upset. My previous trip this year to DLR saw almost all of Frontierland closed. No Fantasmic, no Big Thunder, and no Splash Mountain. Hopefully, I will find that side of the part more hospitable when I visit in a few short weeks.

Story 8: A simple story out of Universal Orlando. Reports came in that the power went out inside the theme park for about an hour or so. Power was easily restored, but it got me thinking; what do you do in a theme park when there is no power? Complain, riot, go home, riot?

Story 9:  This last couple of years or so, Disney has had a terrible problem with timing. Be it the delayed Avatar announcement two years ago, or the newest “hint” from Disney CEO Bob Iger that, ‘‘We’ve got some pretty exciting things that we’ll be announcing over the next couple of months.’’ Did someone forget to tell Iger that the largest gathering of the companies most hardcore fans was being held across the street from the very theme park he is promising these “exciting things” for? Yeah yeah, I know about the whole thing where Iger had to wait for the boards approval to announce anything new for the parks, but are you telling me he couldn’t have figured out some way to take advantage of this rare situation? Its not like board members only speak when they meet 4 times or so a year! They talk often, via, phone, email, etc. Point being, if he really wanted to, Iger could have released the hounds at D23.


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I hope to see a lot of you this week at Universal Orlando for two very special meetups! The first Friday September 23rd for the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast meetup and also on Saturday September 24th for the Universal NOW meetup! For the Universal NOW meetup, you can meet the Universal NOW hosts at CityWalk at 2:30pm. Hollywood Drive in mini golf is giving us a special 50% off deal! We will then head to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and we will award a special trophy to the person with the winning score for mini golf! I cant wait to spend time with Lee and Tracey on Friday and then hang with my Universal NOW co hosts on Saturday!

All of this and more on Episode 44 of the Wakefield Report Podcast!

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