You might think it’s too early, but Halloween is creeping into all of the parks we cover, including Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Speaking of Halloween, Ticket sales for MiceChat’s popular Knott’s Scary Farm event just went on sale (and are already nearly half way sold out).  But if Halloween isn’t your thing, did you hear that you could sail the Caribbean with Disney Legend Bob Gurr this October?  It’s true! Just keep reading below.  Finally, we have quite the debate raging in the latest Parkwise column: should parents pull their kids out of school to go on a Walt Disney World vacation?  Some say yes, some say no.  What do YOU say?

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Knotts Scary Farm Update, Haunt, and MiceChat Nights of Horror Meet
We have a nice little update from Knotts Berry Farm for you. Plus, the launch of ticket sales for MiceChat’s HUGE Scary Farm event on September 28th. Full event details and more.


Set sail for adventure on the high seas with Disney Imagineering legend Bob Gurr. MiceChat’s fall cruise on the Disney Fantasy is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss the boat. Click HERE for details!


Imagine getting the chance to be in a nightclub filled with vetted stars of the stage and screen as they belt out their favorite Disney songs. That dream is now a reality for one night only in Studio City California.  Come hang out with the stars, hear them sing, and have a night on the town all for $10.
More info here…


Skipping School for Disney: Do or Don’t
Is it OK to pull your kids out of school to take them to Walt Disney World. For some, it’s good option, for others it’s unthinkable. What do you have to say about this hot-button issue?

Disney Parks News and Reports

Some unsettling things happening at Disneyland Anaheim this week.  Unfortunately,  it appears that the Court of Angels access has become an unannounced victim limited time magic.  Regular guest access may be closing very soon, for good. And THAT is NOT a good thing.  Market House concept art shows us another gargantuan queue for coffee quaffers, slowly and painfully reducing the number of charming smaller store that used to grace Main Street USA.  All this going on while one of the more convoluted Limited Time Magic things invades the Golden Horseshoe. ~ Aladdin


New Disneyland Main Street Starbucks Concept Art
Disney has released concept art of the interior of the remodeled Market House. Looks like the queue is taking the majority of the space, similar to what happened with The Gibson Girl, across the street. Take a look, and tell us what you think!

Limited Time Magic At The Golden Horseshoe
Limited Time Magic has struck the Golden Horseshoe, again. But this time it’s NOT a tribute to the Golden Horseshoe original show, but rather something that no one really quite understands, because it wasn’t announced ahead of time. Here’s the best explanation to fill you in.

Opera House: Miley VS. Annette
With Miley’s recent appearance at MTV’s Video Awards, the call for the removal of her photo at the exit to Great Moments with Mr Lincoln has resurfaced. Tell us what you think!

AV Room

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about World Key, Tron, and La Hacienda! DISNEY HISTORY! — Have you ever used one of those futuristic touch screen thingys? They used to have them at EPCOT! Learn all about the World Key Kiosks in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George gets derezzed and checks out The Art of Tron for his Book of the Week! FOOD RAPPORT! – Jeff and George get chummy at La Hacienda for the Food Rapport! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, the World Key Kiosks are also this weeks Five Legged Goat!


Wakefield Report, covers the latest in theme park news! find full notes on this podcast at

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Coffee with Kurtti features Keith and Jeff reflecting on their in-person recording failure, how fun the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet was, the Saving Mr. Banks trailer, and a little-known Disney employee periodical Jeff worked on called WD Eye.

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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, brings you up to speed on what is happenign at the first ever UUOP meet this month. We then answer a listener email, bring you the latest new from the parks and the next segment of the Dead Man’s Die-Gest. We finish the show of by letting you know all the characters you can meet at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure and where in the parks you can meet them.

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The Season Pass: The TSPP Team discusses Carthay Circle Restaurant with Creative Director and Walt Disney Imagineer Ray Spencer. Also, Conversation with V.P. of The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Sarah Roots, and CCO of Thinkwell, Craig Hanna, on the hit attraction “The Making of Harry Potter” experience.

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MiceChat Podcast – Star Wars rules the galaxy, the box-office, and now Disney Park Discussion.  Is the famous sci-fi franchise taking over Disney Hollywood Studios and Tomorrowland in Disneyland?  What about the catch 22 happening in Club 33??  All this plus an exclusive interview with Halloween Horror Nights mastermind John Murdy.  Sceraming from Monstropolis to Evil Dead, this is MiceChat Podcast 10.  Please be sure to share with your friends.

