It seems that Disneyland Paris is suffering from a spate of mechanical breakdowns recently. What was supposed to be an uneventful day for Disney and More blog reporter “Max” turned out to be a day full of ride closures. ~~Rick

Disneyland Paris Update
by Alain Littaye, Disney and more blog
Ratatouille Ride progress and more…


Here’s a new Disneyland Paris update, thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLRP Welcome webmaster who came back with the new photos of the Ratatouille ride construction. But before we go over to the Walt Disney Studios, we have a little news about DLP Magic Kingdom.


According to Max, when he was at the park a few days ago the Frontierland Depot train station was closed with a sign saying that all departures of the DLP Railroad were now at the Main Street Station.


Interestingly enough, the trains were making all the stops. You could go down into Frontierland Depot but could not get on the train as apparently there were no cast members in the station. It seems unlikely that this is a budget saving move in the height of summer tourist season.


But the station closing wasn’t the only bad news for visitors. On the day of Max’s visit, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain were closed from park opening at 10 a.m until 1 p.m. Of course, guests rushed over to these two attractions when they opened, but there was soon a 90 minute wait at BTM and 100 minute wait at Space Mountain! Adding to the chaos, WDS Rock and Roller Coaster had to be evacuated at 10.20 a.m the same morning for a ride breakdown.


Then at noon on the same day, all three of the park’s roller coasters – Space Mountain, Big Thunder and Indiana Jones Temple of Peril – broke down! And when Max checked DLP mobile App, he learned that Pirates of Caribbean had also been closed for several hours. It seems that breakdowns are happening a bit too often recently, and although it’s possible for even the best run park to have a day where everything goes wrong, I think DLP really needs to do something to prevent this kind of problem from happening. Having four major rides, including the three coasters, broken down in the middle of the vacation season is just ridiculous, isn’t it?

By the way, some DLP fans who are really upset by the situation created a petition with an open letter that they intend to send to Bob Iger once they reach 5000 signatures. They have gathered most of the needed signatures, but still need a few hundred more. You can read the letter and sign the petition  electronically by going [HERE]. I’m not sure that the petition will change much, but it’s worth a try.

In the “maintenance and refurbishing department”, some cobblestones on Main Street USA are slated for replacement…



…and the new Armaggedon sign at the WDS is now in place.


Here are our latest photos of the Ratatouille Ride. This year the summer in France is a real one, meaning that it’s hot, which is always good when you have some painting to do as the paint will dry quickly. For the workers, though, the heat is less agreeable. In three months the winter temperatures will be back so I suppose they are rushing to finish the facade theming before winter arrives.



After shooting pictures from the top of the TSP Parachute Drop ride, Max shot other pics “from the ground” from what will be the entrance to the Ratatouille area for the guests coming from Toy Story Playland. What you see in the foreground under the red canvas is what will be the merchandise shop of the new Parisian area.The metallic structures on the ground will be used to support the fake facades.



One last stop with a look at the refurb on the Disney Village entrance. If you remember my previous update, the columns at the entrance were in really bad condition. They now look brand new, or almost. Below a picture showing how they looked before…


…and how it looks now. Still some work to do, apparently.



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Picture: copyright Max Fan – DLRP Welcome

  • QPerth

    Thanks for the update!
    Even when we were there in Feb, BTM and Space Mountain would break down OFTEN, even multiple times a day. Very frustrating.
    I’m hoping the DLRailroad is open when I get back there next February, I was completely heartbroken it wasn’t running on my last visit.

