Indiana Jones Adventure gets new magic as summer comes to an end at Disneyland

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, Features

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Published on August 19, 2013 at 5:05 am with 37 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Bongo

    Thanks for the update. I am going to spend my birthday over at the park this Saturday, so knowing what to expect to see is much appreciated.

    As a gift to myself I originally wanted to get some Disneyland Railroad tin plate signs, but the exhibit got shelved before I could get them. Luckily the Enchanted Tiki Room is one of my favorite attractions in the park, so I can gift myself that instead. At first it looked like I wanted to get the José figure you posted, but then I saw the price tag. It would be fine with me but the figure almost looks nothing like him. Are there any other bird merchandise available though? I absolutely love the birds of the tiki room and always try to jump on the opportunity of getting something related to the bird cast of the show.

  • lightofdarkness

    Looking over the refurb schedule, September 3, 4, and 9th seem to be awful days to be in the park: 7 closures with 3 major rides each day…

  • Badger

    Dateline Disneyland is one of the few things that makes Monday bearable! Thanks for the photos, videos and updates. As someone for whom a trip to Disneyland is a rare thing, I only get to experience the park regularly through DD and the trip reports posted to the forums, and the more photos and videos the better (even if there isn’t much news to report). Please post photos from each land of each park every week, even if nothing has changed.

  • jcruise86

    THANK YOU for the excellent update, Andy!

  • airick75

    Great update. I can’t stand the One Disney initiative Halloween stuff – most of it looks like the usual generic Disney items you can buy at Target. At leas there’s one Disneyland specific t-shirt.

    I mean no disrespect to anyone who works a dangerous job or to anyone who’s been injured or died in an accident on the job, but these railings seem to be getting ridiculous. If I have someone replace the roof on my house in California, do I need to first have railings installed along said roof? It seems proper precautions and common sense should protect everyone from the sort of accidents these changes are supposed going to prevent (that haven’t happened in over 58 years of operation).

    I am open to being wrong on this. I may be and there may be facts and circumstances I don’t understand and if so, I apologize and accept the need for these changes. But based on what I do know, it seems overbearing.

    • Amanda949

      I agree with you on the railings and Halloween merch.

    • StevenW

      You don’t have people constantly on your roof. The railings are designed to protect workers who are there EVERY SINGLE NIGHT there is a show. From the looks of it, they were supposed to retract after each show, but since there are there all the time, I would assume the constrant traffic makes that impossible.

      The obvious solution is themed railing or concealed railing (by bringing the roofline higher).

      • And yet, somehow, for the previous 58 years, folks were quite successful working in these conditions. While I’m all for safety, I somehow think this is overkill.

        Proper training and prudent safety measures should be sufficient. This seems more like idiot-proofing to me. Disneyland shouldn’t be hiring idiots and therefore shouldn’t need such drastic safety measures. ;-)

        Just because you CAN add a railing to something doesn’t mean it really belongs there. Especially in a highly themed theatrical environment like Disneyland.

        Safety is job one. Every person should be well trained on how to do their job and what the potential safety issues are. And if Disney hires folks who are skilled and well trained, safety-wheels shouldn’t be necessary.

        I was supportive of these changes at first, but it’s really getting out of hand now.

      • JulieMouse

        Regulations are different in every state. You can ALWAYS figure out ways that would make it even less likely that anyone could get hurt (and it’s hard to argue against more safety). However, there is such a thing as reasonable standards. Considering the accident rates of places that have had less rigid rules and seeing what the actual safety records are and considering things like cost and aesthetics (as a secondary concern, after considering the history of accidents at differing levels of regulation), makes sense to me. I think they’ve gone just a bit overboard from what I know of the injury rates through the years.

      • StevenW

        You do know what is sufficient??? Just a safety harness. In lieu of a safety harness, they need the railings.

        It’s funny how you say they don’t need it for the only reason is aesthetic. This doesn’t make sense to me. Safety should always come before aesthetics. The railing belongs there for the reason that Disneyland puts on the show. If you dislike it, ask Disney to not put on the show or maintain their park infrastructure (Space Mountain accident).

        Disney needs to better train their workers AND that of the numerous contractors that they hire, BUT this doesn’t eliminate permanent safety measures as well as finally puting in decorative or concealed railings.

        Why not try not looking up? Especially of fireworks and such.

      • danielz6

        Adding railings or barriers to what is supposed to be open sight lines destroys the illusion and forced perspective that the park is designed with and delusion on . That illusion makes buildings look bigger then they really are and the park more open then it really is. For someone who’s visited Disneyland fo thirty years now, the railings are a blatant distraction on an otherwise immaculately themed park. OSHA can go to hell imo.

      • danielz6

        *depends on

  • Baloo

    I have not seen the disneyland park signs myself but the pixelization does not necessaryly mean its of low quality. If those signs are being screen printed on certain substrates many printers use a low screen ruling. This is done because of the method of printing and substrate that it is being printed on. I higher screen ruling makes for a finer piece but depending on the substrate and printing method the final piece could end up looking worse.

