We have a nice little update from Knotts Berry Farm for you today. Plus, the launch of ticket sales for MiceChat’s HUGE Scary Farm event on September 28th. We also update you on the visible progress on the upcoming mazes, Black Magic and Gunslinger’s Grave.  But that’s not all. It seems that Windseeker’s woes just won’t quit as rumors point to a sad fate for the attraction. And finally, Knott’s seems to be trying a new game at select attractions that we will tell you about too.



Come, if you dare, into the fog-shrouded streets of Ghost Town for the 7th annual MiceChat Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt 2013.  Leave the real world and enter a spooky dream-land of frightening fun with hundreds of your MiceChat friends.

For the one small price of $99.99* you get the following

  • Admission into Knott’s Scary Farm
  • Backstage tour of the new Gunslinger’s Grave maze before the event
  • All you can eat Private Pre-scare Boofet dinner
  • Early entry into Haunt
  • Front of the line access to all mazes (excluding Trapped)
  • Special limited quantity Skeleton Key pass that unlocks hidden rooms in 5 different mazes. Extra Haunt!
  • Priority Seating for The Hanging and Elvira’s Sinema Séance
  • Special guests, prizes and more!
  • * PLEASE NOTE – Trapped Maze tickets tickets are available at an additional cost and on an extremely limited basis.

That’s right.  You could buy your own ticket and wander around, aimlessly from line to line, starving to death from hunger, without a single person to hang out with.  OR, you could pay one simple price and get an entire night of food, entertainment, VIP treatment, friends, frights, and fun.


Tickets sell out quickly so get yours today!


The brand new Gunslinger’s Grave maze is finally under construction in the former spot of Fallout Shelter.  Anticipation is high for this maze as it is a full-on western themed walk-through.





Black Magic



Guests will enter what appears to be an old theatre and begin the maze.


Peeking inside we see a fireplace and mantle.
Will we be taking a journey into the nether regions of space and time? Judging from the blue, etherial walls we might.




The front of the maze again, with the same wall treatment.

Trapped: The New Experiment

Double the size and capacity of last years successful up-charge maze, Trapped: The New Experiment will demand even more of those who dare to enter.  Trapping guests in one mind bending, terrifying puzzle after the next, Trapped will push the envelope once again in haunted entertainment.

The new Trapped will be located inside the Boardwalk Ballroom

Pinocchio Unstrung

Wonderfully macabre and creepy, the Pinocchio unstrung maze is now under construction in the Wilderness Dance Hall


Summer Saying Goodbye

This past weekend was the last chance to catch the wonderful Snoopy Unleashed ice shot at the Charles M. Schultz Theatre.  The park was packed with folks saying farewell to the Summer entertainment offerings.






Rumors are swirling around the fate of Windseeker.  While the state battles with Knott’s on how this rather tame thrill ride meets state safety standards, it is being debated whether or not the ride should remain at the farm or perhaps be moved to a park out of state.  If a solution cannot be found, this 301ft tall attraction may end up at another Cedar Fair park.




Landscaping Filling In

Since there won’t be a Dia De Los Muertos maze in the bumper car spot this year, they have taken the opportunity to do some planting.



Over behind the Coasters Restaurant, more landscaping is really taking hold.  These are minor things, true, but they add up to so much more in raising the overall good feeling at the park.



Over near Silver bullet, the expensive New Guinea Impatiens are are bright and lovely.



New Skip-the-line game

Speaking of Silver Bullet, there appears to be a new game of luck perched at the front of the queue for this attraction.



For $3.00 guests can spin the wheel of luck and win any number of fabulous prizes. (Not affiliated in any way with The Price is Right, Wheel Of Fortune, of Bob Gurr’s Wheel of Years)  Of course the big draw is the chance to skip the line.  But if you don’t land that we hear the cotton candy is pretty good.


What do you think?  Fun opportunity to line jump and win prizes, or cheesy cash grab?