  • CaptainAction

    Wow, This is sad to read. My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit Disneyland Paris a couple of months after it opened. We had the whole park to ourselves. Nobody was there. We had a great time and the park is beautiful. If you learn a little French then the folks are pretty nice.
    We have used this as our home when we have had the 3 kids with us on a couple of vacations. We used the Disney Resorts and took the train in to visit Paris. We new we were safe here and the kids could get food they were used to and everyone speaks English, so this works great.
    Love their Space Mountain but you have to sit in the front 2 rows or the jerky ride kills your neck with the pokey portions of the headrest. Their Peter Pan ride isn’t smooth either and we joke about the turbulents. Their Discoveryland is so cool looking compared to our Tomorrowlands.
    The 20,000 Leagues Nautilus walk through attraction is a great throw back to early Disneyland days. We like the Phantom Manor for a change of theming and seeing something new as Haunted Mansions go.
    Never had a problem with things being broken down really except for Space Mountain on occasion. I hope they get this fixed as it’s a beautiful park and the castle is way beyond what we have here.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      I’ve noticed that if you just try to make a little effort to learn a country’s language, the locals are much more likely to be friendly and help if you need assistance. I’ve learned how to say at least “hello”, “goodbye”, “please” and “thank you” in several languages.

  • DobbysCloset

    I always thought of Paris as a place of fabulous clothes, not weird weather. When I think of French weather, I think about keeping grapes happy. It is sad to see this park have troubles. When Europeans would rather travel to America to see parks rather than embrace this one, I wonder why…Americans are willing to accept Paris just fine. (I am partial to rats, myself.)

    • CaptainAction

      Dobby, I think that the Euro and Pound are just so strong against the $. By the way, I think this is being manipulated by the governments because it’s been like this for almost 25 years. It is actually less expensive for them to holiday here than in Europe. The folks over there come here and can easily afford the Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary towers. When we go there it’s a stretch of the budget for Americans to stay in moderates or value resorts at DLP due to the exchange rates.
      No matter the economical issues of the day, the $ is worth about half of the pound and between half to two thirds of the Euro.
      I think this gives WDW the ability to raise prices again and again as the folks overseas come over and fill the rooms.

  • whamo

    My wife just got back from Europe today, and she almost went to DL Paris last week. I told her it looks like she dodged a bullet. I’ll stick to Anaheim when it comes to Disneyland. The one, the original, and the best.

  • DisWedWay

    My cousin who was a Big Thunder Mining Company executive, had a relative pass away that was staying in Thunder Mesa for a vacation with him. That got him all boxed up and on the freight dock at Thunder Mesa Train Station to be shipped back east. Trouble was as reported here, there was no employes on the platform to load him on the train. I don’t know how long he will keep on the freight dock in this summer heat. So they best get some employees over there to load him and other guests leaving on the train.

    • DisWedWay

      As his relative was not a Thunder Mesa Resident, he was not allowed to be buried in the Phantom Manor’s Burial grounds.

  • LoveStallion

    Bummer. I was there 4 years ago in July and it was pretty quiet all day. They closed Big Thunder only because of lightning nearby.

  • Tielo

    When I went to Euro Disney (that’s how it was called years ago) it was raining and foggy and cold. I couldn’t see the pink castle when entering the park, so bad was it. The whole day was terrible, from rude operators, dirty tables and overpriced Mc Donalds food to a broken Indy coaster and the France sound blearing over the headphone sound at the Honey I Shrunk the Audience show that looked amazingly out of place in Discoveryland. Adventurelands palm trees where raped in plastic against the bitter cold and the pinks and yellows look dirty and the whole thing looked out of place, like a piece of Florida was thrown in France.
    The park just doesn’t connect with any culture in Europe, not Dutch, German, France, Belgium, etc. It’s a piece of Americana. When you get in Efteling, Phantasia Park or Astrix you feel it belongs. It has grown and feels honest. Disneyland Paris lacks hart and soul.
    I love WDW. It’s exactly where it should be. It’s almost always sunny and warm and it reflects the American culture. It evolved over time and people have a childhood of memories with Disney.
    When you come to Europe, and you need to visit a theme park, visit one of the originals. They are much better than Disneyland Paris and you learn a bit of the culture of the land seeing it reflected in it’s own make believe world. Your kids and you learn to experience new things, new rides and new food and that’s the best thing of a foreign vacation.

    • Tielo

      I’m so sorry that should be ‘wrapped in plastic’, why is there no edit button on here?

      • Marko50

        Don’t be sorry. I like “raped in plastic” so much better. It fits the tone of your post.