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Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, Join Eric and guest hosts James and Joseph Taylor as they explore news, rumors, and Summer Nights at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio

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V24 Radio will turn up the scare factor starting on Monday, September 9!
We’ll be playing music from Disney Parks and Universal Studios from their Halloween seasons. This includes music from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party events like HalloWishes and Mickey’s Boo To You Parade, and area music from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights which includees the Walking Dead Haunted House and more!
Also….what would a Spooktacular Celebration be without a few….DEAD ATTRACTIONS?
Throughout our Halloween hour, we’ll feature a couple audio tracks from “dead” attractions from Disney Parks and Universal Orlando. We’re not talking scary-themed stuff….but rather the likes of Horizons, Kitchen Kabaret….attractions that are no longer with us! Hear some of them sprinkled throughout our Halloween 2013 show.
Hear V24 Radio’s Halloween 2013:
Monday to Friday at 1pm Eastern & 8pm Eastern STARTING SEPTEMBER 9!
Stay tuned…you never know when we’ll add an extra dose of “Scare” and put more of this audio on the station! V24 Radio is where Your SPOOKTACULAR Vacation Continues!

Other Theme Parks

Halloween Horror Nights are just around the corner and zombies and the boogeyman are getting ready for you. Plus we have some speculations on Harry Potter, a game of chance at Knott’s and Dollywood is getting an upgrade and expansion. ~ DLandFansAZ


Zombies to take over the Universal Backlot at this year’s Hallowen Horror Nights
Universal Studios has confirmed that zombies will fill the scare zone of the backlot. You may also find two mazes there, if you survive.

El Cucuy: The Boogyman comes to life at Halloween Horror Nights
imaginashton brings us the info on another maze at Universal Halloween Horror Nights, El Cucuy: The Boogeyman.

Might Upcoming Wizardoing World Incude Hogwart’s Express Train Ride?
BogLurch has noticed that the Shrek area and Gibson may not have a use during HHN, so could this mean the start of construction of Wizarding World?

$3, spin the wheel, takes ya chances! You might get… er… a fastpass?
Pay $3 and you could win popcorn, candy, or even front of the line passes? Is this a fun opportunity or just a cheesy cash grab?

Dollywood getting even better.
swampymarsh brings us information that Dollywood is getting a $300 million upgrade which includes a new ‘family’ roller coaster.

Other Theme Parks

Nights of Horror

One of our most anticipated events of the year is just around the corner. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW as they sell out every year!

Disney Cruise

We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat Disney voyage to the Eastern Caribbean with Disney Imagineering Legend Bob Gurr! DETAILS HERE

Featured Columns

Long Lost Friends return as Disneyland play tests new interactive fun in Frontierland
This weekend’s Labor Day holiday weekend will bring Disneyland’s traditional summer season to an end.

1972 Divisions of Walt Disney Productions
I was leafing through an early cast publication and ran across a listing of all of the Walt Disney Production divisions from 1972.

A Disney Weekend in Hollywood with Scarlett Stahl
Scarlett once again shares an AMAZING adventure with MiceChat. This time around, she has a weekend of Disney excess with plenty of star power.

Disney Infinity Starter Pack Review
Disney Infinity is a gaming gamble that Disney Interactive Studios hopes will catch on like wildfire.

This Week at the Disneyland Resort
If your idea of Disney magic is new safety railings, you’ll like today’s update. And if Halloween in August tickles your fancy, you’ll be thrilled.

The Empty Grave Opens Early at Anaheim Gardenwalk
Hidden away in the dark recesses of the Garden walk is an independent haunt with a loyal following.

Yesterland-Alweg Monorail
You’ve just boarded the Yesterland Alweg Monorail for a nonstop, round-trip journey. Now you’re gliding along the gently curving “Highway in the Sky.”

How to Operate the Disneyland Monorail
Recently, as I was sorting through some files, I came across a 1966 operator’s manual for the Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System and thought I would share some of the highlights.

Universal Studios Hollywood Gets Centered, Gears up for Halloween
Welcome to another huge update from Universal Studios Hollywood. Let’s explore what’s happening at this theme park inside a working movie studio and see how the reconfiguration of the center of the park.

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