And that about wraps things up for the Knott’s update today.  This will be a huge week of news for In the Parks so keep checking the site. Also, don’t forget to grab your tickets to the MiceChat Haunt meet TODAY, before they run out.  Have a great week and we will see you in the fog!

  • jcruise86

    Thank you, Norm! You’re giving over 100 grown-ups something to look forward to!

    The first year I joined Micechat at the Haunt I came with my friends, but I liked the Micechat folks so much that I knew I’d be comfortable just showing up by myself at Micechat Halloween events. I went to five more after that. (Three more Scary Farm MIcechat outings, once to Universal and one to the Queen Mary.)

    Is the Queen Mary doing anything ambitious this year?

  • Malin

    I’d love to attend a MiceChat event at Knotts Scary Farm. Unfortunately coming from the UK I would need more advance notice. If you can give me a date for next year then I’d love to come.

    Sorry to say that I wouldn’t be sad to see Windseeker leave and go to another Cedar park. It’s an eye sore and I think the space could be use for something else. And to be honest I hope in the years to come more of the steel thrill type rides leave the park. Let people go to Six Flags if there want to ride coasters all day. Knotts is in a good area. And while no real threat to Disneyland could still benefit from the thousands of tourist that are starting to visit the Resort each year. A nice alternative family Amusement Park might make a nice day out for some people.

    • jcruise86

      I LOVE Windseeker! I love the views from it and the views of it at night. And it doesn’t take that much park space contrasted with some coasters.

      • Malin

        You can get the same experience using the Sky Cabin.

      • TheGlitch

        I doubt that Windseeker will be up and running after all the problems they had.

  • Gregg Condon

    Awesome, hope we can make it to Haunt this year!!!

    As for Windseeker, I’m already resolved that it’s going to end up at another Cedar Fair park, most likely Worlds of Fun I’d think. Windseeker is fun but it’s just a big nothing right now. Might as well let some others get some enjoyment out of it.

    As for the game, I think it’s great. They also have this at California’s Great America and it seems pretty popular.

  • jcruise86

    Norm, how many will be attending the Micechat Scary farm meet?
    Any thought of breaking them into three or more separate maze, death march groups?
    THANK YOU again for doing this!

    • We have 200 tickets available for the Haunt. Depending on how many tickets we actually sell, we may very well try to break the group up (meeting back at Hanging and Elvira), but not sure about that part just yet. 😉

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  • Sparky

    I’m very disappointed that the summer entertainment didn’t go through Labor Day weekend. I never got the chance to see Boomtown and some of the other entertainment. With very busy summers, it’s very hard to catch the Knott’s summer entertainment when it runs for such a short period.

  • TheGlitch

    Thank you for opening up tickets to everyone. Buying the bundle is SO much easier than navigating Knotts’ site. Will we be getting an itinerary of what is going on? I like to plan my day accordingly and not miss a thing!

    • You absolutely will get an email with the full schedule. Our day will start around 3pm for registration, followed shortly thereafter by exclusive tours and backstage magic, dinner buffet, surprise guests and early entry to Haunt!

      We can’t wait!

      • TheGlitch

        Sounds absolutely amazing!

  • ralzap

    The wind seeker seemed to fit in to the theme of fiesta village, so it is a shame it won’t be operating. The sight lines are most affected by The Pony Express, Supreme Scream, and the Silver bullet. I also wish they would put some of the Knott’s Scary Haunt into a new ride. Hope all of the Mice Age attendee’s have a great time…..Wish I could join you.

  • stamphead

    Someday I will have to go to Knott’s Haunt with micechat. I will be on a tour on the east coast. I’ve never been to Knott’s for Halloween. I liked Universal a few years ago but I don’t care for the themed mazes, I prefer the park’s homegrown mazes.

  • grrandram

    They should really get a short girl or a little person to wear the Woodstock costume. A 6 foot Woodstock next to a 6 foot Snoopy doesn’t look right.

  • ImLadyHesTheTramp

    Any news as to whether or not there will be any additional tickets for the Scare?