It’s getting downright difficult now, counting down the days to my next Southern California trip. There is so much to look forward to on this 8 day trip. Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Hollywood and of course, Disneyland! I need some help from you all; what is a must do for a person who is making their second trip to Disneyland? What are the things that people overlook on their first trip? I am going to focus on taking this trip slow and steady; a far cry from the hectic, sensory overload that was my first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth back in February.

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Story 1:  First up this week, we learn about the massive amount of new things coming to Six Flags parks in 2014. This MiceChat article gives us all of the details. From new rides, to an entirely new water park, Six Flags patrons have a lot to look forward to. It is really exciting to see Six Flags making a huge effort to enhance all of their parks. Often time the butt of snarky jokes by theme park insiders, Six Flags is coming out of the gates swinging for 2014. The amusement park wars continue and Six Flags is making sure they will be part of that fight!

Story 2: At this very moment, people all over the country are spending their Labor Day weekend locked inside of their rooms and plopped in front of their televisions playing Disney Infinity. As the reviews roll in, we are starting to get a sense of the massive scale of this highly interactive game. I think Disney has really hit the mark when it comes to the add-ons for this game. With the mammoth amount of sets and figurines, Disney has touched on a note that that resonates with the fans; merchandising. Fans are going crazy, not only buying the game, but purchasing the figures and set that accompany it.

Story 3: How lucky you Disneyland passholders are. From special events to the announcement that APs are welcome to play in Disney California Adventure for 3 extra hours each night in September. Us APs here in Florida really hit the ceiling a couple of weeks ago when Disney so generously sent us car magnets. You could hear the sound all over Florida of theme park geeks “marking out” over this tiny gesture from Disney. I really wish we could have the nice things you all have in California. I guess its just a tale of two resorts and the people who inhabit them. (Now that would make for a good article….)

Story 4: Simple and easy one here. As we all wait for the completion of the new Diagon Alley project at Universal Orlando, we got an exclusive look at some of the trains that will make up the Hogwarts Express for what should be an amazing attraction that will ferry guests from Wizarding World IOA to Diagon Alley at the studios. The trains were delivered a week or so ago, and we are hearing that they could be installed any day now. The blistering pace a which Universal is moving in Orlando is something of theme park legend!

Story 5:  What a cool story this week from Legoland Florida this week as we have learned that they will be giving one day of free admission to police, firefighters, and EMS workers! As always, its so great to see companies honoring these brave people who give so much of themselves for others.


Story 6: Now im not one for fancy food, but the new(ish) menu for California Grill at WDW has been released and there are some interesting items on the menu, including a vast selection of sushi. From what I am told by one seafood lover, this looks to be one of the best selections of sushi on property. There was also a little bit of a dust up last week as the Disney Parks Blog opened up sign ups for a fan meet up at California Grill. There are some people who are attending the media event for the reopening of California Grill who also signed up for one of the few and coveted spots for the fan meet up. Is this the right thing to do? If you were going to a media preview would you also take up a space at a Parks Blog meet up? It is a legitimate question. Is it ok to “double dip” at these events, thus taking a spot away from another passionate fan?

Story 7: Read this article from Fishbulb, Its a behind the scenes look at this years Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. It is one of the best things you will read this year. Period!

Story 8: We have the full reveal now for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights event, and we have learned that the newest edition to this years line up of houses is Resident Evil. The potential for a house based off of this dark and rich franchise is nothing short of thrilling for any Resident Evil fan boy. I remember many nights staying up late and playing the video game. It was the first game I ever played that was so scary, I had to make sure I had the lights in my room turned on. Next month I get to venture into that very same world at Universal Orlando, and this time, they wont leave the lights on? What haunted house are you looking forward to most from HHN Orlando or Hollywood?

Story 9:  One of the big reasons I decided to make a second trip to Disneyland this year is because I really wanted to see the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. We now have news from Disney that this years house is getting one heck of a facelift. There will be new effects in the stretching room, and special treats hidden throughout the Mansion to celebrate the 13th year in which the Haunted Mansion has gone under the knife for the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired makeover. As if I wasn’t excited enough for this trip, this has me over the moon!


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