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Published on August 24, 2013 at 1:00 am with 4 Comments

Life is like an hurricane…
Growing up as a kid, one of the things I looked forward to the most was DuckTales. I’d watch it whenever it was on TV. Constantly. I’d even tape episodes on our VCR, and watch them over and over again. It got to the point where I knew episodes inside and out.

But I know I’m not the only one. I mean, our ten year old, Alex, is watching the show on DVD these days, and is just as enthralled with it as I was. That really shows you how timeless the show is.

But back on point, I remember when I was playing original Nintendo Entertainment System, in all its 8 Bit glory. One day, when going to the video game store to spend my hard earned allowance, I came across something I didn’t even know existed: DuckTales, the video game. My tiny 7 year old eyes lit up as I exclaimed to my mom “I NEED TO OWN THIS!” And own it, I did. I took it home, immediately shoved it into my NES, and listened to the magnificent 8 bit rendition of the theme song blast out of our TV’s speakers.

I was in heaven.


I think every kid my age has played the original game. We all remember it fondly. It was one of the greatest games ever made at the time, and in my opinion, it still is.

So, when Capcom announced that they would be releasing a brand new, remastered version of the original classic, I was more than pleased.

Of course, when remakes of other things, like movies, are announced, I always approach it with a bit of trepidation. Will they wind up ruining one of the things I loved the most as a kid? WayForward Technologies, who developed the game, had a lot to live up to.

Well, here we are now, with DuckTales Remastered released, about 25 years after the original game.

And I love every single minute of it.


WayForward Technologies did the impossible, and managed to keep the charm (and even some of the frustrations!) of the original, but update it for the 21st Century. The game is now a 2.5D presentation, with 2D hand drawn sprites on 3D modeled levels. It LOOKS like the original game, but very much updated. The look and feel are perfect. They even got some of the original animators from the show back to do some of the backgrounds!

The levels are just as you remember, but updated and expanded upon for today’s audiences. Most of it is exactly how you remember, but there are a few tricks up WayForward’s sleeve to make boss fights and other things a little more challenging. There were times where I got stuck fighting an enemy over and over again, much like I did at 7, because I couldn’t quite understand his attacks. But I kept at it, and managed to make it through.

The iconic music, from the theme song to specific levels, are back again. But much like everything us, updated. I can’t even tell you how much the 7 year old in me swelled when I started the Moon level and the music started. It is most definitely music fondly remembered from my childhood, and composer Jake Kaufman did a wonderful job of updating it.

Even the level selection is wonderful! Sitting in Scrooge’s office, being able to purchase art with the money you earned after each level, or diving into his money bin, is great. Let me say that again: You, as Scrooge McDuck, can dive into his money bin. IT’S SO SIMPLE YET SO MUCH FUN!!!

The story is close to what it was, but updated for today’s audiences. Characters that had minor roles are given more screen time in this version, and the plot is much more fleshed out. The addition of voice overs, including most of the surviving cast from the show, is really astounding. Having Alan Young back in the role of Scrooge McDuck is truly a joy!
If I have any gripes with anything, it is the story itself. Since today’s culture is so obsessed with immersive story in games, they did the same for DuckTales Remastered, so much so to the point of having a cut scene every few minutes. Though, to be honest, my annoyance of game play stopping so a cut scene could play out lasted all of .3 seconds, because the voice cast made me feel like I was watching an episode of the show again.
Overall, I can’t say enough positive things about DuckTales Remastered. I loved it. I loved it to the point where I played it all the way through in two sittings (it would have been one if I didn’t have to go to sleep!). Even my son Alex, at 10, watched me play, going “OK, seriously, when are you going to let me try it out?!”
DuckTales Remastered is a perfect love letter for fans of the original 8 bit game and for new fans who enjoy the series. If you love DuckTales, get the game. It’s worth every penny.

The game is currently available for download on most major consoles, including the PC (which is where I played it!). The Xbox 360 version will be available for download September 11, 2013.




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  • BC_DisneyGeek

    They did a great job. They just need to include an option to turn the cut scenes off. They are too frequent and ruin the flow of the game.

  • flyboyhi

    I can’t wait to try the game. I got the recent DVD’s and found the frame of which I have an original cell and background. It is with Magica, her shadow and the “map” background when she sends her shadow to find “Scrooges number one dime” (said, in crackly, accented voice). She was a fun character.

  • Dusty Sage

    Thank you for the heads up. I was a huge Ducktales fan and had no idea the game had been remixed!

  • raistlinxw

    You can skip the cutscenes. At least on the WiiU version, press + to pause, then press A to choose the Skip Cutscene option.