    Most printers and artist will go with the low screen ruling if the piece is meant to be hung and seen from a distance. If that is the case the human eye will adjust and not see the pixels.

    as an example newspapers use very low screen ruling because of the uncoated paper and poor ink quality.

    I will have to check them out next time I’m at the park and see why they made the decision to go that route on a collectable. Seems like an odd choice for a piece that costs that much

    • They look cheap. I was excited to visit the Disney Gallery yesterday and check out the new signs. However, they look almost like someone pasted the sunday comics onto plywood. Disappointing. However, the sign on corrugated steel looks good. It’s just the ones on press-board that look tacky.

      • SpectroMan

        Yeah, I’ve only seen Aloha Isle and it looked quite nice. The others are on cardboard? That’s a shame.

  • Sparky

    I had the chance to experience the new Indy effects over the weekend, waiting a mere 5 minutes in the queue Saturday evening rather than the lengthy line for the “AP opportunity”. It looks and sounds better in person, so shouldn’t be judged solely on the online videos. I’m undecided on the new voice. It’s great to see Indy get some enhancements.

    There actually is a new Halloween/Haunted Mansion item, which was shown to me by a friend over the weekend. It is a set of Haunted Mansion Bust ornaments. He said they had been selling out, so park visitors may not see them when they visit and will probably have to keep checking. I know one item that I wanted last year sold out early on. Thankfully, it looks like they have it again this year. The ornament set is also available on Disney Store online.

  • Amanda949

    I knew they would knock out the Birthday Cake Room but I was really, really hoping they wouldn’t. Knowing now that it’s gone breaks my heart. I loved that room. My family and I spent many happy moments in there enjoying the art and the quiet. My son won’t even remember it existed and that just sucks. I’m all for change throughout the park but the beauty of Disneyland lies in the details, even the smallest details. When you start plastering over them it starts to take from the dream that Disneyland is. I wish they could find a nice balance between upgrades and preservation.

  • StevenW

    I would agree that you should not purchase any items that look cheap, but I wonder what justifies $150 at high quality. Sometimes, it is best to buy a cheap quality print and just frame it. You can also rip out a page from a book and frame it. Perhaps, we should just keep our memories at Disneyland and stop buying such things that end up in a corner of the room or attic.

    • Gwendolyn Dreyer

      I have a couple of framed Disneyland prints that I ADORE. They’re on my walls and give me great happiness whenever I look at them.

      These items are physical representations of our most cherished memories. To each their own!

  • JulieMouse

    Thanks for the update! As someone who doesn’t even drink coffee, I’m the least likely person to be excited about the coming Starbucks locations, especially Main Street USA…Seeing the Market House gutted actually hurts a little bit, but I will remain hopeful that they will try to retain some of it’s charm and charming traditions.

    I definitely liked the new Mara effects; the voice on one of them (riches?) was definitely different, but I’m not feeling negatively about it at all! Our group only waited about 10 minutes at the AP preview Saturday night, but we didn’t get in line until the first group was mostly through it. The next two waits were less than 5 minutes each, and we got really lucky, we rode three times and went through a different “door” each time!

    Innovations and Infinity…all I see is space that could be much better used. I know they won’t just bring back a great rotating show like America Sings (or the Carousel or Progress, which looks great on youtube), but I can dream. :)

  • davidrusk

    I’ve been buying the Halloween shirt for the last 7 years and this is the first time I’ve seen them repeat the previous year’s design. They only changed the year. Bummer.

  • Michael Greening

    Awesome update! Love the inclusion of video into it.

  • bearytrek

    If they have to use the new voice, they should at least have kept the James Earl Jones voice for the angry Mara, to show how displeased he is…

  • Captain Pitchfork

    We just rode Indy this weekend and noticed the changes. I also noticed that riding in the backseat was not nearly as “jerky” as it used to be. Seems as if they slowed the ride down to a comfortable speed and you can see a lot more of the attraction as you go through!

    On a not so good note: California Adventure really needs to work on food service. The Paradise Garden Grill ran out of steak before the first showing of WOC Saturday and the Turkey/Chimichunga carts around were severely under stocked. Had a real pain finding food I liked before the second WOC show.

    I liked the WOC upgrades and changes as I haven’t seen the show since last year.

    What gives with the animatronics and lighting in Splash Mountain? I can count on one hand the number of times I rode this with all the features actually working. Did they cut back on maintenance? Don’t get me wrong, I love the parks but I keep seeing problems pop up where there never used to be and I am curious what happened to the quality I am used to.

  • WRDup

    My friends and I stumbled upon the new indy effects last night. We were all quite surprised by the change and really enjoyed it. I didn’t think the new was all that bad and now I can;t even remember what the old voice sounded like. I give the additions two big thumbs up.