Long Lost Friends return as Disneyland play tests new interactive fun in Frontierland

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on August 26, 2013 at 5:19 am with 47 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Sifferz

    I was all excited for the Disneyland CD, because I figured there would finally be an official release of the World of Color recording.

    I am dissapointed, Disney. Also, no Haunted Mansion or Pirates is weird, though that doesn’t really matter to me because I have that 5 disc 50th anniversary set.

    • MWH1980

      I find that odd as well.

      When I went in 2012, I asked around, and was surprised that given how long World of Color had been out, there was no soundtrack released.

      I remember when my family went to Disneyland in 1995, they had the album of Fantasmic/Electrical Parade available at the Emporium, and we snatched that up right away.

    • holierthanthoutx

      What are you talking about? “Grim Grinning Ghosts” and “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” are both on the new Disneyland CD.

  • Rongo

    Oh, Hercules and Tarzan… come back soon, friends. :)

  • eicarr

    I thought the Blue Sky Celler was supposed to get visitors excited about making a return visit. Sketches of a new Starbucks and Hawaiian timeshares doesen’t do it for me.

  • I’m heartbroken. No more Court of Angels? That’s my favorite spot in the park.

    I guess I’ll start my letter writing campaign to Guest Relations. I encourage you all to do the same.

    • RodeToad

      I agree.

  • crmwed

    It is a real shame to see more and more places like the Court of Angles disappearing from the park. It is quiet places like these that keep the park from feeling mind-numbing when its crowded or hot.

    While fans can understand that not every single inch of a theme park needs to be revenue-generating, its a shame that the company running the place disagrees. It is little things like this that make me nervous about what Disneyland will be when I take my future grandkids.

  • CoreneD

    Thanks for the update! I’m wondering about your closure listed for the Big Thunder Ranch starting on Sept 3. You mention that the Jamboree area will also be closed above with the photos, and I’ve seen that mentioned on this site previously in other updates. But on Disneyland’s calendar page they only list the petting farm as being closed, and the same is true on their media web content refurb listing page: http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/DTA-Domestic/pdf/D-MailPDF/IntlDmailDLRefurbishments.pdf
    I’m wondering if you guys are basing your info on previous years or if you have inside scoop… We’re arriving on the 2nd & I’m wondering if we should make sure we hit that area on the 2nd just in case… Any insight? Thanks again.

    • Wendygirl

      It will be closed. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies and Farley will be in rehearsals those days as the Jamboree is being set up for Halloween. I have inside scoop on this but I can’t tell you who told me ;)

  • 2puppies

    Every visit for my family includes a group picture on the stairs in the Court of Angels; I will miss this place and the opportunity to make many more family memories there.

  • LoveStallion

    Firstly – I noticed the Matterhorn had a delayed opening. Has it been having problems? I mean other than the stupid new bobsleds, of course.

    Big bummer about the Court of Angels. We should really write Guest Relations about this one. Sure, use it as an access point for Club 33, but don’t close it off in its entirety! It’s not like there are hordes of people queuing up for Club 33 and they need the space for crowd control.

  • Amanda949

    I don’t understand why they can’t keep the Court open and still have the Club 33 entrance accessible from there. Why close it? It’s not like there’s a large amount of people standing in line to get into Club 33, so visitors of the Court wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. This is just ridiculous.

    • You’re right. They could make this work. I hope they do.

      I’ve written to Guest Relations, telling them it’s a heartbreaking move if it’s true. I encourage all to do the same.

  • ExCandyMaker

    The girl with Tarzan is quite stunning…..

  • ExCandyMaker

    Sorry meant Hercules…

    • Jayce

      Heck yes Meg is :D

    • Freddie Freelance

      They did a very good job there of picking the CM to portray Meg!

  • Sparky

    It will be a truly tragic loss if the Court of Angels is closed to regular guests. For me, it’s not just a quiet place or a nice photo spot, but, it’s vital part of what makes New Orleans Square New Orleans Square. If N.O.S. loses this area, it loses an important and beautiful part of it’s atmosphere and identity. I hope they stop to realize that. Whenever I’m in New Orleans Square, I always stop in the Court of Angels to take in it’s refreshing beauty.

    I’m extremely disappointed by the removal of the original menu from Fidler, Fifer Cafe. I loved the soups in particular, although I liked the sandwiches, too. Whenever I’m at the parks and am not hungry enough for a full meal, the tasty soups are just the ticket. And, the bread stick that came with the soups was quite tasty. If they don’t bring back the soups, I hope they at least will start serving Chicken Tortilla soup at Rancho Cucamonga. They had made great strides in providing lots of food options to chose from in the parks. Now, with the loss of these items as well as the ribs at Taste Pilots, it seems like things are swinging back the other way again. The more food choices there are, the more likely that I’ll eat in the parks when I’m there.

    • Marko50

      I mentioned it before: go to the Chamber of Commerce and complain.

  • Wendygirl

    I was at the Golden Horseshoe last Wednesday when they opened this interactive test experience. Apparently they are trying out different scenarios during this test time. It will be for 10 days (dark on Monday, today, and Tuesday). When I went it was the townspeople of Rainbow Ridge (the villains) vs. the townspeople of Frontierland (the heros). It was a no brainer for me to choose Frontierland because some of my favorite entertainers were on that side. It was a lot of fun and I really got into the role playing. Regarding the secret menu they have three light lemonade offerings – blackberry, wild berry or strawberry flavors added. Main dishes are the polish dog mentioned above, chili cheese fries with bacon, salsa and I don’t know what all on top, and a really good chicken salad (that’s what I had). Desserts were some kind of a float and a campfire sundae. I had the sundae which in my mind was more of a float. Chocolate syrup, root beer, vanilla ice cream topped with a mound of whipped cream, pieces of graham cracker, mini marshmallows and one large toasted marshmallow on top – think Smores. It was good!

  • TodAZ1

    The wigs for the male Disney characters are beyond horrible!! Especially John Smith! Good thing Hercules and Tarzan have other “attributes” that compensate. :)

    And, yeah, losing the Court of Angels permanently to Club 33 would be huge. It’s so frustrating when they people that own the best things don’t appreciate what they have.

    • Tinkbelle

      I was going to say the same thing about those wigs. Awful, awful, awful. In this day and age with the amazing wigs they have for movies etc. I don’t see any excuse for this.

  • Indy Hat Guy

    The good news is that I’m here in Cali so I can pick up the Disneyland CD but does anyone know the Merchandise Guest Services number for the Walt Disney World CD? (Also my friend got dragged into the play test and got a “Gold Nugget” and a Golden Horseshoe wooden nickel. Very much like the Adventureland play test at the D23 Expo as far as I can tell.)